Tattoo Concealing Master – Video 1: Why airbrush makeup?

Tattoo Concealing Master – Video 1: Why airbrush makeup?

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Hey everybody, I’m Tania Barbe and I’m the founder of Bad Ink Be Gone and I’m here today with my good friend Dorota Buczel who’s been an airbrush makeup instructor for over 16 years now Dorota and I both know a thing or two about concealing tattoos so if you’ve been looking to hide a tattoo with makeup we’ve got the solutions for you! Whether you like your tattoos or not it’s always nice to have the option to hide them temporarily So many people nowadays are holding back on job opportunities or social events or even a day at the beach because of their tattoos Well there is absolutely no valid reason for you to hold back on these things anymore because we’re about to show you the best
makeup products out there for concealing tattoos The brands that we recommend are 100% rubproof, waterproof, and transfer-resistant so that means your makeup is not gonna be smudging off all over your clothes, or on other people and it’s not gonna melt off of you at the pool After you watch this video you are gonna have complete peace of mind that your makeup is only gonna come off when you want it to! So I guess, first things first… I’m gonna let Dorota explain to you what are the 2 main types of makeup concealers for covering tattoos and what are the differences between these 2 types of concealers Thanks Tania…absolutely… As a makeup artist, I often see people using 2 types of makeup concealers to cover up their tattoos The first one is tattoo cover up makeup and the second one is airbrush makeup The tattoo cover up makeup is usually really heavy and greasy it’s harder to apply you have to apply it in layers so it’s a little bit of a headache and the airbrush makeup is super lightweight it’s non-transferable It has a natural look and feel you will not even notice that you have it on The only thing is airbrush equipment is a little bit more expensive but it’s definitely quality It’s an investment and it pays off down the road Now we’re going to demonstrate to you the difference between tattoo cover up makeup and airbrush makeup This is our model Julie over here and as you can see, Julie’s got a pretty big tattoo here So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna cover half of her tattoo with cover up makeup and we’ll cover the other half with airbrush makeup and in this case we’re gonna use the Kett Cosmetics’ Hydro Proof which is one of the top two brands of airbrush makeup that Dorota and I recommend for concealing tattoos The other brand that we recommend which is just as good as Kett Cosmetics Hydro Proof is Endura from a company called European Body Art So I’ll start on this side here first and I’m gonna be using a theatrical color wheel to cover up tattoos This makeup tends to be really really hard You do have to warm it up a little bit What I like to do is to take a spatula just take what I need test the color and then warm it up on my palette You can also use the back of your hand as well I’m gonna take a sponge Really really saturate the sponge with the makeup and then I’m gonna start stippling it on So we’re dabbing, and as you can see I already have to reload my sponge The sponge drank a lot of this makeup so when you are using sponges a lot of this gets absorbed into the pores and you constantly have to refill your sponge That’s what makes this so time-consuming I’m still mixing this makeup warming it up and it’s been already 2 minutes I would be done airbrushing or color-correcting this tattoo by now So here I go again, stippling this color on So now I just finished doing the first layer Obviously it’s not 100% but now we have to powder in between because as I’m doing this with this layer, when I want to do the next layer I’m already lifting the bottom layer with my sponge so it’s counter-productive It’s really greasy right now it’s heavy, and it’s transferable to the touch So we want to put a layer of powder and now continue with the second layer because I can still see a lot of the outlines So here we go, this is our second layer I’ve been at it now for a few minutes almost 5 minutes and it’s still there Still building up the layers it’s showing through the bottom layer there Let’s powder again get rid of the shine, and we’ll do our last layer Hopefully we’ll blend it right in there I find these tattoo wheels are convenient because you get a variety of colors but as you can see there’s no color corrector here and that is essential to proper tattoo coverage So I’d like to see a few different shades in here the red and olive-based shades for neutralization but unfortunately I can only work with this mixing the medium and the light tones No you’re right, that’s a huge part of tattoo neutralization especially Julie’s tattoo has colors in it so we have to see what are the cool and the warm colors and then you neutralize those colors before applying the flesh tones on top and in this case we can’t do that with this color wheel Now this is fine for now but in about 15 minutes even if she gets into the heat or goes outside this is all gonna melt off Some companies also make sealer sprays so after you have powdered you simply spray this area from a distance to really seal it up and make it waterproof So I’m just gonna mist her from a distance and we’ll just let that dry I’m gonna take some alcohol remove any oil or lotion on the skin I’ve already preselected Julie’s colors and I put them aside So now I’m just gonna neutralize the tattoo and then do a color wash afterwards Starting with the red colors first Okay we’ve neutralized the flower and now we’re gonna neutralize the rest as well as the outlines So I’m pretty much done neutralizing the outlines and now I’m just gonna blend this into the surrounding skin So we’re pretty much done here and now I’m gonna powder this area Just pressing the powder on You can tell this is way more matte than this side here It’s still shiny on that side, even though you powdered the hell out of that side really What a difference And it’s already transferring where the paper towel was Okay, well let’s put this to the test! Thank you Dorota Yes we need to test how durable this is right now so we’re gonna start off by doing a tissue test So Dorota if you can hand me those tissues there Now I’m gonna take a tissue on each hand and I’m gonna apply the same amount of pressure so again, this is the airbrush makeup side this is the tattoo cover up makeup side So let’s see here… Wow…you see it’s coming off already I’m applying exactly the same pressure here You see this? What a difference There’s nothing on this tissue and everything came off on here Okay… Alright so finally we want to show you how even with soap and water, you will not be able to take off airbrush makeup It’s very impressive So we have a little bowl here with some water and some soap I hope this isn’t too cold for your back…uh-oh! Yeah, thank you Dorota Okay… So let’s see I am gonna go over the whole area here and see what happens You see that? This is still intact, that is amazing coverage when you think about it…this is very durable You can’t even take this off with soap and water whereas this…half of it is gone already So I think we’ve clearly proven to you by now that airbrush makeup is the most flawless and durable way to conceal a tattoo with makeup And if you feel confident enough at this point to attempt airbrushing your own tattoos with airbrush makeup by all means, go ahead the information that we’ve taught you is now yours But I do wanna caution you about something first tough Like anything in this life, success is in the details Just because you know what ingredients go into a chocolate cake it doesn’t mean that you’re gonna become a master at baking chocolate cakes Dorota and I have been applying airbrush makeup for years now and we understand the importance of the learning process If you want to be a doctor you gotta go to med school If you want perfect tattoo coverage you need to learn proper technique and color theory and how to maintain your airbrushing equipment and you also need to practice along to somebody who’s going to show you the right way to do it Well what if we told you there is one amazing tool out there that could walk you through the whole process and that could seriously shorten your learning curve so that you can avoid going through the embarrassing and expensive trial and error of the makeup world Well, stay tuned for Video #2 because we are gonna show you this number one tool that you’re gonna need for flawless and durable tattoo coverage with airbrush makeup! In the meantime, leave us your questions or your comments below this video or through social media! We’ll see you again soon! See you soon!

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  1. I would like to see your expertise on dark skin! Please use African Americans to show u can do it all!!! Thanks!

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