SWATCH HEAVY | WESTMAN ATELIER Foundation | Blush | ENTIRE LINE | Niche Series W/ Abby Bliss White

SWATCH HEAVY | WESTMAN ATELIER Foundation | Blush | ENTIRE LINE | Niche Series W/ Abby Bliss White

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Hi guys Welcome back to my channel and welcome to the third installment of our niche Foundation series the series that I am doing with my friend Abbi bliss white here on YouTube And I’m so excited you guys because today we are going to be discussing One of my very favorite foundations currently and for nearly the entire last Year, and that is the West man Atelier Vidal skins – what I wanted to do today even though this is a foundation video is I’m gonna demo the foundation and I’m gonna be doing swatching since I do have Five shades that I can swatch for you. I’m hoping that you will visit Abby and check out her video. She does have rosacea She has sensitive skin and she’ll just have a really good perspective on this foundation as well I’m gonna link her video in the description box as always and definitely Tell her I said hello when you get there now a little bit about my skin is I’m 45 years old I have dry dehydrated skin and you know, I’m battling all the normal stuff that we are as we’re aging I definitely have sun damage. I have melasma that I kind of have in check I have Circles under my eyes that are constantly plaguing me and you know, I’ve got all of those kind of issues going on but also I really really believe that inflammation is a problem when it comes to melasma and it comes to a lot of our aging issues and this foundation overall, I think one of my favorite things about it is that it’s anti-inflammatory it has ingredients in it that help address Inflammation and I think that’s probably what makes me love it the most Now the other thing that is interesting to note about this foundation is that it does have coconut oil and I’ve tried other foundations that have coconut oil and have had no success have broken out and I never break out this foundation has Never caused me to break out in fact it actually Makes my skin feel better for wearing it when I take it off I definitely feel like my skin was pampered while it was on my skin and that’s amazing for foundation the packaging looks like this it is in a stick and I just think it’s the most minimal beautiful. I just I think the foundation packaging is Classy as they come now it looks like this if You’re someone who appreciates beautiful packaging the West minute le a is engraved in the cap It’s seriously just it’s just luxury and this is wonderful. You can hear it It’s magnetized. I love the packaging so much. I just think that it is Understated luxury. It’s beautiful. Now you do get about a third of an ounce in here But it goes forever the very first tube that I bought last July I believe I still have it and I do use it all the time Even if I wear another foundation a lot of times, I will touch up with my Westman Atelier during the day I will use it as a concealer during the day I mean, I have one of these tubes in my purse all the time. There are Twelve shades of this foundation it starts at zero Which is kind of a very light English Rose if you will and it goes to 11 in the beginning I believe there was only eight and so she has added some lighter and she has added some darker whole thing Is there are samples? So if you call Barneys they will send you a sample and I think that that’s a fantastic way to try out this foundation But today I’m actually going to be using the colors number three and number five five is actually far too Dark for me, but we’re gonna go with it because it marries with your skin So well, they can completely get away with I’m swiping. I started out doing this way when I first bought this foundation and Then I went to where I was pulling it with a brush from it I’ve done it all kinds of different ways and they all work. They all work just fine So that was number five and then I’m going to go in with number three you can see all three is just a touch darker Or lighter. Sorry number three is touch later Because this foundation is so fantastic for travel I Broke out and loved my hourglass vanish stick foundation brush. This is such a little brush That it’s literally perfect for traveling with this foundation so I’m gonna be using this little brush today to buff this into my skin and you guys it just buffs in so fast, so easy I Mean do you see see how fast that is? and seriously Number five which I’m going to do better swatches. I’ll just watch on my arm You guys number five is too dark for me, but I can totally pull it off because of the way that this foundation just melds with your skin kind of makes it believable like It’s your skin. I love it so much. I Will say this is not a super long wearing foundation But it’s so fantastic touched up So you can definitely carry it with you and touch up without looking like you added a bunch of extra makeup You just look like you refreshed your face. It’s really fantastic for that. I love to go in with the Sephora This is the pro press full coverage Number 67 brush and it is a very densely packed concealer brush now I’m going to show you the size if you can kind of get an idea This brush is great with this foundation and I take the brush and I just go like this and I can do this all day long ingredients in this foundation Are really fantastic for fatigue. They make you look more hydrated It’s got camellia seed oil the coconut seed oil the blushes have organic. Jojoba oil in them all these really fantastic skin loving ingredients That I just feel really good putting them on my face I feel like it’s not necessarily skincare But it is definitely comfort care in makeup so you can see it worked as a concealer Okay, so let’s do a little bit of swatching starting with number two. Number two, it looks like this and Number two, is it the way they describe it is medium fair warm beige undertone I think that too would be great for NC 20s Maybe even NC 1820 in that area now color number three They describe as medium warm with a golden undertone and that’s exactly exactly what it is So so you can kind of see the jump in color from two to three Three is definitely Your medium golden shade, it would go well with NC twenty three to twenty Five on the lighter side of twenty five, I would say and it’s just got that beautiful golden undertone Now number four is where it gets tricky I think a lot of people think that if three is too light for them that they should jump to four I do think that four is The undertone that is a little bit trickier. It’s definitely peachy and it almost pulls a little bit cool you guys if you can see how This is number four if you can see how it’s darker, but it has that kind of coolness to it It’s the one that honestly I grabbed for the least because it doesn’t quite jive with my skin tone So if you’re more of a peachy undertone four might be good and then let’s move to five and it’s a medium tan They call it Medium tan golden undertone and you can really see I think then you can really see how these two shades kind of have that same Undertone, but not for doesn’t so we’ve got two three four five You guys just watched me put on three and five on to my face I’m gonna also swatch for you the color number eight Because I have this handy little card that you can get from Barneys and it contains colors three five and eight so it would be a great way to see and actually there’s quite a bit in this little sample card okay, and there is number eight eight is described as a tawny warm with a neutral undertone and I can see that that I have to say that to me. It does look like it leans peachy Cool, if you ask me on eight the next what’s been Atelier a product that we’re going to talk about really quickly is called Biscuit and this is their contour stick now I just want to share it with you guys so that you can see it. It is a very cool toned contour stick It’s organic. Jojoba seed oil it also contains An ingredient that helps to absorb excess oil So it’s just beautiful on the skin. It really sits like skin and because of the undertone and it’s a fantastic Contour shtetl lips now This is kind of an iridescent glossy finish highlighter and it almost just looks like a clear bomb but it definitely comes across with sort of a pinky purple iridescent beautiful on the tops of the cheeks definitely helps you look more hydrated and Just youthful. It’s a beautiful product. It is not the kind of thing. That’s going to be shimmer You’re gonna see it from the heavens But it’s definitely going to give your skin more of that dewy look This is also really fantastic used underneath the foundation If you were extremely dry and dehydrated You can actually apply this to the high points of your cheeks or places that you find that you’re extra You know You you lack luster and then you could put the foundation on I’ve done that before and it’s absolutely beautiful the blushes I there are four shades. I am going to start with a color Minette This is a luminous peachy shade and it is the lightest shade of the blush offering This is the most beautiful spring time Peachy shade. This is the only shade of the blushes that does have a shimmer It has kind of a golden shimmer, but it just super super finely milled You you almost can’t see it. Next shade that I will swatch is dudu This is dudu Next will be petal. This was the first one that I purchased and I feel like it’s kind of a dusting pink really really pretty You And then my absolute favorite of the moment is poppet I shared this recently I just think it’s a gorgeous Pop of pink just absolutely beautiful. So those are the four blush shades you guys there is Manette doo-doo-doo or dodo petal and pop it So pretty So the way that I do my makeup with the Westland Atelier line is I typically do my foundation First and then I go in with the bronzer. This is a matte terracotta true bronzer And I love to do a little bit on my forehead and then I do a little here and I just try to keep it a light hand just gives a nice sunkissed warmth to the skin I love to do that and then I go in with my PO depeche This is the super loaded highlighter sights the foundation this is definitely my favorite product from the entire line and you will soon see I mean I have a backup and I use this every single day It is a bronze peach highlighter. It smells like coconut Loveliness and it is just gorgeous on this way Then I apply this is with a damp Beauty Blender and I have tried it with brushes I’ve tried it with my fingers so many different ways and I just love it with the Beauty Blender I just pounced that in to the compact get some on my Beauty Blender and I hit my cheeks and then what’s left on my Beauty Blender I go and I head up here and it’s just it leaves you looking so hydrated and Just really radiant. It’s a beautiful color I then I’m going back in with my poppet the bright bright bright blush and I’m literally just putting it back here Just a little bit and I’m just patting that out just to get a little extra flush And I feel like as long as I keep this blush back further on my cheeks, I Run less of a risk of looking too cloudy or You know having too much blush on kind of thing and I feel like it kind of draws You know your eye up a little little lift Which we can all use right so I’m gonna finish my makeup and I’ll be right back Okay, I am back and I have finished my makeup and I just want to give you some final thoughts on this fantastic foundation Anti-inflammatory properties in this foundation just really a skin loving hydrating anti inflammatory foundation I think that if you suffer from redness and you kind of have sensitivities that this Foundation may be really really a great foundation for your skin I find it to be extremely comforting extremely hydrating and it really helps to retain That hydration of my skincare throughout the day. I’ve never had a foundation that is better at Reapplication and looking fresh by adding a little bit more throughout the day. I definitely love it for that If you’ve tried this foundation definitely comment down below I would be curious if you need any more help with swatching I’m happy to try and swatch this next to some other foundations that I own to help you find the right shade Hopefully these swatches helped you out a little bit if you are in You know online shopping for this because I know that that can be tough I hope that wherever you are, you’re having a fantastic day I hope that you will check out Abbie’s video and I will talk to you guys again very very soon


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  4. So Penn do you mean that there’s not one shade of the foundation in particular that you yourself could wear on it’s own or do you have to wear the 3 and 5 to get the correct shade ? How does it compare to the Tom Ford stick foundation in longevity and skin like properties? Which would you prefer if you could only afford one or the other?😀

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  17. Update haha!!! Just got off the phone with i believe Carolyn at Barneys in Boston. She was so amazing. I bought the Peau de peche and she is sending me samples of the foundation as well as the blush!!!! Thanks again!!!

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