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The Best Lotion | Great Taste

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– Back in my S-Curl
days, if you didn’t have the activator, you used
this and some water. – You used that.
– You did not use that. – You fleeking on ’em. – You had an S-Curl? – I had an S-Curl. – Alright Big Daddy Shane. – [DoBoy] Big Daddy Shane. What up. It’s your boy Doboy,
aka new nickname alert, Debeta, and I am representing
for the best lotion ever, Queen Helene- – Yeah girl. – Cocoa Butter. – You only like it because it says butter. (laughter) – Hey what’s up everybody, it’s Jonnae and I am repping Aveeno
as the best lotion. – Nah. Nah.
– Bougie. – That’s bougie.
– Isn’t that shit watery. – The best lotion of all time is actually raw Shea butter. – Boo.
– That’s not lotion Megan. – We’re talking about lotions. We’re talking about things that are going to keep you moisturized all day long. This is what you need, Nivea. It’s so thick. It’s so thick. – It’s so thick.
It looks like Noxzema. It does look like Noxzema. – It’s so amazing. – What up ladies and gents. It’s Deazy here representing
the best lotion on earth, – Why do you always dip to that side. Lubriderm. The name is terrible.
– I get why the dudes like it. – That’s the worst name for lotion. – [Denzel] Lubriderm. – Like you know what a dude is about to do when he’s buying that at CVS. – It’s definitely lubby. – What’s up guys. This is Patrick Cloud and I’m repping the
best lotion of all time, Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula. – No. It’s way too thick.
– It’s hella thick. – That’s what lotion is supposed to be. No. Yes it is – It’s supposed to be like that. – I hate watery lotion. – I like my lotions of a water base. – That makes sense. That why you always ashy.
You’ve got gorilla nose. – And alone. Now let me tell you why this is the best because it is the
multi-purpose moisturizer. – What is that? – It comes from a tree in Africa. If you notice, everybody’s skin
in Africa is glorious okay. It is smooth. – Amen
– Yes. That’s true- – It is beautiful. They are ash-free. Why? Because of Shea butter. – Now I’ve seen a lot of ashy Africans. – [Doboy] Why are you rubbing so hard? That’s like an arm workout for that arm. – Well you need one. So you should use it. – Tighten this up. – This might be a lot of information, but as a single man, I
swear by the Queen Helene Cocoa Butter to get me
through them lonely nights. – The reason why Doboy doesn’t like this, it’s not the best self-pleasure of lotion. – And you know that. – It’s a little too much for that but if you’re looking for healing skin, daily skin therapy. – You’ll pull an all-nighter
with that type of lotion. – You need to wear a construction hat if you got this one. – That’s a bachelor lotion. – A bachelor lotion. – It is. – I guys I’m a bachelor then. – You a bachelor at 75 years old. – You might like this too Pat. And it’s also great on tattoos, it helps heal, they say. – His tattoos are stupid. – Says a man with logos on his arm. – Let’s put a little dollop on the squad. You know what I’m saying. Aw. You know what I’m saying, just, yeah. Bend that ADD out. You know what I’m saying. Do it for the squad, this is a lot, you got to rub it in a lot, you know what I’m saying. – It’s watery. – You should never have to use that much lotion by the way. – This isn’t really helping
my argument, this is (laughing) – Speed this up in
post, I didn’t know boy. (Laughing) – Like the biggest turkey
leg being basted right now. – Yeah. Shout out to the squad. – Yeah. That’s not even our logo anymore. – Okay, but it used to be though. – All I’m saying is this
is the caviar of lotions, white people haven’t found out about it just yet.
– Caviar is disgusting. – But it’s only the caviar
of lotion in our community. – I love it. – What community is that, the people that don’t get their hair cut. – Nongreasy, okay – It doesn’t smell like anything. – Clearly nongreasy okay. – I like lotion that makes you greasy. – No you don’t, that’s not cool. – I want to look like Keisha in Belly. I need to be greased up. – You got to get a little
more melanin in your life before you get like that first. – So this stuff, all you need is body heat and it melts immediately, okay. This is my hand. – And now look, it’s going to be gone. – I’m not wearing any lotion you’ve got to chop up with a credit card. – This is made with oatmeal, and oatmeal, for those
of you who don’t know, the reason oatmeal is great for your skin, it’s actually a anti-inflammatory. – What does that mean? – It’s also breakfast. – It means that it will,
let’s say your skin is like red and sore, let me give you a testimony about this. – It’s testimony time y’all. – There was times that I
would go entire seasons, like an entire winter without lotioning. It would be until I look down and my legs looked like your face. (guys jeering) No, a whole nother complexion
is what I’m saying. You know what I mean, so it’s like. – Nah, he’s ugly. – If you try to give a young
lady a massage with that, it’s entirely too thick, it takes too long. – You have no information
to base that off of. – Who’s allowing you to get on they backs and give them a massage. (Laughter) – Who’s laying up
– What back is strong enough for you to touch them. – Black don’t crack right? And a lot of the reason is
because they be using Shea butter on their face because this
will keep the wrinkles away. – This is my two problems. For one, if there’s not a
barcode on that container, I don’t want to buy anything. And second, it’s not regulated by the FDA. – That’s because you’re beautiful. – No – I’m not gonna travel with
that big jar of mayonnaise. – It looks like potato salad. – If you have acne, it actually has healing properties in it. – If you suffer from dry skin like I, this is a fantastic lotion. You can put it everywhere. – Put it in your dry braids. – No. You’re not supposed
to put that on your face. – I saw that coming. – Don’t put that on your face. That’s how you get acne. – This kills you inside doesn’t it. Doesn’t it kill you? Does this kill you, kill
the inner mom in you. (laughter) – You’re going to have so much acne. I’m not. – See me on the next episode. – I’m out here silky. Okay, elbows, check me
out elbows, check em. Because they’re – You do got a glow. Your skin is glowing. – Look, I’m out here glowing y’all. You can put this on your
face an not worry about acne. It’s dermatologist developed, It means they developed it. – I wouldn’t bet the farm on it – I would. – That was some old country thing. – Oh, it’s hella country. – And it’s quite affordable, so this will last you like a half a year to a full year and it only costs $8.99. – Probably because you’ve got to do so much manual labor to put it on. – You should do manual labor. – I feel like it comes
with a side of curry goat. (laughter) – That was good. – This ain’t cheap. – [DoBoy] This is not cheap. – Yours, you get a whole tub for 75 cents. – You know why – This cost $55, okay. You’ve got to do it in three payments. – You know why I think I don’t like it, I got some of that in
the hospital one time and – And you were mad because you found out you couldn’t eat it. – It smells delicious. – Stop putting you fingers in your mouth. (laughter) But they small so good. – I hear you talking
about, ew it’s too thick. It’s too much. If it ever
feels like it’s too thick, then you get the Nivea Moisturizing Oil. – Why do you have to dilute the lotion. – You have to, they have
water for their lotion. – They have the oil for it, you mix this with this. Let me show you something. Look at this. – Why are there two steps. – Nah bro. – I don’t think the genius people at Nivea just put the oil in the lotion and then just sell it together. That’s stupid. – Because some people don’t need it. Some people don’t mind
that the lotion is thick and it does what it’s supposed to do. – But it has a sticky after-feel. – No it doesn’t. – That’s what she says. – It’s call the lotion you were putting on today, that’s why. – It might not be just lotion in there. – Look at his face. – This is one of those fake organic, like it looks organic
because of how it looks. – But it’s not. – Read the back. It’s a bunch of parabens – Paraben stylate – Citrate Xanthan gum – Silicon. – Nope. The things that
are in here are actually, it has Setevia, which is – Is that weed? – It has weed in it. – Give me a dollop. – Toss that. Give me a little bit of that. – You can put this in your hair. This is meant for everything,
your whole entire body. – Sit here and try. – Nah, it’s too thick. It hurts. Nah, I’m good. It hurts. – You know this is legit because you can only get this in the hood
at the beauty supply store. They don’t seel it- – I feel like you better
climb a tree to get it. – That’s the only place you
can get single cigarettes too. That don’t mean it’s good. – Lucy’s is what keeps the country going. – It’s meth. It’s the emoji
of the guy doing this. – If you’re having problems. – Aveeno, I guess. – You guys are used to
doing things the easy way. – Even though their to go, we got the Nivea lid for to go because I’m prepared fam. You not going to catch me ashy
out here in these streets. I’m always prepared and even a to go one doesn’t come in a squeeze bottle because we don’t do basic stuff. You basic bottom feeder. (laughter) – In closing – You need a haircut. – How does that keep working? – I don’t know. (laughter)


  1. I have a lot of experience when it comes to skincare since I have problematic skin and tried many expensive/organic skincare products and I root for Nivea and shea butter. Nivea’s good for wrinkles and dry skin. Is white people’s cocoa butter and I remember when I couldn’t find a good eye cream since my under-eyes were so dry and my makeup looked horrific and I came across Nivea and bought the little jar and my makeup went on smooth without any dryness. As far as shea butter it helps with acne, heals and helps regenerate your skin and tones and evens out you skin as well 💥 but don’t apply too much, less is more. Even Koreans use shea butter not only Africans . FYI I’m African.

  2. Honestly I don't know why they was draggin the shea butter it good for they dry scalp and they ashy skin its 2 in 1 and its natural and doesn't even have chemicals in it

  3. Aveeno is actually really good, if you have eczema or skin condition that requires moisture I’d recommend it. BEST LOTION tho goes to COCONUT OIL. HANDS DOWN 🙌🏾

  4. personally the "palmers coco butter" & Alveno are the best, because they work for sensitive, eczema,& dry skin after a hot water completely!!

  5. I used so many to help dry skin on my hands nothing helped but when I used lubriderm it helped and before they were inflamed cracked peeling I used aveeno like the woman described helps redness and cracked skin. But no it didn’t work for me :/

  6. First time I saw a video of these guys was a roast me session. Can’t lie I thought “wtf is this shit “ and I took it off. Couple months later I get a recommendation video of a roast me episode and I decided to give them my time. Guess what happened next? I binged on all the episodes and laughed my ass off. Couple days later I see these guys have all these other videos of snacks and movies etc….So now on my free time while I’m having lunch I put on a video and enjoy. All you guys are the shit. CP and kraig are the funniest in my opinion. Patrick is funny and the more I see him the more I realize what a humble hippie he is lol. I’m happy for all these guys, they get so many views and they are all funny and they all can take a joke. Makes me want to meet new friends

  7. Lmfaoooo
    Doboy: New nickname alert” Dobata”
    Everybody else: …………..
    I died laughing. Doboy could start a fire with his ankles because that lotion don’t do shit

  8. My grandma used shea butter her whole life, and her skin smooth af , and her face is spot free. So yeah I swear by shea butter and coconut oil. 🇳🇬🇳🇬

  9. I went to buy my usual body lotion today and saw Aveeno body lotion with Almond Oil and then i see this video, Her skin is beaming! i made the right choice!

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