(SUB)피부과의사의 HOT한 화장품 리뷰! What cosmetics are HOT in Korea?(feat. Lactobacillus cosmetics)- 피부과전문의 오수진

(SUB)피부과의사의 HOT한 화장품 리뷰! What cosmetics are HOT in Korea?(feat. Lactobacillus cosmetics)- 피부과전문의 오수진

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Ohbanjang is doing a yogurt face mask Oh it’s good~~ Sujin goes over to give him a hard time by saying, there are so many good probiotics product, why are you still using yogurt? There are so many good probiotics products out there! Why are you still using yogurt? I was told to give up food for our skin Are you giving that up for me? You shouldn’t play with your food haha Hello Sudings! Probiotics for eating… Now we put them on our skin? People kept saying probiotics are really good for your skin, so yogurt masks were even trendy once. Are probiotics really good for our skin? I will tell you guys in detail~ In our intestines, there are many living microbes weighing up to 1kg in total. And if we take away the water from our defecation 40% of human waste is made up of microbes. Our defecation, or poop, when looked at under the microscope is mostly made up of microbes. Keeping this microbial balance and maintaining them healthy are the roles of probiotics. Probiotics have the role of balancing the number between harmful and beneficial microbes. There are so many different kinds here. By maintaining the health of our intestines, we can improve our immunity. However, are probiotics good for using on the skin as well? And are there really a lot of probiotic products? In order to see what is out there I searched for probiotics skin care on N0ver. Illiyoon, Lactoclear, Bifidolab…etc, there are so many brands. I have heard of some of them and there were brands I had never heard of. What a lot of these products focus on are soothing irritated and sensitive skin, and strengthening skin barriers. To go along with this trend many products are made with probiotics as the main ingredient. So then are probiotics skin care products really effective? Is it really good to use probiotics on the skin? I was searching and I came across this study. In short, it says our normal skin has a certain amount of antibiotics to fight off germs on our skin. Moreover, probiotics like lactobacillus also produce antibiotics, like our skin naturally does. So probiotics do have some antibiotics effect, to an extent. Also, they have a role in strengthening skin barriers. As I once told you our skin is made up of brick-like skin barriers. What pulls in the moisture are keratinocytes which have the roles of a brick and what goes in between these bricks, like cement are intercellular lipids (Ceramides, cholesterol, fatty acids). These play a very important role in our skin barriers and when the skin barriers, the bricks, become weak our skin develop many troubles. Probiotics that we used to only eat, can be helpful in strengthening the skin barriers as proven in the study above, and many more research as well. Therefore, ingesting and applying probiotics are both helpful. With these results, the skincare industry, as I showed earlier has been producing skin care products including probiotics. I will do a review on the top 3 products according to the search engine. I bought them all myself, online and I tried to choose various types. First product, the design is very simple and pretty so it caught my eyes. They have different textures within this product line. I wasn’t sure which one to buy, but I chose this cica balm. The name is Illiyoon Probiotics Skin Barrier Cica Balm The name contains the word probiotics and the word cica… it’s very interesting that it has many different ingredients. This product contains Lacto skin complex, which are probiotics. ‘Soluble fermented lactobacillus ingredient’. The full name mentioned is ‘Lactobacillus fermented solution’. These probiotics strengthen the skin barrier and since it contains Centella Asiatica it’s good for soothing your skin! The texture is a thick balm type It feels like dense yogurt. If you spread it out well, it doesn’t get excessively oily or heavy In the summer, you can apply it in small amounts and in the fall or winter when it’s dryer, you can apply it all over your entire face. This thick balm texture is also very hydrating so it will be helpful to those with acne due to dryness! The second product is from Lactoclear. This brand had many formulas too so it was hard to choose one. Among them, I chose this Lactoclear Floral Spot Ampoule product It contains a patented probiotics called Lactopad Which helps to soothe skin and improve skin texture! It’s a spot product which you apply on areas you are concerned with. The last product is from Bifidolab, it’s called ProClinic pH Calming Cleanser. This product has probiotics like these. They developed a substance called BIFIDIY-SAP TM. It is a good cleanser with a low pH that can help strengthen skin barriers. Skincare products that have probiotics like these all focus on soothing skin, and strengthening skin barriers. I was surprised to see that there are a lot brands with various textures. The skincare industry is really changing fast. Seeing that there are many active studies on how different ingredients are helpful to our skin, and how fast skincare products with these ingredients are released, it’s surprising for even me, a doctor. These probiotics products are very interesting. But what you guys need to be careful of is that due to the big interest among the public, probiotics are often considered as a cure-all. I think that’s a little too much. You cannot forget that probiotics are good for basic levels of strengthening skin barriers and soothing skin. Therefore, among all the products with probiotics if you are unsure of which one to choose… you want to avoid products that excessively state ‘All kinds of skin problems will be improved as it contains probiotics’ Avoid ones that exaggerate its functions like that. You want to choose a product that is faithful to the basics, that is focused on skin barrier improvement. Doing skincare to strengthen the skin barrier is a very important effect on its own. If a product talks about the effects of whitening, improvement with wrinkles and elasticity too, it’s important to note that it’s not really the effects from probiotics themselves, but rather due to other functional ingredients that received the certification to be used.


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  3. 마침 장벽강화랑 미백에 좋다고해서 홈쇼핑에서 유산균크림 살지 말지 생각중이었는데 영양학? 적으로도 세세히 알려주셔서 정말로 도움된 영상이에요. 그리고 수진쌤 클렌징 관련 영상보고 하기시작해서 정말정망정말 피부장벽이 건강해진걸 매일 느끼고있어요! 사랑해요 수딩수딩 수딩이~~~

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