Stylish Phone/Mobile Cases – Men’s Essential Accessories – Ringke, Bellroy, Caudabe, Best

Stylish Phone/Mobile Cases – Men’s Essential Accessories – Ringke, Bellroy, Caudabe, Best

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  1. I have been following and shopping and taking your advice for awhile now. I must admit…I do look much better. thanks for that. the one thing driving me crazy is the lack of comfort. like….undershirt always riding up…always adjusting collars..pants..making sure everything is where it's supposed to be. 😧😧. is it supposed to be this uncomfortable?

  2. Ive had my Galaxy Note 5 for about 8 months now and have never put a case on it, i hate cases, 99% of them look like shit to me. If i was going to use a case one of these would be what i would use though.

  3. Great option, thank you Ashley. I do have one question: now I know your not a fan of guys having stuff in there pockets but with phones and a slimmer phone case how does it look? I ask because I use a otter box and my phone is a S5.

  4. RhinoShield CrashGuard bumper is brilliant – both stylish, minimal and really protective – it has saved my phone dozens of times.
    I cant recommend this bumper highly enough, makes all other bumper cases look cheap in comparison! Even the packaging is great. Quality product.

    Also you can never go wrong with Apple leather cases – Saddle brown or Black 🙂 It needs bearing in mind though – almost zero drop protection!

  5. I use Vaja Cases. Handmade leather, gorgeous, customizable, and has the all-important lip to protect the screen.

  6. If you want a better wallet type phone case, the adopted folio case is amazing. I've had it for 6 months and the leather is perfect

  7. I like the ZooGue cases for Apple phones and tablets. They, in my opinion, have the best of the first two brands you cover. The major drawback is that they only make cases for Apple products.

  8. they would always.. always make your phone look thicker. which against the thinness research people are doing to phones these days

  9. My issue is that my phone is too big. You can see the phone shape if it's in my trouser pocket, and my jacket pockets are too shallow. At least the ones in my brown leather jacket, which is the one I wear most often.

  10. That lamp in the background is a nice light but it's overexposing the wall. Otherwise, great recipe

  11. There is a case by ipacky it is a 360 case as I live in India it costs 450 rs and is of very good quality I would recommend you that I you can get it is a minimalist design case and has a rubbery texture

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