The Makeup Show Orlando 2018 Recap + Haul (Cruelty-Free & Vegan Brands)

The Makeup Show Orlando 2018 Recap + Haul (Cruelty-Free & Vegan Brands)

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– Hey friends! Welcome back; long time no see! For those of you who don’t
know me, I’m Courtney, and I’ve got Phaedra and
Nyx in the room with me. They’re both snoozing. Phaedra’s on the bed
behind me, as you can see. And Nyx is currently on the floor. I’m sorry it’s been a while. I’ve been traveling since
the last week of August, and this is my first week home. I haven’t been home a full
week since I started traveling. I was in Atlanta for Dragon Con. I was in New York for Fashion Week. And most recently, I was in
Orlando for The Makeup Show. So, I’m actually going
to talk to you today about The Makeup Show
because I’m really, really excited about all of
the stuff that I did and I saw there, so you have to hear about it. So, as you know, The
Makeup Show is basically, an industry event for professionals, makeup artists, bloggers, et cetera, to go to to learn about
new brands, new products, to further their education,
and so, this year, unlike any of the
previous years, I actually took two different workshops. So, workshops are basically
classes that you pay for. At least, the ones I took
were three hours long. And so, my Saturday workshop
was with Orlando Santiago, who used to run the
makeup academy in Orlando, and now he is in New York. I believe he is the
director, lead makeup artist for Guerlain, so, I was very excited to be taking classes from him because I’ve been following him for
several years, basically, since I first started going
to The Makeup Show, and I really, really like his technique. Taking an eye class from
… or an eye shadow class from him was awesome, because
he’s a very good teacher. Really, really easy to
work with, so, it was a great experience for me. You were not allowed to
record any of the workshops, which is why I didn’t record anything. I do have a couple of
pictures that I took, and I made notes, obviously,
but, it was an awesome class. I guess the big takeaway
that I learned from the class is that there are five major eye shapes, and basically, those five
eye shapes are then modified by four different things,
like whether or not they’re widely-spaced or
closed-set, couple other things, so, I thought it was very
useful, practical information. The other workshop that I
took was with Danessa Myricks, and I was thrilled to
be taking her workshop because I’ve been obsessed
with her Instagram for I think about a year-and-a-half. I think I stumbled on
her when I was looking for that glow, like that
lit from within skin that I really like that
James Vincent does, that Mickie does. So, when I found Danessa,
I totally fell in love with her stuff, so,
when I saw that I could take a class with her,
it was like, “Hell yeah, sign me up!” So, her class is all about
complexion and she gave us the secrets that she likes to use for creating that lit from within glow. So, I’ve started trying
to practice that and I am nowhere near what … I’m not good at it. Nowhere near her skill
… skill … she had … I am nowhere near her
skill level; she’s amazing, but, it’s fun to practice
what she was teaching us. So, I want to go ahead
and talk to you about some of the stuff that I
bought at The Makeup Show. First, I want to talk to
you about Cozzette Beauty. Now, Cozzette is owned
by Roque Cozzette and all of his products are
cruelty-free and vegan. He is a makeup artist
and a photographer and just multi-talented sort of … he’s a multi-talented Renaissance Man. I actually ended up meeting
him for the first time at New York Fashion
Week, he was very nice. So, it was very …
so, I actually ended up meeting him at New York Fashion Week. I was very intimidated
and he was very nice, so, that gave me courage
to go up and talk to him at The Makeup Show and
learn more about his brand, and I’m so glad I did. I asked for him to match
me in his foundation line, and we started talking
about skin and he’s like, “Yeah, you’re kind of like
a yellow-olive skin tone,” and I was like, “Really?” He’s like, “Yes,” and so,
we started talking about that more, and I said,
“Well, I always thought that I was like neutral or cool yellow.” He’s like, “Yeah, olive-yellow.” So, apparently, I guess, my skin tone, which can be considered
neutral or cool yellow, is also a yellow-olive,
which is a cool-toned olive. Anyway, his whole foundation line, he … he … it says, basically something like, it was created on real
people for real people, and I’d say that’s very accurate. He was trying to decide
which color to match me to and my face matches to C2, but my neck and my chest and my body matched to C1, so, that was the shade
I ended up purchasing and that was what he
recommended because he’s like, “Yeah, your neck is so much
lighter than your face. It makes a difference.” So, it was very interesting
to get color matched by a professional and
have him explain the line. I really liked that. So, I love his foundation;
I am wearing it today. The other product of his that I bought that I was really, really
excited about was his powder. So, this is his Essential
Powder and it’s basically kind of like a pore-filling
powder and it has a little bit of a tint to it. It comes in a bunch of different colors. I bought it in C1 because that’s my shade that I wear, but it’s excellent. You only need the tiniest little bit, because it’s very finely milled, and so I used it kind of like
… with this big brush from Saucebox to kind of
roll it onto my face to set. So, if you are looking
for an alternative to the Kat Von D Lock-It
Powder, I highly recommend checking out the Cozzette powder, because it’s a much better formula, in my opinion, and it has a much better shade range. I love that this has this
yellow-olive, cool olive, whatever you want to
call it color that works perfectly for me. I also bought a Cozzette Foundation Brush, which is like this flat brush here. The brush that I have in my collection that is the most similar,
but not exactly like this, is the Urban Decay Optical Blurring Brush and you can see a difference, I think, in the shape ’cause that brush is wider, and I just used it; that’s why it’s dirty. But, the Cozzette brush
is wider and kind of like less-rounded, or I guess
more rounded, less pointy. This one’s more pointy. So, it’s a great brush. I like the … I like the
brushes, so I ended up ordering a couple other
ones online and I also ordered some more of
the eyeshadows, because when I got home and started
playing with his eyeshadows and put it on my eyes, I
loved how they blended out. The mattes are a dream to work with. So, I guess I should
show you the eyeshadows. Nyx just destroyed my
purple makeup sponge. (sighs) Puppies. Anyway, I guess I should
show you the eyeshadows. So, this is one of the Cozzette palettes and it’s a padded palette. It’s similar to like a
Z Palette, but it’s a different style and everything, and these are the colors that I bought. Now, I believe all of them … color names from Cozzette are named
after minerals like hematite and halite, stuff like that, so these are all named after that. For the look that I’m
wearing, I used this color right here, which is jack,
this color right here that I can’t think of
the name of, but I’ll put in the description box down below, a little bit of this color right here, which is supposed to be the
perfect transition shade on skin tones like mine,
and it is, cause I used it, just the tiniest bit around
here and it looks perfect, and then I used this
color right here as my main lid color, so, yeah,
I love the eyeshadows. They’re so, so, so gorgeous. I also bought one of the
Lip Synergies from Cozzette, and I haven’t had a
chance to wear this yet, so, I can’t tell you what I think of it, but, I can tell you that I
thought the color was stunning, cause the color is this sort of deep wine. It’s like the perfect sort of burgundy with a purple undertone, in my opinion. So, really looking forward to wearing it, cause it’s a perfect shade for winter! Okay, so, those are the Cozzette products that I love and I’m … I’m telling you, I went out and bought more of his brushes and more eyeshadows because I really like the formula and the way they work for me. They just blend out so nice! So, as I mentioned,
I’ve been obsessed with Danessa Myricks on
Instagram because she does beautiful lit from within skin. Doesn’t matter what skin tone, she just makes it look amazing. After I took Danessa’s class, I went … I interviewed her, which, I’ll be sharing that interview sometime soon, and then, I went to go get foundation matched, and I was foundation
matched to N2, so I’m not in the palest shade, which is
fantastic, that never happens, because, really, I felt
like N1 was too late for me. I could definitely use it
as a highlighting product, like a skin tone highlight product, but, that would be it. So, N2 is like … their Neutral
2 is a good match for me. I also bought the Vision Cream Cover Wand, this … for basically
contouring or shaping in shade N4, so, foundation’s N2, the contouring shade
I’m using is N4, because I really just wanted to
do more of natural looking shaping around the face. One of the things that
Danessa teaches in her class is that basically she … she usually uses three shades of foundation to shape a face so that it’s not flat. So, if I was going to shape my
face with just her products, I would use shade N1 for the high points, shade N2 as my base color all over, and then, shade N4 for
all of the deep points and the shadows. Now, I also bought a couple
other products of hers. I bought her Prism FX,
which is a hydrating prismatic primer perfect
for skin like mine. It’s also great to mix
with her foundation, her … the contour, any
other product that she makes, this product will mix ’em
with, and one of the tricks that she talked about
in her complexion class that I took is that she either mixes her primer stuff or her
beauty oils with each step … each step that she takes to
put on a complexion product, she mixes it with that,
and that’s really how she creates that cohesive,
lit from within glow. It is so beautiful. The other primer product
that I bought from her was the Smoothing FX Gel, and
this is good for oily skin. I’m just using it on my
T-Zone, because I get a lot of break-up and
stuff through the T-Zone right by the sides of the
nose, my chin, and then right here on my forehead. Those are my oily areas,
and I guess because my skin is no longer extremely dry and it is not dehydrated that those areas do get a little bit more oily now. So, those are the … the complexion … the other complexion
products I bought from her. I also brought one of the new
products that she launched, which is their Dew Wet
Balm, and this is clear, but it’s basically a really neat product that is a highlighter,
but you can also put it on top of any powder
product and it kind of brings that to life and makes it look less dry and you can
put it on top of powder without it screwing that
up, because, usually, if you talk to a makeup
artist, they’re like, “You would never put a cream
product on top of powder. You put a cream down
first, then a powder.” So, I just tapped a
little bit here for fun. I don’t know if you can see, but, it gives a really nice, like a shine, so it’s a really cool product. And, well, I bought the Shea Clear. It comes in two other colors. One’s a white gold kind
of color and the other one is more of a deeper bronzy color. They’re very, very pretty. Oh, and the last product that I bought from Danessa Myricks
was this purple color. It’s actually called
Liquid Lilac, but it is a multi-purpose color product. So, you can use it on
the eyes, on the cheeks, on the lips, however you like. You can sheer it out or you
can make it really bold. And I will swatch just the
tiny little bit of that on the back of my hand so you can see it. That’s a little tiny drop
of the purple right there and you can build it up or sheer it out. I definitely want to pick
up a couple more of these cause they’re really gorgeous. So, one of the other
products that I bought at The Makeup Show swatched beautifully, but I have been kind of unhappy with it since I took it home, and that is the Ruby May Ocean Goddess Palette. The packaging is beautiful. At the show, I bought
this palette for 15 bucks so, it was a steal for the price, and when you look at it, I
mean, how can you not think that is beautiful glitter? Now, this is press glitter
and what that means is it’s meant to go on top
of other eyeshadows. So, if I was going to
use this palette with the look I have on, I
would need to use my finger to tap on one of the colors on top of the eyeshadow that’s already there because I think that’s how it works best. That’s how I like to use glitter toppers, and let me show you, I guess, what this yellowy-green color looks like. So you can … I don’t
know if you can see that on the back of my hand;
may be easier to see on my finger, yeah. So, the colors are really gorgeous. But, what I have noticed
is that my palette does not want to stay shut. So, I am afraid it’s
basically going to dry out, so, I’ve already started
keeping a rubber band around it to keep it
from drying out, because I’d rather not have that break. I’d rather not have it
go to waste already, but that was disappointing,
that the palette doesn’t close, that I have to basically
put a hair tie on it to keep it shut. I did also buy some eyeshadow
singles from Ruby May and I stuck them in this palette. But their eyeshadows, their
singles seemed very nice, so, I can’t wait to play with these. I really was very excited
about my Cozzette eyeshadows. That’s why I played
with them yesterday and the day before and today,
just because they’re so nice. Brand that I was really excited for at The Makeup Show was Formula Z. Now, Formula Z is a Florida-based company that’s cruelty-free and
vegan and it was started by a 16-year-old boy named
Zach, who is amazing. He’s super tall, I mean, like, seriously. He’s probably 6’7″, I don’t
know, really, really tall guy, very, very sweet, very
good head on his shoulders, and he wanted to create an all-inclusive makeup company, so, he
has launched a bunch of lip products, and I bought two. I bought Cabaret, which is a red and Jocelyn, which is kind
of like a pinky-nude. That is Cabaret; it’s a beautiful red, and, you know, I’ve been
wearing a lot more reds lately than I have in years. And, that’s Jocelyn. So, hopefully, I will
have a review for you soon on these, but they’re just so adorable. I really like the formula
and I like how they look. I think they’re pretty
and it was really cool to learn about the brand, and
I’m just, I’m so impressed. At 16, what was I doing? I was in band; I was in drama;
I was not creating a company. Totally impressed. So, the next … the next three purchases I’m going to show you
are actually made by Ray at The Makeup Show. He picked them out himself;
I didn’t pick them out, but, he decided that he was
going to get them for him, so, I figured I would show you those. He bought … this is
the Elevare Skin Machine and it looks like … he says it’s a therapeutic beauty device that combines LED, infrared light, and heat therapy. It’s used to reduce facial
lines, reducing pore size, and improving the appearance of the skin. It’s dermatologist-recommended,
FDA cleared as a medical device, and
it’s clinically proven. So, he bought this to use and it looks … if you can see the side,
but it looks like that, and I guess you use it on
the face to tone the face. So, I’m going to be curious to see the results that he gets with this. He also, from the same
company, bought an eye serum and a lifting serum, cause … I guess he’s bothered by the bags
that are under his eyes. It’s a … I think it’s a genetic thing. His parents have it so, it’s
just … that is what it is, so, he got these, I think, to … see what they can do for what bothers him, because that’s something that really
… I guess, bothers him. So, I don’t know anything
about these brands other than they’re located in Florida and they say that they’re cruelty-free and on the back of the box, they have the leaping bunny
symbol, but, I guess that I’ve never heard of the brand, so, I don’t know much about them. So, the next brand that I bought from was Puckerd, and they have
this beautiful color, it’s like a metallic burgundy brown. I bought it cause I thought it’d be very, very pretty for fall. This color right here. Corinne said it reminded her of Jeffree Star No Tea, No
Shade or something like that. So, the next kept company that I want to talk to you about that I
found at The Makeup Show was Be Rad Cosmetics, and
they’re a cruelty-free and vegan lash brand. Now, in addition to selling lashes, and this is the pair of lashes that I bought, but, in addition to selling lashes, they sell basically, lash cleaner. So, basically, it’s a wash and rinse for your false lashes to help them live longer and not die. And, I think it’s really
cool and innovative and I can’t wait to give it a try, because I’ve always held off on
buying really nice lashes because I never felt like I could get them to come clean without
messing up the lashes, so, I’ve always been
like, “Eh, I don’t know that I want to buy really pricey lashes,” but, now that I have that, I feel like I can at least give it a try, cause the most expensive lashes I’ve ever bought were those Velour Lashes that I love, the Velour Would I Lie Lashes, but getting them clean has
been very difficult, so, I’m really, really looking forward to trying the new cleaner,
seeing how it works, because I really feel like that’s a … that is something that I
didn’t know that I needed that is a very cool product. So, as you guys probably know, I’ve started using more
Smashbox products recently. I fell in love with the Super Fan mascara and when I was at the
show, it was on sale there, so, I bought another
Super Fan mascara because I really like it. It’s basically been my go-to mascara. I also received this. I don’t know what it is. It’s called Foil Slick Be
Legendary Liquid Metal. I think it’s a liquid
lipstick, but I’m not sure. It looks like this. Could be an eyeshadow
product, I’m not really sure. So, I’m going to streak it on my hand and see what it does. It’s like green and purple. Very neat. Bdellium Tools had a
booth while I was there and I picked up another
787 brush and a new brush, which is a 775. Now, the 787 brush, you know I love. I’ve got three of them …
they’re this brush right here, this big, foofy brush, but, I wanted to go ahead and try their new
line which is their … I … remember what this is called, the Golden Triangle, so,
it’s basically brushes that have the three sides so that they lay down and stay where you put
them as opposed to rolling. Ooh, and the bristles do
feel different on this. The bristles are much
nicer on this than they are on the pink one that I have. So, there’s a company called Lemon Head and they make glitter. I did not buy this; I
believe this was a PR gift, but it’s basically … it has the consistency of gel or snot. So, and you wouldn’t
want to leave it open, it would dry out, but
it’s got glitter and stars in it, so it’d be very
pretty for around the body. If you can see that … be very pretty for glitter around the body. I don’t know that I would
want to put that on my eyes just because of how large it is. Maybe if I was going to
make one of those memes with the glitter tears down here, I would totally use that for this. I just get very nervous putting anything with really big glitter near my eyes. And, apparently, I got another one that was a PR sample from
Amerikan Body Art Pixie Paint and this seems to be that
same sort of snot consistency. Lots of pretty stuff in it. Right here. I also received a TwinMedix
starter pack, which I love. It’s perfect for travel. The Vitamin C is great for brightening. The Vitamin E, the
green one here, is great for soothing your skin, or if
you have a cut or something, it’s perfect for that, and
I’m really, really happy that I get to try the exfoliating scrub, along with their oxygen
masks, that’s awesome. The last one is retinol,
but I have to be careful with that, because it
sometimes irritates my skin. Now, I have saved the best for last. The last brand that I want to
talk about is Rebels & Outlaws. So, this company was … this company was started by James Vincent, who is my favorite makeup artist
and his husband, Jeremy, and it’s basically just
run by the two of them. Everything they make,
they hand-make themselves and they put their intentions
into it and their will. So, I bought two of their candles. The candle that I burned
with Mickie the other day was the Artisan Angels
candle, which smells so fucking good. If you only buy one
candle, buy this candle, because it smells great,
but the Artisan Angles candle is for creativity,
so it has essential oils and it has crystals and such in it, so, you’re supposed to burn it down, and whenever you finish burning it all, you’re supposed to toss it out so that the crystals have absorbed whatever negative energies or
whatever from the space that you use it in. So, whether
or not you believe in that, this things smells absolutely amazing. (exhales) So, I went onto
their site and ordered several more of their candles and some other stuff that they
have, cause they have lip scrubs, they have hand sanitizer, they have quick dry brush
spray, which is very important. They also have a bar of
… soap for cleaning, deep cleaning your brushes,
so, all kinds of stuff, made by a makeup artist for makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts. The other candle that I bought is called Back to Black, and it looks like this, and it’s supposed to help you let go of the past and negativity, which, I really need to do that. As many of you know, I’m still grieving the loss of my grandmother and I’ve seen my therapist at least once a week, so, I figured, you know what,
it’s not going to hurt me to try somethin’ else
to help me move forward. Alright, well, I think
that’s pretty much it for what I bought from
The Makeup Show this year. I didn’t really buy a lot, mostly because I did do the two workshop
classes that were three hours each day
and I did walk around, I did talk to people, so, it was a different year for me because, usually, I think I do more shopping
and more interviews. This year, I really only
got one interview in with Danessa Myricks, but it was so good. Anyway, go ahead and leave
a comment down below and let me know what’s been going with you, let me know which items from this video you’re really interested in. Thanks so much for
watching, and I’ll see you in my next video.


  1. Thank you for the super informative video on vegan/CF brands! Always appreciate hearing about new companies/people! May you find peace and comfort during your grieving process…it will come in waves and at unexpected times. Grateful you are taking card of yourself!

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  2. The show and classes must have been amazing! My skin has been going thru changes and I would love to be professionally color matched and advised for correct formulation. I gave up on liquid foundations many years ago because "nothing was right". I am pretty pale, very ruddy all my life. My skin rebels against many product lines. Lol..I have always called it Redhead Dilemmas πŸ™‚ Thanks for giving us a peak at all your lovely products!

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  6. We chatted with the people at the Lemonhead booth! They said the larger glitter is intended for the body and hair, and they do carry a much finer glitter for the eyes.

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