1. THANK YOU FOR 5 YEARS ON YOUTUBE!! Since we've traveled SO MUCH these past few years (100% thanks to you guys) I wanted to compile all our best footage, including clips we've never uploaded, in celebration of our 5 year anniversary. Or… 5 year 2 month anniversary. Here's a list of every clip in this video, in case you want to put any of these spots on your bucket list! 🙂
    0:00 Shijo street, Kyoto https://youtu.be/3jZl8Lgz9FE
    0:05 Udo shrine, Miyazaki https://youtu.be/OAMK5kym1Vw
    0:07 Eiheiji, Fukui https://youtu.be/V9ozp41ltto
    0:09 Ise Jingu, Mie https://youtu.be/GViudVWeZYw
    0:11 Sakurajima, Kagoshima
    0:14 Hakodate, Hokkaido
    0:17 Aharen Beach, Tokashiki Island, Okinawa https://youtu.be/1S3Pmi00hKg
    0:20 Gujo Hachiman, Gifu https://youtu.be/Fqpr_2uKzwY
    0:23 Geibikei Gorge, Iwate https://youtu.be/NuqXhNyNu-w
    0:30 Takachiho Gorge, Miyazaki https://youtu.be/OAMK5kym1Vw
    0:33 Hashigui Iwa, Wakayama
    0:35 Engetsu Island, Wakayama
    0:38 Tokashiki Island, Okinawa https://youtu.be/1S3Pmi00hKg
    0:39 Naruto whirlpools, Naruto Strait
    0:41 Arashiyama, Kyoto https://youtu.be/3jZl8Lgz9FE
    0:43 Gujo Hachiman, Gifu https://youtu.be/Fqpr_2uKzwY
    0:49 Aya Teruha Bridge, Miyazaki https://youtu.be/OAMK5kym1Vw
    0:54 Yasaka Pagoda, Kyoto https://youtu.be/3jZl8Lgz9FE
    0:58 Kiyomizudera, Kyoto https://youtu.be/3jZl8Lgz9FE
    1:00 Arashiyama, Kyoto https://youtu.be/3jZl8Lgz9FE
    1:02 Tojinbo Cliffs, Fukui https://youtu.be/V9ozp41ltto
    1:04 Random steps somewhere
    1:06 Korankei autumn light up festival, Aichi https://youtu.be/qfQbE8_QJGE
    1:18 Otaru Snow Festival, Hokkaido
    1:21 Akita https://youtu.be/mjuOwXgcHS8
    1:28 Yokote Castle, Akita https://youtu.be/mjuOwXgcHS8
    1:35 Lake Shikaribetsu Kotan, Hokkaido https://youtu.be/GQBUKiq5UoY
    1:44 Akita https://youtu.be/mjuOwXgcHS8
    1:46 Kakunodate samurai town, Akita https://youtu.be/ZaVCjrHrHvU
    1:50 Yahiko shrine, Niigata https://youtu.be/O5S8yVL7tIU
    1:54 Random park somewhere
    1:58 Monet pond, Gifu
    2:04 Tenryu-ji, Kyoto https://youtu.be/3jZl8Lgz9FE
    2:06 Nara Park, Nara
    2:08 Ichijodani Asakura Ruins, Fukui https://youtu.be/V9ozp41ltto
    2:13 Hamamatsu Flower Park, Shizuoka
    2:14 Random cherry blossoms
    2:19 Ichijodani Asakura Ruins, Fukui https://youtu.be/V9ozp41ltto
    2:22 Arashiyama, Kyoto https://youtu.be/3jZl8Lgz9FE
    2:30 Tenryu-ji, Kyoto https://youtu.be/3jZl8Lgz9FE
    2:36 Arima Onsen, Hyogo
    2:39 Ise Jingu, Mie https://youtu.be/GViudVWeZYw
    2:40 Nunobiki Waterfall, Hyogo
    2:43 Ropeway up Mt Rokko, Hyogo
    2:47 Ichijo Falls, Fukui https://youtu.be/V9ozp41ltto
    2:49 Nachi Falls, Wakayama
    2:56 Gujo Hachiman, Gifu https://youtu.be/Fqpr_2uKzwY
    3:00 Yakushima, Kagoshima
    3:02 Arima Onsen, Hyogo
    3:04 Koyasan, Wakayama
    3:07 Fox Village, Miyagi https://youtu.be/92wtDKCtOiU
    3:11 Somewhere in Kyoto https://youtu.be/3jZl8Lgz9FE
    3:15 Tojinbo Cliffs, Fukui https://youtu.be/V9ozp41ltto
    3:19 Gion District, Kyoto https://youtu.be/3jZl8Lgz9FE
    3:22 Kasuga Shrine, Nara
    3:25 Yasaka Shrine, Kyoto https://youtu.be/3jZl8Lgz9FE
    3:27 Okinawa Castle, Okinawa https://youtu.be/1S3Pmi00hKg

  2. I'm so cut in the middle bc I don't know if I should study ik Korea or Japan, both is so beautiful

  3. oh i love this video so much <3 whenever im feeling down i watch this and it always makes me feel better and gets me pumped up to go visit japan! thank you Rachel and Jun for your amazing videos !!

  4. I love japan and it’s beauty and have have done multiple artworks of Japanese landscape and structure

  5. I'm depressed your country is lovely and I'm In England and Im in Stanwell 21 the heathers next to Heathrow Airport

  6. Such a beautiful country! I've been there on vacation once, for 3,5 weeks, but that's it. Next year though, if all goes well, I'm planning on studying Japanese there for a year! 😉

  7. If you're scared you can't see beauty 😘 Rachel and Jun are my favorite and perfect couple and they are very lucky to have each other

  8. Beautiful. I wish California was like this. Beautiful like Japan. Accept California is in a drought and its hot 😒 I feel ashamed for living in California

  9. I really want to travel to Japan someday. This country is such an amazing and beautiful place. Its locations, its culture, its people, its language. They're absolutely something to fall in love with, as a cultural and lingual enthusiast.
    日本, あなたを愛してます! ❤🇯🇵

  10. ”Why do you want to move to Japan so much?”
    Shows entire video
    Honestly Japan has such a unique and beautiful culture that I could get lost in for my entire life. It’s seems like you could be happy there no matter what.

  11. this video and the music is so beautiful, you simply can't pull yourself away. it's stuck in my head and in my youtube playlist as well. ty for your hard work on all your channels, they are very addictive.

  12. I know it wasn't really the point of the video but the really subtle way Jun films her seems to say a lot about how much he loves Rachel. And that just makes me feel some kind of second-hand happiness.

    Japan really is lovely, and it's really well exemplified by your gorgeous cinematography. Good job!

  13. Beautiful. .places. .
    I love Japan. .
    Best tourist places. .
    Good hospitality. .
    Amazing places. …
    Really Japanese so much lucky

  14. Am I the only one who cried while witnessing this overwhelming combination of beauty of our dreamland and the most amazing song I've listened in a while? I feel like I don't deserve this much heavenly feeling, I can die a million times just to be born in Japan for once. Thanks Rachel and Jun for so many amazing contents, love you guys.

  15. Thank you. You just increase my need to go in Japan. Thank you for these fantastic pictures wich make me believe in the beauty of the world and mankind.

  16. i haven't even realised until now that this was uploaded on my birthday ^^. Hmm i gues this was a nice present

  17. Wow it looks very clean …. something to live up too ….right my fellow americans??? Eeeeee?

  18. Least once in my life time, i want to travel too these places. Hey got to live the life to its fullest!

  19. Japan is country where a man feels peace of mind, where you can see natural beauty love you Japan

  20. 岐阜にいらしたことがあるのですね!私は岐阜に住んでます。あなたの動画を頼りに岐阜の美しいところをまわりたい🍀*゜日本の旅が羨ましくあります✿✾❁✾✿

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