The top 5 brand new cruise ships coming in 2020

The top 5 brand new cruise ships coming in 2020

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Oh this is going to be an exciting show and trust us when we say
it it’s going to be an exciting year too. Let’s take a look at five brand spanking new cruise ships coming this year. Ahoy there cruisers. We’re Grace and Frankie.. well…. Let’s start off with cruise ship number one. So number one. I do not think we have
ever been this excited about a cruise ship before. Its’ Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady. The first cruise ship from
Sir Richard Branson himself will hold 2,700 passengers. She finally starts sailing this February. They are mixing things up with things like drag brunches,
epic DJ parties and no nickel-and-diming. All the food and basic
non-alcoholic drinks as well as gratuities and Wi-Fi
are all completely included in the price. And there’s going to be
more than 20 different eating venues and no buffet. Instead there’s going to be
quick eat venues a little bit like food trucks and across Scarlet Lady’s
sixteen decks you’re gonna find champagne bars,
karaoke booths, off Broadway shows, nightclubs
and even a tattoo parlor. She’ll have no single use plastic onboard
and has new engine technology to reduce emissions. This seems to be a theme through
all of the ships that we’re going to be talking about. Really thinking about the environment. So moving on to number 2. This is going to be
Odyssey of the Seas by Royal Caribbean. She’ll be sailing from Miami
from November 2020 and then she’ll move to Europe in 2021. She’s a Quantum-class ship, just like
Ovation of the Seas and Anthem of the Seas, but she’s going to have some brand-new
features and changes. She’s technically a
Quantum Plus-class ship. Meaning she’s a little bigger holding around 4,200 people. So big ship guys isn’t it Yeah and on board
you’re gonna find a totally reimagined pool area. With an island vibe
and two resort style pools and four whirlpools. As well as the amazing North Star which offers panoramic views
90 metres above sea level. In this area you’ll also find the
Splash Away Bay. Which is a colorful aquapark
for the kids and towards the front of the ship you’ll find two solariums. One for families and one is the adults only solarium
at the very front of the ship. So the new SeaPlex will be the largest
indoor activity space at sea. Complete with bumper cars,
glow-in-the-dark laser tag plus an arcade with VR games
and even rollerblading. The Playmaker Sports Bar
will now be located on the second level of the SeaPlex. So that’s a bit different isn’t it! It’s a really cool area. At the back of the ship you’ll find a
40-foot climbing wall as well as the FlowRider surf simulator,
iFly by Rip Cord to the incredible skydiving simulator – which is really terrifying – and a brand new feature is
the Sky Pad which is a VR trampoline as well as a clear glass walkway
with views of the ocean below. Sure that’s going to be
terrifying as well! There’ll be favorites on the ship too
like an all-new Music Hall and the 270 theater
which features robotic screens, projections and some really cool and crazy performances. Dining wise Lime and Coconut will be on board featuring two stories of
drinks and pool views. You’ll also find El Loco Fresh serving authentic Mexican
grab-and-go food. Do you like my Mexican accent? I did and
that’s included in the price? Yeah that’s not an extra charge and there’s going to be brand new
Giovanni’s Table as well which is the Italian onboard. As well as favorites such as Chops Grill,
Wonderland and Izumi. The speciality restaurants. So number three it’s the Celebrity Apex. Tt’s the second Edge clash ship in line after
Celebrity Edge and if it’s going to be anything like
Celebrity bedge… Beage?… It’s going to be anything like Celebrity Edge
it’s going to be absolutely beautiful. She’ll hold around 2,900 people and debut in April in the UK. Like Edge, she’s going to feature
infinite balconies with remote control electric windows and there’s going to be a massive
29 different places to eat on board. Including places like the Eden cafe, Le Grand Bistro and Le Petit Chef – The Little Chef. This is an awesome experience with animated characters appearing on your table. Sounds really cool doesn’t it. It does It’s really awesome
we got to have a peek at this on the edge and it was honestly I was legitimately blown away. Because we were lucky enough to get on
in Malta. Earlier last year and it really blew us away. She is truly a beautiful ship. So different to what we’ve seen before. Everything even like the corridors
are all sort of winding and gorgeous and delicious Oh a lovely ship. I was so impressed. Apex will again feature the bright
orange magic carpet where on each level you’ll find a different experience as
the venue transforms off the side of the ship. So it goes up and down the side of the ship. There’s also the rooftop garden with the ambient lighting, beautiful
plants and plenty of places to hang out,
in the Sun, with a cocktail. Oh it sounds amazing. On the resort deck,
this is the pool deck, there’s a pool area complete with
champagne glass style whirlpools, an adults-only solarium and inside
you’ll find the Eden. It really is a space unlike anything we have ever seen before with a crazy entrance. It’s three levels of exxx – it’s three levels of sin-shoo- it’s three levels of century- With three levels of sensory experiences
fully increased in glass and looking out to the ocean. This is a wild space. It has live performances during the night by creatures that come alive and stuff. It’s totally bonkers guys. It sound pretty bonkers. Love it! Entertainment wise there’s plenty on offer
including futuristic performances in the theater including new twists on Shakespeare as well as the club. O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? He’s sat there… Awww arn”t I nice! So back to Shakespeare. There’s going to be a club which will feature dance parties and DJ’s on a night if Shakespeare isn’t your thing. Yeah so from Shakespeare, to…. Guys can you tell me where that quote comes from “Sha-kes-peer” “Sha-kes-peer in Love”
What film does that come from? “Sha-kes-peerrrrrrr”
One of my favourite films. The Grand Plaza will be at the heart of the ship. It’s a three-story venue
surrounded by cafes bars and restaurants. And Celebrity A-pox- A-pox? You wannna change the name of the ship I think we have called the ship about 12 different names! Celebrity A-pox. So, Celebrity Apex will also become the first ship
in the fleet to use Shore Power when she launches. So number four is the P&O Cruises Iona. This brand-new ship will be launched in May and is the biggest ship in the P&O Cruises fleet. She will hold around 5,200 passengers and will sail exclusively from the UK. Oh so this one’s for us, how lovely. It’s a real British experience onboard. She really looks fantastic and will feature things like a 4 screen cinema showing the latest blockbusters. As well as classic movies. The first gin distillery at sea. As well as a three deck atrium and Sky Dome. This is going to be a honeycomb glass solarium which is perfect for cooler climates. It will also feature entertainment in there such as aerial performers on a night. Sounds fantastic. Got a stage and everything. So it will totally change purpose from the day where it’s a sunbathing area just to chill out onto a night
where it’s a big entertainment venue. and it’s nice that it’s inside because a typical British weather. From the concept images
and videos she really looks like she’ll be a stunning ship. and you’re not going
to get hungry or bored as there is 15 restaurants to choose from and 13
different entertainment values…. values… Venues… So dining wise there’ll be options such as the gastro pub called at the Keel and Cow. Who are you calling a cow? Oh the pub. Sorry. Quays pizza and favorites
such as the Glasshouse which is delicious. Which is deliscious, we have tried this before. Yeah we had that on the Brittania before. Entertainment will be found all over the
ship. Including live music and impromptu performances. Popping in your shower. Yeah could you imagine! GET OUT! WHAT ARE YOU DOING PLAYING
A VIOLIN IN THE SHOWER. Im sure it’s gonna
be a little bit more classier than that. Yeah so during the evening there’s got to be more than ten bars
and lounges to choose from. So there’s going to be so much to do in the day and on an evening Sorry im just picturing you getting out the shower and there is someone there with a violin. This ship will also be powered by more environmentally friendly liquefied
natural gas or LNG. Which is great. So finally we have the Enchanted
Princess. Yes oh she’s lovely. We’ve got got to sail a Sky didn’t we last
year. Oh my gosh guys she is an absolutely incredible ship. Yeah and Enchanted Princess will be the fifth Royal Class-ship in the Princess fleet and she’ll feature most of the same things
as the Sky Princess so take a look at our Sky Tour as well to get a taster. And how lucky are we she’s going
to debut and be christened in the UK in 2020. We’re getting all these new
ships guys before you in America. They haven’t announced who’s gonna
christen it yet – you know I me and Ben are available. Yeah it was a Princess the
first time, so why not pick a queen. No it was the princess the princess erm Princess of Cambridge – whats her face… Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge So maybe its gonna be the Duchess of Sussex? Oh then after that she’s gonna sail in the Med. She’s gonna hold around 3,600 passengers and shall feature their amazing ocean
medallion technology that we got to try out on the sky and trust us guys, this
technology was amazing. It opened doors and everything. I was really genuinely impressed with the ocean medallion technology. It was really cool. She will also have the most pools and whirlpools or hot tubs That you will ever see on
any other princess ship. As well as fantastic original entertainment. There is something around every corner including pop-up street performances. So they’re going to be popping up in shower again. Oh my god you terrifying me. I am just waiting to go into my bathroom and find a five-piece band. Don’t worry they’re gonna be in the Piazza alongside live music, theatrical shows, deck parties and lectures. On the pool deck, you’ll find
the large screen for the Movies under the Stars. Complete with free popcorn, blankets and cookies. Oh lovely. Dining wise she’s gonna feature exclusive restaurants such as Crafted by Curtis Stone Gigi’s Pizza which has been renamed from Alfredo’s. There will also be favorites such as the International Cafe 24-hour food amazing
guys. Sabatini’s Italian and the Salty Dog Grill offering delicious gastro pub. Soon as you mentioned Alfredo’s my
tummy just goes like… Yaaaaay! So guys, who do have a number six as
well we’ve just uploaded a brand new video about the carnival Mardi Gras. So we didn’t put it in the show but she’s going to be amazing trust us. She’s the first ship in the world, get this, to feature a roller coaster on a ship and it’s coming this year too. So take a look at it now it’s gonna be in one of these
corners isn’t it. So that’s it for this episode but we want to know guys which ship are you excited about. That is coming this year. It can be one from our list or one we haven’t mentioned. Let us know in the comment section below. Yeah let us know in the comment section
below. We’d love it if you consider subscribing to us too as well. We have so much content. That’s it till next time. Happy Cruising Why are fast yachts like furniture sales? Why are fact yachts… Like furniture sales? Because they always have “Sales” on.


  1. Odyssey sounds like a big ship and the other ships sound like wow ๐Ÿ˜ฎ and love your videos I enjoy them a lot

  2. We are going on Odyssey and vlogging from the ship in her inaugural sailing!! We cannot wait!

    Thanks for the awesome video update on all the new cruise ships!

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