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hey guys I I don’t even know where to start I feel like I’m dreaming you that literally had so many dreams good ones and nightmares about vehicle Muniz exact video so I just I can’t believe I’m sitting here right now I have been thinking about what I’m going to say in this video for literally over a year like I like to take baths with once a week I’ll take like a bubble bath when I sit my bubble bath I always think about this video like what I’m going to say and how I’m going to convey to you like the passion and the heart that went into this project and now that I’m actually sitting here on camera and actually time to record I’m just like I just feel like it’s like crickets like I have actually no idea what is there I would feel so overwhelmed with excitement so bear with me okay I’m going to try to do this the best of my ability so for today’s video we are finally going to be talking about my palette I created in collaboration with morphe it is called the Jaclyn hill palette which just sounds so weird for me to say but I call it my pal I said that one else was weird the jack on the hill mallet it seems so like official we actually when we first started collaborating on this we actually wanted to name it something different like we wanted to name it like the master palette or we want to name it Jacqueline’s life palette or and then we also wanted to do Jackson’s dream palette and we were like I sound too much like Barbie’s dream house so we settle on just calling it the Jaclyn hill palette and you can see here the packaging is all white and silver because morphe really wanted me and like my personality and my persona to reflect and come through in the packaging and I am all about white and silver and bling that is just who I am to the core I feel like if you cut me open like silver glitter would pop out and then you can also see on the back there and with red hair because these photos were taken months ago and yes I’m missing a nail I want to talk about it okay I got really upset elevators all of this videos I missed a fingernail but what’s funny is that I actually this is the original box art that we had some forever ago the font is different I’m pretty sure coming the verbage is different you can see my hair color so different it’s two years ago like I look completely different then the front of the boss is way more basic right here like you can see my signature like it’s not metallic the cardboard isn’t I’m great like this is where we started but we decided to kind of like step it up a little bit and Linda like no I think these photos I love them but like let’s remake them like more updated so we did that’s what you have right here and the images are now glossy and I have red hair which you can see how long ago these were taken because my hair is dark now I had red hair in like seven months or so but these were taken a while ago that’s the picture on this box those these were taken like two years ago or so and I loved it morphine I named our in like this metallic mirror I don’t know it’s just a little thing that really got me excited so I really want to give you guys like the story of this palette and how it came to be and just why it took two years to develop because I know that’s absolutely insane but it’s really important to me that you guys know like what this process was like for me because it just makes this palette so special to me you can see why I’m so excited so a lot of you guys will remember about two and a half years ago I collaborated morphe for the first time on a favorite eyeshadow palette so I picked out my favorite morphe eyeshadows they put in a palette and then put it on sale and it was a really great success made a lot of fun doing it and immediately after that launched Linda came to me and was like hey that was awesome you know if the phone won’t stop ringing the emails are going crazy and people would love to see something else with us would you be open to doing like another favorite color would you be open just doing something like Jaclyn hill and morphe x to something else and i was like you know like basically i love you so much I’m flattered thanks but no thanks type of thing you know but I don’t want to be a dead horse I don’t want to turn something that’s been positive into a negative like let’s just let it be she was like okay like I totally understand I am willing to like listen to any ideas if you ever want to collaborate with us again and work together like much my ears are open my doors open I’m here and I was just like I looked right at her and I was like wait a second what if we do something completely different completely custom but you have to give me creative control like you have to let me come up with my own colors in my own shade that what would you think about doing something completely different like 35 shades created by me with new textures new finishes new blend ability but we can keep it affordable because more if you knows how to do affordability and she was like freaking love this like this is incredible this is a great idea so we got really excited she flew down to Florida I’m going to forget we sat on my couch literally for 48 hours I’m not joking we both slept on my couch that night woke up and got right back at it we went to Starbucks we got muffins we got bagels you got coffee we came back and we just kept going for 48 hours we sat there we with the Home Depot we went to Lowe’s about paint chips Pantone books we staffed where we would do all different color samples all different paint chips just picking out what it was the I one of my palettes would look like I thought I described to her you know I want this type of shimmer this type of matte like I was it was so much fun just sitting there in first creating these colors and we started off with over 100 colors because that is just like I’m a dreamer and I wanted this palette he’s so amazing on my crab we had like a hundred and eight colors or something I’m like I want all of them what I don’t know what to do I don’t know what to do sitting there with all these paint chips and after several weeks we got down to the 35 shapes and so once you’re done in 35 shades were like oh my god this is how it’s going to look like you know we start getting an idea well then from that point we were working with the lab so I was getting lab samples every single week and you guys I can’t even begin to tell you how many samples I went through there’s one shade in this palette and the name of it is obsessed and I went through over 25 samples about one color that one color and that’s why I mean to obsess because I’m obsessed with it and it’s bark right now like I love it the perfect color for all of the liver smokey eye finally about nine months into working on this we had our palette and I’m like the shades are perfect like we’re good it’s amazing and it was time to go into production it was time to launch it and I was like Linda you’re gonna kill me I’m so sorry if I hate this it’s not right she was like wait what okay it’s not right I know we’ve been working on this for nine months that’s a long time but it’s not right and so I went back in I removed nine shades twenty uses at nine months and nine shades I removed nine shades and I completely started over with it was nine shape so this palette was actually starting my dog from there making noise this palette was supposed to launch actually laughs holiday so long ago but I just I got so picky and I just wanted to make changes and I was like it’s just not perfect I was like yes it’s a beautiful palette but it’s not perfect and she didn’t question me she threw her hands up and she said I trust your process and she just said that to me literally every week for the past two years I’ve heard them tell me I trust your process you know what you’re doing when it comes to color I trust your process I trust your process and I am so just beyond thankful and grateful for Linda having so much faith in me I’m just so thankful that she was next to me the whole time you know and it’s like her the owner of the company was on the phone with me and base tightening applying to Florida all the time to work on this guy right here so we are very excited to launch this to say the least okay I’m going to go ahead and open up this palette that you guys you will see exactly what it looks like when you receive it if you do choose to purchase it comes in bubble wrap so that stays protected of course so it will see exact same on the actual palette as it does on the box and the back of it has more feed times Jaclyn hill and then it has my initials all over the back which looked at surprising with that which I thought was super cute and then on the inside there is a clear plastic thing to protect the shadows which is what flying out across the room that’s fine oh sorry I’m so excited to actually open this up on camera for the first time hold on I in a minute whoa I was not expecting to get that excited huh okay hmm okay this is do it one more time okay so on the inside of the palette we have this nice pale kind of shiny gray and it said this palette is dedicated to all of my loving subscribers and that has my signature right there again which was very important to me that this was on the inside the palette we had solely different options of things to put there and I really wanted to put there is every single day I want you guys to open this up and just remember how much you’ve done for me my life oh my god gonna good oh okay I can do it together okay whoo-hoo you know I am unable to hug every single one of you and me every single one of you and thank you in person for does everything that you’ve done for me the way I wish I could but this is my gift to you guys one of my gift to you guys and that is why I teamed up with more fee because more fee is the only brand that trusted me this much it was actually able to allow me to create 35 of my favorite colors my dream palette was the most beautiful finish and blend ability for such an incredible price point they were the only brand and I think you guys can see why I teamed up with them and like when it comes to that because I wanted to be able to give something to you guys that is incredible for a great price so this palette is $38 for 35 shapes and it is more expensive than their typical palettes that you find online they’re in the plastic packaging but there’s a lot of reasons behind the difference in the price increase which has to do with the colorants that we use is all branding machines so one of the things that makes this palette so unique is that every single shade and this palette was prepped differently which is a really big deal because you don’t hear that very often and it’s very time-consuming and tedious and one of the things makes they’ve made this palette take so long and when I first started I have seen no idea what that meant I’m like pressing differently pressure like what does that even mean but basically the way a shadow is pressed is what determines its color payoff and its pigmentation so I went through every single color and went back and forth was the last like note this needs to be press more notes it needs to be pressed less I personally think that they are at their absolute max of perfection like they couldn’t get better the way they were pressed on top of that morphe also use brand-new machines to create this palette and also introduced a new grinding process to make the matte shades even premier which they basically had to explain to me that the grinding processes be grind down like the matte pigmentation and basically the machines work like double as hard as a typical matte because we wanted to make it really extra creamy so along with like each shaving press differently in the grinding process that they’re using for this palette it is taking a long time to create them much longer that it typically takes any palette to be created because it’s so specific because a lot of palettes out there in the world the majority of them all the shimmers in all the masks are press the exact same when you know how it’s sometimes there’s inconsistency that is a lot of times because they’re just pressing the same which is very standard but I like to press them different I wanted each shade to feel like its absolute best which I tried my hardest one of the things that makes this palette so special to me is that they’re the color in here for absolutely everybody and that is why I wanted to dedicate to my subscribers these my subscribers are all different people from all different walks of life may you be younger older boy girl man woman light dark it doesn’t matter there’s something in this pallet for you and I really took the time to make sure of that I test it out these colors on different skin tones to make sure that it’s not just going to work on someone with my skin tone and that’s it I want everyone to be excited because what I have wanted from the very beginning is to create a palette with 35 shades that not only can just the everyday woman use it but also the most experienced artist I want this palette to be able to go from someone’s home to backstage like I want it to be able to be everywhere and there’s something in it for everyone out there and that is a reason why it took two years to develop because I was very very hard on myself and had so many people’s opinions I was asking so many different people at what do you think could this one shade be better waiting do you think that purple grab a little bit more with a pink undertone I felt like I was crazy because I just wanted to be perfect and I just loved it so I would will not just watch it now that Victor Italy has covered the majority of the palette I want to show you guys like without plugging the camera like how creamy these colors are like if I just barely rub my finger in it what you guys can actually be able to tell like without me more lift with this oh my god just be able to see without me cutting the camera how crazy pigmented these shadows are like is that not absolutely gorgeous I love okay this I have never watched thirty five colors before so I think we’re going to take it by rows going like swatch one roll my arm and then swatch the second the third the fourth in the fifth row I think it’s right there dude yeah okay okay the first shade in the palette is called in light and this is a satin formula so beautiful on the brow bone and inner corners what I’m wearing on my brow bone in my inner corner right now I’m also wearing on my cheeks as well the neutral undertones going to work on a lot of different skin tones next we have the shade beam which is a little bit more frosty and a little bit more of a yellow undertone I wanted to put that in there because when I was doing makeup like professionally on tons of different skin tones I always wanted to have a new highlight for the brow bone and I only going to have them with a little bit more unlike yellowy undertone for just so certain like really tan with a bronze skin types that don’t skin tone sorry that just don’t work with that neutral highlight they need a little bit of a yellow undertone this is for you oh my gosh this next color feels like butter when you touch it this is a shade silk cream oh that’s what I use every single day in my transition right here the Spurs Carla I ever put on my eyes when doing my makeup for the past year and a half is silk cream third shade in the palette fourth shade in the palette is similar but a totally different undertone and this is in the shade and SEO and I named it that because pins are made for each other when I was a little girl I watch Sleepless in Seattle and there’s that scene where she’s like an SEO made for each other and I thought she was just so cool and I love this color and I feel like they’re made for each other so if I named it next through the shade faint and this is the first shimmer in the palette because as you can see these are satin and these start to get really shimmery a little tiny bit goes a very very long way like it’s very intense very metallic just high beam all the way now we have the shade sissy and I named it that because this is my sister of X avorite color to wherever and this is the first and duochrome in the palette so it’s 50% and gold zookeeper spent pink which is like a beautiful rosy gold I love it and I need after my sister so last one in the top row is the shade little lady and I’m a different lady because I think is just such a great color for just day to day like you can wear this all over your lid going to the office whatever age you may be it’s going to work so I thought little lady was just the perfect name for it so there is the top row for you the first seven shades in the palette I can’t throw my hair up really quickly because I’m just getting it away of my splashing she’s a let’s jump on to the second row the first one is the shade creamsicle I don’t hope you guys can see me talking on camera this is creamsicle and this is a creamy creamy pigmented matte right here oh pretty its main creamsicle for very obvious reason you guys no I can’t live without a mustard yellow like this like I just love it so much next we have the shade butter and I named it butter for obvious reasons because I just love that buttery creamy matte it does have a oranjee undertone in it so gray next we have the shade cooter I love the day with it so much it’s an ongoing like is this family joke we call like whenever like someone is be nice and like whiny we refer to them as a cooter so I just wanted to like bring that family inside joke into the pallet I thought that was the perfect shade for it next we have you know is one of my favorite color in the palette come on going to play games this is the shade pukey yes I literally named a color pukey in the palette because it’s a baby pukey brown and i had subway subscribers tell me if you ever come out with a baby pukey brown and you don’t name a baby puke i’m going to hate you forever so I did name it pukey this next shade might be my favorite one in the entire palette oh my god look at the pigmentation on this mat you guys it is so freaking it creamy like I just love touching it it feels so good look at that color come on oh so this color is named hunt and the reason why is because that is my nickname for Linda that is what Linda and I call each other and I named this color after her because this color would not have been possible if it wasn’t for her I could not get it right she knew exactly what I wanted I could not figure it out she went to the lab she handled it in person sent me the sample and I was like you are boss I told her I said this colors movie named after you so I named a hunt because that’s what we call each other so every time you try to color on make sure to thank Linda from morphe from making my dream come true because literally it would not be in here if it wasn’t for her I was about to pull the color out of the palette and she just came in and slave a day next we have the shade firework for obvious reasons because it is a gorgeous just hot red kind of orange coppery undertone and this is a shimmer so pigmented so beautiful last one on the second row is a foiled shadow and this is a pure gold in the shade mean tell me that that row does not just do things to you because it does things to me and there is a closer look at the second row gosh first shade in the third row is obsessed and this is the color that took me the longest it took me over 25 submissions from the lab to get this color perfect and when I nailed it I just like I wanted to cry honestly because it is just the perfect allover lid color for a smoky eye if you ask me I mean it’d better be perfect damn I worked hard enough on it next we have the shade SBN which is another shimmer and SBN is what i named it and it stands for smokey but natural and the reason why I named it is because inside joke with a lot of makeup artists and me and my friend Jackie especially we’re always laughing about smokey by natural because when you’re working artist it’s like every bride and like just the majority of women when they sit down in the chair you’re like okay so tell me what you want today and they’re like well I want to look smoky but I want to be natural like I want smoky but natural and it doesn’t make anything but yet I still understand exactly what everyone means they want something smoky but natural like I totally understand and so this is like that perfect allover lid color when someone wants a smoky but natural look so I named it Sdn this next one right here is a cream shimmer so you will see is crazy crazy creamy I mean can you see how insanely like treatments is and when you feel it it almost feels like there is water in it like it is so so so creamy it like almost feels wet and this is in a shade pill stir and I named this after you guys because this is like one of my favorite colors for all over the lid it’s a such a deep dark burnt copper it’s so so beautiful it’s a little coarse on green eyes blue eyes brown eyes it’s just it’s such a gorgeous shade I wanted to name that after just my rider guys the ones who are there no matter what it wants to get me to let you know me this is our color and actually in a palette is a map and this is in the shade I named it Roxanne because that is my middle name in case you guys didn’t know my name is Jeff and Roxanne and this one right here is a very very pigmented very creamy just perfect like dark burnt red I love it it is like my favorite color like I just love like those deep matte burnt red oranges and copper so I named that one after myself even though that seems kind of narcissistic okay and then next we have another matte and this is in the shade Jax and it’s J a cz that’s what my family called me so John has always called me it’s just kind of like an inside thing like my family’s to call me Applejack and that’s what I originally wanted to call this but I didn’t want to call it Applejack and get in trouble with like Kellogg’s like with actually Applejack so I named it Jack J a cz because I love this color so much God to me I talk about how beautiful Israel is like are you kidding me this next color is kind of a funny story because Linda is actually the one who requested this color be in the palette and at first I was like no I’m not putting in a palette and I had something else in its place and then she’s like come on but it and I was like no no no no I refuse to put it in and then when I was in LA like a while back there was one color missing issues I just put the color in the damn palette and all my side gromek it’s the only color I don’t like in the whole palette by having your way think it’ll be like my mark that’s my color I’ve it’s fine it’s your color then when I was there last time I was like Linda you’re gonna die when I tell you what color I use every single day and she was like shut up and I was like I use bun every day so she named it buzz I told her like you have to be the one to name this color because it is so you and your shade it’s really it’s honestly when I first thought might get it so basic because it’s just like I don’t know it’s like very neutral style it’s got some warmth in it but it’s not like super fudgy but it’s also not much super red super warm super orange like it’s just definitely work of there neutral which at first turned me off but now I use it literally every day I use it like on a nap on a smoky day I used today I use it every day I put my favorite colors in the palette now so thanks to Linda for forcing you to put this color in the palette last color in the third row is cranapple which is this gorgeous cranberry shade it is a shimmer that you see right there and there you have the third row first color in the fourth row is the shade o royalty and it is a shimmer purple press was a glitter in it so you will see when you look at there’s a little tiny flecks of silver glitter they don’t actually look silver though it’s just like it just adds a little bit of shine because it’s not too much glitter it’s just a tiny bit that was pressed with it but it will not fall out on your face like it’s not the kind of glitter is going to be loose and fall out and be chunky like it stays inside of that creamy shimmer it’s not going anywhere this purple dough was a bitch let me just tell you it took me a long time to get this purple right because I really wanted just like a true badass purple like nothing is going to be too pink to red to blue to put a perfect purple that everyone considered purple oh my god this next color you guys I’m so obsessed okay this is the shade twerk and this is like ah so yummy like can we talk about the fact that it is like two different colors in one the fact it actually kind of have it some of this exact same purple in it it’s like I don’t want to call it blue and I don’t want to call it purple and I don’t even know how to call it royal blue but it’s like it is just so show-stopping it is just I’m obsessed with that color next we have the shade hustle which is a shimmer and this one is one of the only truly cool toned shimmer that we do have in the palette but I wanted to add in of course took a really nice kind of pale gray with a little bit of like honestly purple undertones and a pinch of like a greyish purple leaf but definitely on the cool side cuz I was like there’s going to be some people out there who are going to only want warm shades so I added a few that were more cool ahh next we have the shade Meek’s and this color is very near and dear in my heart because I named it after one of my very best friend Mike my son you guys don’t see her very often on camera because we just kind of like to keep our friendship like that we don’t like to talk about friendship too much on social media but she is one of my oldest friends we have been friends for 11 year now at this point and she always just does like very kind of like minimalistic but bronzy makeup and when I created this color I like might get this color so you like it’s just so perfect for all over your lid it just like your perfect bronze shimmer shade and she’s like oh my god I love it and I wasn’t in naming it after you so I’ve always called her Meeks my whole life so that is why this color is Meeks I would not seriously probably be Who I am or where I am without my guy just love her so much and I’m so happy that she has a color in my palette I actually have a little bit of this on the center of my lid right now it’s a teensy bit dab right on the center but mainly I’m wearing this next color this next coat you guys are the trickiest color in the palette and understand that a lot of people are going to be like why does have any pigment why does this not go on right because you really need to apply it with your finger or with a very wet brush and the reason why is because it is pressed very hard because there’s a lot of glitter in it but I didn’t want any fallout whatsoever so when this goes on it literally looks like it is wet like it has a straight wetness to it but it’s what keeps the glitter from falling out the glitter is really compacted inside of it it’s just like the most beautiful like if you blend it out you can see like the glitter just like raining out of it like it’s so gorgeous and it doesn’t feel like anything else in the palette so please when you use that shadow use your finger or a very wet brush to put it on if you going with a dry brush it’s not going to work but I wanted to be in there because if you use it right it is like the best color ever I use it all the time like I said it’s where I have on my lid right now is a little bit of mix on top in the center next we have a matte and this is called chip this one is a much more cool with a purplish undertone in it mass Brown and then right next to that we have mocha which is way more sorry if you nail I can’t like properly do anything with them I need to get them done so bad in boys market una but mocha is a much more warm fuzzy ground which mocha is what I have out here on the outer corner of my eye today and there is the full fourth row of the pallet okay we are now on the very last row in the first color in this row so beautiful it is a duochrome in the shade pool party it is so gorgeous it’s part gold and parts aqua blue so you can see combined it is like just summertime perfection which is why I named it pool party for obvious reasons I love this this is like my favorite color to put on my lower lashline with like a bronze smokey eye on top with this in the lower lash line it’s just like so gorgeous and beaming and summery this next shade in the palette is a matte and it is so gorgeous this one was actually very difficult and I named it after my niece Jada because this is her favorite color ever and soon as I saw it I was like oh my god Jay would love this and I actually haven’t even told her that I named after her yet because I want to take her like the picture of like all of the color to her house where it has her name I want to show her I want to surprise her so I know she’ll be so excited so that is the shade Jada now for this green and green gave me trouble this is a high shine foiled with glitter at it in it so it’s like very intense very likely just metallic band in your face I love the color like the undertone in this green because like I have mentioned I didn’t want it where the focus original I didn’t want to look too much like Christmas or too much like spring and one it’s just just to get a perfect kind of a neutral tone marine that will go Brown bronzes reds oranges and just never look like the holidays then right next to it we have a matte green to match that because I love a beautiful matte green so I wanted to create one is very very similar that you can wear with that color or you could wear like completely different you can put this on your lower last time you saw where’s Ravi shades matte green is a very easy pop of color to use if you ask me because if it’s like done in a certain way it doesn’t look like it’s colorful but it’ll select make your eyes pop then I have a Mac very cool tone brown and you guys know that I wanted to name it Central Perk didn’t want to get any trouble like with like the TV show or anything because that’s what I actually wanted to name it after the show friend it’s a coffee house it’s called Central Perk because it just looks like the color of coffee to me so that’s why I made it Central Park second to last we have the shade soda pop which me and Linda we’re so excited about the shade because sorry my swatch they’re getting kind of messy because I keep wiping my finger like off on a wet like little towelette and then it’s like swatching uneven but whatever you get it this is a super super dark purple at this on-camera doesn’t look as dark as it is in person but in person it’s dark like it almost looks black but it’s a purple which I love you put it on your lower lashline and no one’s ever going to actually see that it’s a purple we’re just going to make your eye color just stand out even more which I did that with the green and with the purple I wanted them to be very dark and very deep that way they’re more wearable because you can put it on your lower lash line your outer corner it doesn’t really look like color you know but yet it still is it’ll still make your eyes stand out and then last but certainly not least we have a bit which is just black as can be in that with a really hard one I really use Linda’s help on this one because we want to be very creamy and very black we didn’t want to look gray we want it to look black so there we have it this in final row of vitaliy all right you guys that is it for this video I can’t breathe that I’m actually saying that like did I actually just film it ha I can’t believe you’re like I’m posting this right now putting this out there this palette will be available this Tuesday which is June 21st if you follow me on social media on Instagram and snapchat I will let you guys know the exact time is going live soon as I know if you follow me on snapchat that’s usually the fastest way to know anything is going on in my life that’s where I share everything with you guys and sometimes I’m sure I share a little bit too much but that’s okay I kind of say one more time in case I have not already made myself clear enough how thankful I am for you guys how thankful I am for your love and your support even if you can’t buy this palette if you can’t afford to buy this palette it doesn’t matter like just the fact that you guys watch my videos you like my photos you comment you engages me I’m just I’m so lucky I love you guys so much and – – Palace dedicated to you because it wasn’t for you my name would not be honest I would not had this opportunity I would not be able to feel this joy that I’m feeling right now so I say thank you so much to each and every one of you who support me along the way you’re so incredible and honestly you guys make even the bad days a little bit better like you really you really do through all the crap that happens here online all the negativity like your positivity always outweighs it’s just like a huge wave of just like constant love and support and I’m just so eternally grateful so thank you so much for helping me give this place and achieve some of my dreams of my goal I can’t wait to see what the future holds I’m so excited just for this journey and to just keep going and take you guys with me no matter where that may be so I love you guys so much huh thank you for watching video thank you for supporting me and I’ll see decsion not bye


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