1. Its not difficult to see what products he uses: studio sculpt foundation in two shades for highlight and contour, sponges, duo Fibre brushes, concealer palette, cream color base in hush

  2. I agree, more Terry B please! Great video, so informative! I wish there was a mention on concealing as well, Sculpt gives you good coverage but not everyone has got such amazing skin as she does and it would be interesting to see what's Terry's technique on that:)

  3. Great video but unless you have poreless flawless skin, studio sculpt is not for you. I have it and it accentuates every flaw and I'm good at putting on makeup

  4. i am not liking the lighting actually. It all looks so unblended and dirty rather than polished and sophisticated. These videos are nowhere near Charlotte Tilbury or Lisa Eldridge…plus the model is so scary…

  5. Hi Kelsey – Thanks for the suggestion. For a list of products, please be sure to turn on your annotations, for the product names and links to where to buy. Happy shopping!

  6. He contoured her already thin nose and her already prominent cheek bones. I don't feel like I learned anything I can use on my average facial features.

  7. Finally a model with the same shape eyes as myself. Deep set eyes with nice eyelids. My eyes are my favorite feature on my entire face. Very informative. Not so sure all these cream products would sit so well on my combo/oily skin.

  8. Terry is using improper copper ton e (cream Base) but in the website it says that is not recommended for eyes… Why is it possible? I don´t want to buy something that coud damage my eyes

  9. I love it. She doesn't have a cake face. It looks so natural. Would love for you to do my make up for my weeding, damn it.

  10. This is definitely one of the better videos; but to all those who say it is too artsy… they aren't trying to do a step by step guide here… They are just giving you ideas as to new trends and products, everyone has different skin and would use different products to get this effect.

  11. It won't damage your eyes. It's just that certain dyes have not been tested by the FDA for use around the eye area. It's really up to you but companies are required to post that warning.

  12. Dear MAC, I love this video and all tips, but I would like that you publish it to the specified list of products

  13. I loved this video. Enhancing beauty with a natural makeup look is great! I do hope to see the channel show videos of everyday people.

  14. Both Terry's approach and the pallete supplied by the model's face are exquisite yet this is also a very sophisticated wearable look!

  15. I think these tutorials are very valuable, but they are really hard to watch sometimes. the closeup shots are shaky and go in and out of focus, which makes it difficult to see the products and what the makeup artist is doing. Right now it seems like they are focusing more on the style of the video than the functionality of the tutorial. 

  16. very nice video! I totally love the style of it! love the music and the camera angles, very grunge-elegant, if there's something like that. although it might be hard to watch for people who really try to learn something here – but the internet is full of uninspired frontal shot videos regarding the topics of contouring and fresh faces … they'll be fine.

  17. Love this look!! Could anyone tell me the name of the eyeshadow used or suggest a similar colour….I really want one like this!!   

  18. ok im gonna need to get these products. the way it blends and holds is simply amazing. and it looks like skin in the end

  19. Lovely…. Of course it rather helps a little, that the model has near perfect features and symmetry; great skin and is probably no older than 25. I'd like to see the same techniques used on not a quite-so-perfect model – a chubbier face with rounder features; someone with couperose and/or rosacea; someone with texture in their skin; a more mature face etc. I think that most of us fall into the latter category rather than the former. Cheers!

  20. i love and appreciate MAC products they are all very good with excellent quality but they are trying to manipulate sometimes all this models are very nice with perfect skin and shape on the face they do not need nothing but one mascara.
    Try to do this with no perfect skin.

  21. I don't know who the hell is camera man and video editor? Excellent product + makeup, terrible video, it just makes me frickin dizzy @@

  22. Artists like these are the best– passionate understanding and willing to explain the steps and ways to use the products. The artists at the mall at the actual shops are so standoffish and are always caked up on their faces, whyyyy? And they never wanna help

  23. i have un even skin tone in my face nd i have dark skin tone.how can i choose the correct foundation shade for my face…plz help me

  24. Best way to decode a look like this is to go outside on a sunny day like during summer and put on spf or lotion/moisturizer or bronzer, snap a picture in the natural lighting or take a video. It helps alot when you're contouring or highlighting with makeup later on because at the end of the day not everyone has the same bone structure so, just because there is a template for reference doesn't mean follow it everytime. Rules are meant to be broken. c:

  25. Thanks for the helpful hints! The heart shape was a great way to think about highlighting and the ear line cheekbone tip helped as well and you barely used any makeup on her which was interesting to watch. And, you rarely get this many real tips in a 5 minute video. Bravo!

  26. LOVE LOVE LOVE! !!! As someone who hopes to work professionally Im realizing one must be versatile. Every situation won't call for a "full beat" and frankly everyone won't want the same look. Learning to bring forward someone's natural beauty without failing into all my well established makeup application habits from social media ….My new goal.

  27. Why in the world you plaster such amazing and beautiful face with all the stuff? She’s absolutely gorgeous and divine….less is here definitely more…

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