Strangers Swap Mystery Beauty Boxes • LA & Mexico City

Strangers Swap Mystery Beauty Boxes • LA & Mexico City

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  1. I find it so funny and cute how at the end of the video, they both sat on the couch and filmed, screamed “we’re grandmas”.

  2. This was my favorite so far! I love how thoughtful and specific they each were with their gifts and how they really tried everything ❤️

  3. You guys should do these with guys too!!!!! Like this post to make a statement. I da wanna see what the guys will send to other guys.

    Or a guy swaps with girl. And vice versa.

  4. I really wanna try this. It's risky to do it in a sense. Being that each package gets shipped to a BuzzFeed office and not to the person's home. BuzzFeed. Us normal people want to do this too.

  5. For people requesting specific cities, please keep in mind the exchange is usually between 2 Buzzfeed employees so there might not be an employee that lives in the country you’re requesting.

    I too would love to see more rare combinations of people meeting, but it might be difficult to get good video footage if people aren’t familiar with videography. Just a thought 🙂

  6. Aww this was so sweet, I love how it's rly personalized since they know each other unlike the other ones.

  7. buzzfeed: strangers exchange boxes

    also buzzfeed: yeah we’ve gone to an amusement park together and i know her dogs name but we totally don’t know each other….

  8. I wish they would stop doing LA and then a country. They should do completely different countries with distinct lifestyles… like, Mexico and Sweden. Peru and China. Portugal and Canada. Just shake it up, ya know?

  9. Does anyone else want to do this?! Same rules apply, if so please reply to this comment I’ve been dying to try this!!

  10. each and every exchange videos are so nice, all of them are different, unique and most important very thoughtful (well unlike Chantel)

  11. Just wanted to note that Tiffany couldn’t find anything she though fit Diana, so she skipped the typical mall trip to find stuff that suited her friend

  12. Fue bastante chistoso como mi mente cambiaba de los dos idiomas y lograba entender las cosas, fue curioso, es como los memes de: When logras understand everything because eres bilingüe and really inteligente, jajajaja

  13. I think this episode really missed the purpose… it's about gifting what represents you/your culture, not tailor it to someone you already know.

  14. It’s funny that she said that happy hippos are Italian…. they are, but you can’t get them anymore in Italy, I don’t know why 🙁

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