The Best Honey Facial You’ve Never Heard Of

The Best Honey Facial You’ve Never Heard Of

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Hi, my name is Tonya Zavasta. I would like to share with you a remarkable
facial that I discovered some time ago and have been
using it ever since. We all hate having blemishes on our skin. Then the main point to remember Most of the time the blemishes are not caused
by something external, they are the result of internally trapped
toxins. You’ll stay blemish-free ONLY when your underlying
skin tissues are healthy. Using any traditional massage technique, you
are compressing your skin tissues. Just as in my Knuckle Massage If you have not done it, I encourage you to
try it. It’s very good for toning your facial skin. But it’s not enough. What your skin also needs is decompressing. What I have discovered is that decompressing
techniques are very powerful in cleansing your underlying
facial structure. You’ll likely ask: Will this stretch my skin? No. I have tested it on myself for many months before sharing this technique with you. I’m very happy with the results. I’ve managed to get to 58 without any cosmetic
procedures, and plan to continue that way. How? By maximizing my skin’s ability to rejuvenate
to the fullest. So if you have done my Knuckle Massage, you’re familiar with the compressing technique. And how can you achieve a decompressing effect? One way: with Honey Hands Facial. And what do we know about honey? It sticks to our hands. The technique I am about to show you is going to seriously cleanse your underlying
skin tissues and remove the toxins, the ones that sooner or later can become blemishes. The Honey Hands Facial is easy to do. But let me offer a few cautions. First, you need to be sure you’re not allergic
to honey. Second, not just any honey will do. It must be raw, pure and unprocessed. So let us get started. Apply a teaspoon of the best raw honey you can get. Apply it like this. Then start by slightly slapping your skin with the palms of your hands in a wavy fashion. Because of the glue-like property of the honey, you’re actually slightly lifting your skin. Honey’s healing properties combined with a decompressing touch will pump toxins
out of your body. This honey hands technique helps remove dead
cells and other skin impurities, revealing rejuvenated flesh underneath. Keep in mind that with this technique, all that was sick and unhealthy will come
rushing to the surface and become purged from your
skin. You might see some blemishes develop. That is a big challenge for everyone. Just know your skin is testing you. Can you live with this temporary inconvenience? Will you stick with the practice or will you go back to covering up your skin
blemishes, and ignoring the cause? Don’t you worry. From my experience, the blemishes that do show will disappear on their own in time. See my other videos how to deal with skin
blemishes. What if you think that Honey Hands technique
is messy? Or what is you’re allergic to honey? Is there another way we can achieve this decompression
effect? Yes, there is. With a suction cup, I call it RejuvaCup. Because it will rejuvenate your face, like
nothing else. This is the closest technique to our Honey
Hands Facial, but more advanced. It pulls the skin in and decompresses the
underlying tissues. Both of these decompression techniques improve blood circulation in deeper layers, cleansing and toning your facial skin. Do it for a few weeks, and you’ll see and feel
the results. Then get ready for the compliments! For more anti-aging and beauty tips visit
my website This is Tonya Zavasta. Thank you for watching.


  1. Very interesting!Can u do this after dry brushing your face?( I have your face brush, and I swear it's taken years off – I'm 37 currently. Amazing product 🙂

  2. this background and your orange top is so beautiful. I cannot wait to try this. How long do you leave it on for and how do you rinse the facial off? Tonya do you wear any makeup and if so what brands do you recommend? What kind of massage did you recommend we try, I wasn't clear on the name?

  3. I look forward to trying this. Do you have any solutions for removing scars/facial craters? Solutions for crepey arm/leg skin? Thank you!

  4. thank you Tonya!! I love your facial brush and useit every morning and have also been doing your facial massage too for many months – I love the circulation it brings to my skin – I will add the honey facial too – I scrub my skin with sea salt and lemon – so I will do the honey mask after… your videos!! If anything – like others would love to see more of them – also on your everyday things – I alos love your books – blessings to you x

  5. Tonya, I have been following your journey for many years now and you do get younger each time I see you. You make aging beautiful and fearless. Keep up the good work.

  6. Hello Tonya! I just finished reading quantum eating & I loved it! I am now practicing the diet as best as I can & feeling good. Lots of inner changes as things shift around, especially during the fasting part of the day. Anyways, I happened to hear that you are not vegan anymore & I just wanted to verify if that's true or not. Your book is so promising & your diet at such a high level for so long that I would be very surprised to hear if you went back to animal products or even eating more food! My body already has a hard time with cooked or processed foods & ive only been raw for about a year, but not 100%. The only reason I would ask you this is because it seems that so many raw food gurus have fallen off the program they preached recently. Many have gone back at least to cooked foods & grains & some to other foods. Some seem to be surprisingly overweight while claiming to eat all raw, & others just look unhealthy. I appreciated your approach for its rootedness in spirituality. This is what most appeals to me. Thanks for reading & writing & I hope to hear back from you & hope that you are still a quantum eater as you preached in your book! Thank you.

  7. Awesome. Thank you so much for the response. I am interested in trying the raw egg method for getting b12 as well. How often do you have one & do you consume the whole egg or just the yolk?

  8. Dear Tonya….you are wonderful….I have just found you..and joined your group……I have turned 50 and need all your help!!!…..

  9. Dear Tonya…..amazing idea with honey…I am just about to do it right now…….excited about trying all your wonderful creations…thank you…big hug…Jana

  10. Hi, Ms. Tonya! I just received my face brush from your shop and I am so excited to a brand new skin I will have sooner! I used to wash my face with honey as my facial cleanser to rule out the redness on my face until I switched to Olive oil soap. But during those times I used honey as cleanser, I never thought of slapping my face to release the toxins. May I know if you are using face cleansers every time you wash your face? If not, May I know you do to clean out the make up and dirt on your face? Thank you!

  11. I am a sceptic. Your forehead and around the eyes looks like you have had either a botox or Dysport / Zeomin treatment.

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