Surgery Hope For Man With Giant Facial Tumour: BORN DIFFERENT

Surgery Hope For Man With Giant Facial Tumour: BORN DIFFERENT

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KRISTINA ALLEN: I hope we can get people around the world to help Ashok and hopefully we can
get him better as soon as we can. COMM: 54-year-old Ashok has a life threatening facial tumour that’s been slowly growing since birth. COMM: Having seen numerous doctors and endured four failed surgeries, treatment for his condition may finally be within reach. COMM: Ashok is trying to raise money to pay for surgery in the USA with a little help from his friends. KRISTINA ALLEN: As I was being driven to school, I would see him pretty much every day and
I just used to feel so sorry for him. I used to kind of look at him and wonder what the
matter was and wish I could somehow help. This last Christmas I went home and I set
up a ‘GoFundMe’ account and we’ve raised £11,000 pounds so far and hope to raise more as the treatment is gonna cost around £30,000.


  1. Dear God
    Please help this kind man
    To get the lovely life that he deserves
    And please help his family for some money and a great life 😊
    Good luck 💖🌸🌟✨💓🌼💞💕⭐️🌲💟😍💛❤️🎉❣💗😭

  2. and you know, some people donate money to make women's breast bigger(and not for medical purpose indeed).What a fucked up world

  3. +Barcroft TV I see that your VIDEOS of people dealing with physical or mental Anomalies get a lot of views… My question to the DECISION MAKERS at Barcroft TV is what is YOUR ORGANIZATION doing to help the people featured in your reports??….. Especially , people who live in the third world where it is much harder to obtain medical assistance which will allow these wretched individuals lead a more comfortable life… Shoot, at least start a GOFUNDME campaign on behalf of these individuals to get for them the MEDICAL attention they are DESPERATELY LACKING.. Because with out offering any help, your channel is basically treating them like "freaks at a Freak show in the past centuries".. Now, having said all this, I am OFFICIALLY unsubscribing from your youtube channel until your channel takes and encourages viewers to take an active role in helping out these unfortunate souls….

  4. I'm so ashamed of myself right now! I use to stay home from school if I woke up with a zit! Have you ever noticed that so many people that have to cope with these shocking medical problems for the most part are hopeful, grateful, etc… God if someone can find the strength to cope with something like this and comparable, we all need to hit our knees and say a few more thank yous for the lives that we lead.

  5. HOW DOES HE EAT?? I feel bad for him a lot and now it makes me think about all the bad things and diseases I'm sorry for him

  6. this makes me sad you people in the comments if you say bad things about he you are mean he is who he is he has to live his life like this so please help him guys and share this to your friends cause as it said it makes him sad when people stare at him I wouldn't do that I would go up to him and ask he what happend

  7. I don't blame people for looking – I mean c'mon, how could you not look at something that is such an oddity? But they should be discreet about it and not outright stare, point, laugh, take photos, and do other things to make him feel terrible. He deserves a happy life just like anyone else.


  9. اللهم احفظناواحفظ المشاهدين وسهل مشوار المرضى وصعبها على أعدائنا آمين.

  10. God please give him abundance of happiness … take my happiness instead, give him joy and love please god I beg you

  11. i understand that he may be sad when people stare at him but come on if i see that guy i'd stare too but its not that i have bad intentions its just out of curiosity

  12. They started the fund in 2016 and it is still not fully funded. This is taking way too long guys. We can do better than this!

  13. It's 2018. Has he had his tumor removed? The gofundme page is no longer up. Can someone get us an update?

  14. how does that work that at 1:29 the tumour is on his left eye and the right eye is free?? and the whole rest of the video its on the other side?

  15. what a mockery of humanity this abomination is, how can we stand by and not help these poor souls? I'd give my last dollar if it would help

  16. I am very sorry and hope u get alot of donate money so u can do the surgery

  17. There comes a time in civilised society to take a stand and insist persons with health issues receive appropriate treatment. The bankers do not make a better world.

  18. Why don't you pop it and then remove the skin and apply more skin to his face by using the old skin and stitching it

  19. So if you've ever wondered why Indians contract so many sicknesses and disorders compared to the rest of the world, heres why, they usually eat off the floor, the majority don't use modern techniques to clean clothes bathrooms or anything at all, they don't do much concerning rodents or disease infested insects, they use almost primitive ways styles of doing things at home and at work. Thats why…

  20. It is a heartbreak to see this but good news is that it can be remove I remember there was a Portuguese man living in Portugal who had a tumor right in the middle of his face and it got so bad that he can barely see it was like this man's face but think about in the middle of it and hanging out and though it was very hard on him he didn't went to America and did cut off and got his face back I mean they're still scars on him but it's so beautiful because he finally was to move on and live a normal life and I love this gentleman gets the same results there has to be a foundation out there were people who have tumors on their backs and face the next or a serious condition that show some kind of deformed that we can donate money to and they can fix it I would love to start Foundation like that everyone next two children in st. Jude's hospital and Wounded Warrior Project

  21. I went to donate link and is does not exist ? I hope he got to the US please update with his progress, May God bless Him and his family.

  22. Poor dude 🙁 i hope he'll get better! He looks to be a very nice person! He deserves more positive attention!

  23. He look like the guy from Futurama
    (I don't mean that to make fun of him or disregard his struggles)

  24. He need the help of the Osbourn Head and Neck Institute in Los Angeles. They do pro bono work and travel all around the world

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