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What’s up, everybody. Welcome back to my channel. Hey, babe. Hey, baby. Alright, I brought Nathan with me today because we are gonna do something a little weird. Yeah, it’s different. A little unconventional. So, I love the brand Milk Makeup. They’re in Sephora, they are a really cool company from New York. Now, they have a holographic
highlighter that I love, and recently they’ve put out a bunch of new stuff. They have all these crazy, like, sticks. One is a Blur Stick, one is a Cooling Water Stick… And then I was scrolling and I found something I think Nathan might love. Do you even know what this is? No. I really don’t. Milk Makeup. So, these are roll and blotting sheets. “Roll + Blot.” Now, Nathan is a cannabis connoisseur. How long have you been rolling joints for?
Blunts or anything? Proabably, like, 8 years or something like that. Right. Okay, so these, I’m like, oh my God, if anyone’s gonna try this out, it’s gonna be Nathan. So these are called the Roll + Papers. Now, Milk is cruelty-free, which is cool for everyone out there that always asks me about that. So basically, these are unbleached hemp papers. Now, not only are they allegedly supposed to remove excess oil and shine, they can also be used as rolling papers. So I thought, okay, let’s try them out. Let’s see if this stuff works. So we’re kind of gonna do a little first impressions on all of these things. So, I’m on Sephora.com right now and it says that these are portable, soothing blotting sheets made from unbleached hemp fibers to absorb excess oil, reduce shine without disturbing your make-up — oh, okay — and they also help purify pores and keep your skin looking clean, refreshed, and refined. And snatched.
refreshed, and refined. And snatched. And snatched. And refined. So I guess this is also paraben free, sulfate free…bitch, it’s everything free. It’s eco-consciuous and it’s innovative, which I kinda live for. Alright! Snap! Snap, pop, and whirl. I’m, like, really excited to try these out. I think we should try these first. Okay, so I guess we’ll blotter each
other’s faces with one. Now, should we smoke on oil, everybody? I wish there could be a poll right now. I mean, I think we should roll a normal one. And then we’ll try to roll… Well, I’m not gonna roll. I do not know how to roll anything. He’s gonna roll one with the oil. I’m down to smoke your oil, baby. Yeah. I’m down to smoke yours. Okay! I mean, let’s give it a whirl. I mean, everyone at home might be
throwing up or enjoying it. So I guess… Let me feel it. Here, let me grab one of my own. I mean, they just feel like just regular paper. Almost like they’re ultra-thin papers. Okay, so these come with 100 sheets
and this is only $10. Which, some of their stuff is a little bit pricey, but $10 is not bad at all. 10 cents a paper. Right? So I guess you just pull them out like that. Now, what are these little… Here, we’re gonna go for the zoom in so you guys can see the, I guess, the border. -What would you call that?
-The gum. That’s call the gum? That’s the gum. And what is that for? That is for sticking it onto the other
side when you roll. Oh, okay. That’s the gum to stick. I’m gonna keep it so real, I’ve
never rolled a joint before. I’m like, mm-hmm, thank you. Alright, so I’m gonna press this against my nose, just the top part, and let’s just
see what it looks like, I guess, when it’s oily. I mean,
when it absorbs the oil. Okay, I’m just gonna press it on my nose. Look, I’m gonna put that over my hand. Oh, you can definitely see it. Oh, yes, look at that. Oh, yeah, you can see it. Bitch, she’s oily! It almost makes, like, the paper see-through. Yeah. And then, other parts I’m oily
on are always my T-zone, so I’m gonna go right in between my brows. Oh, wow. Okay, I don’t know if you
guys can see this at home, but this one is definitely absorbing a lot. Alright, so on this half that isn’t used, I’m gonna hit up Nathan’s skin. Oh, okay. Come on, oil. Look it, you can see my finger in the
monitor now, through the paper. Mm-hmm. Nathan has, like, combination skin, so…oh, wow. Yeah. Look at that. Ooh! Alright, so when you see it against the backdrop, this is Nathan’s side, and then this is my side. Mine looks a little more subdued because a tiny bit of my powder came off. Which is not a bad thing. The claim was that it didn’t disrupt your make-up, which, mine… everything looks in place. -Yeah, everything looks fine.
-Everything looks snatched. But I also have, like, three layers of
foundation and powder, contour, everything. So a tiny bit of make-up
did come off on my side, and then Nathan’s is on the bottom. Oh, woo woo woo! So we’re gonna give Nathan this one. So, off camera he’s gonna roll a normal one. And then right here, live, he’s
going to roll the oily joint. Oh my God, that sounds kinda disgusting. Hey, f*ck it! That oily joint, girl! We’ll see how this goes. Right? Oh my God. Alright, what kinda weed are we
gonna smoke right now? This is some white berry. Ooh, let me smell that. Yeah. Ooh, this is like high sativa. Yeah. So what’s easier to roll? A joint or blunts? Blunts, because you can lick that thing to death, but you get one lick on a joint. On the paper, ’cause it’s so thin. Well, yeah. No, and the gum, you can only lick that once, and with a blunt, you can take the blunt apart and re-wrap the thing. You can’t do that to a joint paper. So we’re gonna put in some… what is that? Raw, natural, unrefined tips. So what does this do, for anyone at home that’s like,
“what the hell does that mean?” It is a filter so you don’t get weed in your mouth when you’re sucking on the joint. Thank God. I hate when you buy, like, a new glass piece and the
weed goes right through and lands on your tongue and it’s,
like, not a good moment. -Oh, wow, okay.
-Slide that right in there, and then voilà. That’s it. Yeah, and then we just gotta grab a make-up brush and push out the weed down there. So that’s it. That’s it. That was so easy. It was pretty… yeah. Wow. Alright, Milk Makeup! It’s not too bad. It’s a little harder because the papers are really long, so. Yeah. I mean, it’s, like, the size of a blunt wrap, but paper, so it’s definitely a little more difficult to roll. Really? -If you don’t know how to roll joints that well.
-Wait, so this is it, right? So this is the oiled one. That’s the oiled one. So, let’s write that. Now he’s about to off-camera roll… I’m writing an “O” with a Mac liner on this, because I just wanna know. Alright, the “O” is for oil. Alright, so now off-camera, Nate is gonna roll a normal one
that doesn’t have our oil on it, and we’ll be right back. Alright, so this is the, of course, joint we rolled with our own oils, and then that’s, like, a regular one, right? Yes, this is the regular. Did you notice a difference when rolling it? Yes, that one definitely seemed a little, like, more flimsy than this one, for sure. Okay. So the oils did kind of affect it. Oh, yeah, definitely. But, I mean, you did it quick, though, so it wasn’t, like it, like… Yeah, yeah. … hindered you. Alright, I think we should… We’ll
smoke this one later. Later meaning in 10 minutes. -But you wanna do the honors and spark this one up?
-Yeah, let’s do it. Alright. Here we go. Here we go. Watch that “O”. You might get some eyeliner in your mouth. It’s getting smokey in here. It’s like that 1,000 degree knife challenge. Hm, work. There’s no eyeliner on my lips? Nope. Yeah, none on me. I’m like a bull with my nose… Why did I blow that up my nose? F*ck my life. Is it good? Yeah. It tastes bomb. I mean, the weed tastes amazing. You know what’s really cool is, like, this is such a cool idea. I’m kinda jealous I didn’t think of it first. Alright, I think we’re gonna take a few more hits and then let’s dive into doing a little first impressions on these crazy sticks. Alright, are you down to be a little
skincare guinea pig? Yeah, I’m down. Alright. So Milk Makeup, they just
recently put out these new… there’s different types of sticks. Okay? So this is the Cooling Water Stick. Cooling Water Stick, eh? Cooling water. It’s a cool color, huh? Yeah. No, that’s why I’m down. Okay, so basically, let’s just read this. Here, you hold that, baby. So basically, this is a ultra-cooling water stick that is supposed to soothe and invigorate. Do you wanna feel invigorated? Sure. I do. Now, it is infused with natural
seawater and caffeine. Alright, so basically it says to apply
around your eyes to de-puff, and then apply to your neck, face, and body to cool and refresh. -So I guess we’re gonna try this on you and see if it works.
-You just put it wherever the f*ck you want, it sounds like. I guess. Now, on the website… let’s read this real quickly. It says that it’s also infused
with rich marine minerals. Okay. -Sounds good.
-It’s a gel stick that feels refreshing cool to the touch and provides instant hydration that lasts all day. So it has caffeine which is supposed
to micro-circulate to give your skin an energized, glowing look. Damn. Oh! Work. That’s a mouthful. Eyes up. Whew! Very cooling. Really? Very cooling. Okay. Feels like ice touching your face. Whoa! Literally. Yeah, it feels really cold. Okay, look up. Pull that jugular down and spread that coldness through your body. Let’s try on the back of his neck. That’s so cold. Is it really? Yeah, it feels like… Whoa… Okay, your skin melted that off. Right? I’m, like, almost about to get the chills. Can you do the back of my neck? I wanna see if it works. I’m like, we ain’t trying these under-eyes today, baby. Does it feel cold? A little bit, yeah. It has, like, that weird, like, cooling, almost like a Vicks vapor rub… … type of cooling, but without the crazy smell. -Yeah, definitely. It doesn’t smell like anything.
-Yeah, it doesn’t smell like anything. I mean, it’s minerals and water, so… Okay, now I’m gonna try on the back of mine. Try your neck. It’s cold. I mean, it’s kinda chilly in here and it’s making it… like, the wind blowing on it. Yeah. It’s definitely cooling. It’s not like a deep freeze type of feeling. No, no. But it’s definitely soothing. I’m, like, I’m gonna try the back of my hand. Cool! Okay, this actually works. I’m kinda shook about it. Now, let me look under your eyes to see about what they were talking about. It definitely has, like, barely glow. Like, obviously it’s not trying to be a highlighter, but it definitely kinda gives your skin a little… Shimmer. A little shine to it. Like, a little bit of, like, “okay, honey, what’s up, girl.” Mm-hmm. Okay, cool. Let’s try the other one. Alright! That one worked. Yeah, no, Very cooling. Alright, so this other one, I’ve seen so many people use this and I know we’ve been traveling so
much and in and out of town, I haven’t really used that yet. So I thought, why not try it on Nate. So this is the Milk Blur Stick. Let me see… I threw away the box, like, a week ago… my bad. So basically it says that
this is a colorless oil and silicone free primer to blur the look of imperfections on all skin tone. Basically what it does is, a blur stick minimizes the appearances of pores and fine lines on every skin tone for an invisible, smooth matte finish. Use as a
primer for a smooth finish and to lock in your finish, and it says doesn’t clog pores, which is nice. That’s nice. ‘Cause who wants some f*cking clogged pores? Nobody! Alright, so this is also formulated
without paraben, sulfate, la la la… Okay. Also, yeah, it’s vegan. It’s cruelty-free and there’s no oil or gluten in it. Work! So, I’ll probably use this on myself
in a future video. Of course, before my make-up. We have a lotta layers on today. Now, I’ve seen other YouTuber’s take their hand… I mean, we don’t have wrinkly hands. But they’ll take it and, like, literally go on their hand and… Oh, it feels weird! It definitely looks blurred. It kinda does. Wait… Oh, it feels different. Feel my hand. It’s almost, like… Yeah, it’s literally, like, it feels matte but it looks kinda glossy. Yeah, it feels like a matte primer, kind of. Almost like that Smashbox primer, but, like, it kinda blurred a little. I know it’s probably so hard to see on camera, but it just looks a little different
than the other hand. Huh. Alright, let’s try it on your face? Alright. Alright, so I’m gonna do it on Nathan’s, like, pore areas and forehead, and I guess let’s just see what the hell happens. Yeah, we’ll try it on. Okay, so this side has the Blur Stick, this side has nothing. Let me see. I think I can see a difference. Yeah. It looks a little more matte. Does it? I feel like I can see this line right here but I can’t see it over here. It definitely has a blurring effect. You can definitely see it. I think…I’m not sure how it looks on the footage yet, I will have to play it back, but in person, it does give you a little bit of, like, a “oh, did she face tune a tiny bit, or did she?” Yeah, it kinda worked. Now, putting on make-up on top of it, that will be, I guess, the real test. Like, if it really does blur your pores. I’m not about to slather foundation all over you, but I will try it in a future video. If you guys want me to, let me know. Right. But Milk Makeup came through. Now, I think in the past I’ve had
hit-or-misses with their brand. Yeah. But this new shit is amazing. I love brands that come up with innovative stuff. I think I’ve said that before with a few other brands. I just like things that are kind of out of the box. I know blurring is really in now. A lot of brands are putting out blurring brushes, primers, everything. Oops, sorry. This actually worked. I will say this — this one, I mean, it did exactly what is said. So the Cooling Water Stick is
Jeffree Star approved. Now, this one, I’ve seen it, obviously, on his face. It kinda looks a little blurry. Right. But this is gonna be pending until I use it on myself and then do make-up over it. So, pending. Now, final thoughts on the Roll + Blot Papers. The Roll + Blot Papers. I’m down with them. I mean… I mean, they worked. Yeah. It was cool. If you have use for the blottiness and rolling, I mean, definitely buy them. Right. But if you’re buying them just for the papers…? I wouldn’t buy them just for the papers. Obviously, they’re $10. You can go buy a pack of papers for a couple bucks. Oh, okay. You can buy them for a couple dollars. Okay, cool. So this is a little more luxury blotting papers. Thank you guys so much for watching this video. Thanks for hanging out, babe. Of course. Love you guys. Mwah! Bye, guys. See ya.


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