The Change You’ve Been Looking For – The Foundation Class

The Change You’ve Been Looking For – The Foundation Class

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Take one area of your life,
. something that hasn’t been working
for a while, that you want to change.
. Imagine if that changed – even 50% –
what would your life be like? When I did my first Foundation class, and I did it with this wonderful facilitator, she started asking me
these questions about what I saw as the biggest
roadblocks in my life at the time. She was asking me about it
and I’d give her this answer that I thought I should give
and she’d go, “Okay, so is that true for you?”
and I’d be like “What??” But she started asking me questions
like what was true for me, and I started looking at,
“Oh, wait a minute, I knew this as a kid.” And the further we got through the class, the further I started to see
that I actually knew all of this stuff, but I had somebody there
who had my back and was willing to just go,
“Come on, we can get through this.” Yeah, we can do this thing together. Yeah, and that,
I will forever be grateful for. I had a 12 year old
in one of my Foundation classes once and we had this break and
at the break she said to me, “You know what? You’re not talking about
anything that I don’t already know. – But nobody talks about this stuff.
– That’s what I love about kids. I know, and I was like twelve year old,
beautiful, well said. So, if you want to be the twelve-year-old, actually – go younger- maybe more like
the six-year-old that you were, where everything was possible
and it was just a matter of: “What would I like to choose?” That’s really what Foundation is about; “What would I like to choose
and how do I get there?” Realize it’s not an airy-fairy thing. and this is something in trying
to explain Access to people – been there, done that in other things Yes, yes, we all have been there
and done a lot of airy-fairy things, were it was like,
“Oh, just think nice thoughts and it will change,” but it never does. Access is really practical and pragmatic, and the Foundation is about giving you
a foundation and a platform upon which to actually build your life
and your future from a different place, a place that actually
is about consciousness. And consciousness is where
everything and everyone exists and nothing and no one is judged. Could you imagine what it would be like
to never have to judge you again? To never have to judge
anybody else again, and to not have to live your life
thinking you’re a judgmental person, because chances are
you’re actually probably not. When you’re different,
when you’re one of these people that doesn’t fit into the box
that everybody else says is the right box to fit into,
you often think you’re wrong. But what if all those things
that are different about you, are actually your greatness? What if everything you thought
was a wrongness of you, is actually the strongness of you, and the strongness of
what will contribute to all of us? – And that’s such a gift to get.
– Yeah I mean, to get that that difference of you
is the greatness of you. It’s one of the things that we’ve made
ourselves wrong about the most in our lives. When you start getting,
“Wow, I’m different, I’m awesome” there’s such a freedom in that and it’s such a gift in just knowing
that you can choose it now. And you’re not wrong,
you’ve never been wrong. – You’re still not wrong.
– Still And you don’t fit
and you’ll never fit and that’s okay. Actually, what if your not fitting is the
greatness the world has been asking for? – I mean, we are all different.
– True story So, come to Foundation,
play, have too much fun. Change your whole world,
just for the fun of it. Hi everybody I’d like to invite you to
come to the Foundation class. What it will do is break the foundation
of what you think your reality is so you can create the reality
that works for you. A whole different way of functioning
in the world, and a whole lot more fun. Come play.


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