The Ugly Face of Beauty: Is Child Labour the Foundation for your Makeup?

The Ugly Face of Beauty: Is Child Labour the Foundation for your Makeup?

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The British discovered this region’s treasure after making India one of it’s colonies And building a road from Calcutta to Dheli It provides hundreds of thousands of people with their source of income It can be applied to sensitive skin doesn’t clog the pores and is entirely natural Without it the locals would starve to death 60% of the world’s Mica deposits lie on either side of this road Under local law digging for the mineral is forbidden India’s state of Jharkhand is the riches of nature reserves But everyone who lives here knows that people still extract Mica anyways Illegally The process is based on slave labor often involving child exploitation Is anybody here? Come here please Hello Suddenly two people appear at this makeshift mine The boy’s father and their neighbor from the village The boy’s called Vishal and according to his father he’s 18 although he looks no more than 14 or 15 The adults seem to be scared that the boy might let something slip that should remain unsaid Are you afraid of going down? No Why? At least one or two fatal accidents are recorded in the Jharkhand Mica mines every month It’s not only adults who die but children too His body is covered in scars from contact with Mica it’s razor sharp and working in a mine the dust rises in thick cloud like blooms There’s no time to talk Vishal goes back down into the mine again The mineral is extracted using the most dangerous method It’s scraped off the ceiling where the rock looks as if it might collapse at any moment There’s another fatal danger here inhailing Mica dust often causes lung cancer The number of oncology cases in Jharkhand is growing at the alarming rate of 10% every year This is where people work rest and hide from the heat Average earnings for workign here amount to no more than $3 a day and all for extracting Mica the material that is commonly used in manufactured cosmetics In 2014 the world’s largest cosmetic companies announced that they had stopped buying Mica that had been extracted illegally or by using child labor They promised to bring in strict controls over their supply chains saying their Mica production should never involve child labor We’re going to visit one of the biggest open mines in Jharkhand It was once developed by a state company but was abandoned when Mica production was prohibited


  1. Even the processing methods still seem so archaic. Just people squatting on the ground and processing by hand. You'd think after all this time, that guy could afford some sort of grinding machine.

  2. The reason why these kids are working is because of lack of work for their care taker (parents etc) therefore they're abandoned so they find work on their own or they're parents make them find a job, it's not necessary bad that the product is made by these people in these conditions, consumers should just demand a higher pay for the workers so that kids won't have to work and they'll be able to go to school basically just to fix the economy.

  3. to the first world girls who think your parents are horrible for not getting you the make up of a certain brand, think about the parents of the kids who made your Damn make up brand!

  4. I am afraid you cannot eat mica when you are hungry.

    The government should encourage and help them to do something else.

  5. yes and mica helps keep us warm in winter ~ keeps cars from looking bad ~ it's used in construction and thus helps to house people and to build factories, office building, shops, etc. ~ it is used in electronics, in capacitors and more ~ u know the necessary fire and security alarms??? it's in those too ~ it's in so many things that are used in equal amounts by men and women, and yet makeup, used primarily by women and a minority of gay men, that's what gets scapegoated?

    very interesting ~ very Putin approved 😉 ~ just saying

  6. what is the difference between working your kids on youtube and this?? theres is none ..people use what they got. ..and there's always someone telling someone else what to do

  7. I feel extremely sad for the kids and youth, I will help them as much as i can . I firstly bless them in the name of powerful God Jesus Christ. They are our future leader .Love the youth and poor kids ever.

  8. Even the people mining this Mica have little value of their lives.Simply wrapping your scarf around your mouth will save your lungs.I cant believe they dont know this.What a stupid people the Indians are.They also drink filthy water because they cant get their act together enough to filter it in any way.No sympathy at all.

  9. India spent millions dollar against Pakistan every years it would be more better if Indian govt spend money on these poor people's instead the help of Taliban against Pakistan

  10. Now I am thankful to God that I had got a good life what i think I don't deserved n now i am going to value my life n loved my parents that be cause of there hard work i m still living a good life with out doing anything yet i m 26. I feel terrible to know this kind of things.

  11. 11:35
    Cheapest goes to China, top quality goes to Japan..
    "As you know, sir"

    Wait and see how the Chinese nationalists(aka 50 cents) will respond to this.

  12. the man with the business that is 21 years old, dude you have money fix your damn teeth they look rotten. Pay the people a higher wage. This is hard labor right here. I feel bad for the kids

  13. If Americans or Europeans paid them a third of the money they made selling the makeup, it would be ok, but their greed is so deep that they would sell their soul. The child sex market in Brazil is worst. If you know any White male going alone to Kenya. They are going to have sex with little Black girls and boys, ages 2 years old and up. Europe's Paedophiles Holiday Hotspot There are a lot of other places overseas they go too. Mostly White European males in almost every case. If your husband has business in Brazil, Kenya, Madagascar, etc. go with him, make sure he is going their on business. When you are sold into slavery, beat down by police, ran off your land, not given employment, etc. people start losing hope and this hope can be lost along with the joy of living. I'm talking about people all over, who are exploited, put down by the media, excluded from opportunities, and those without bootstraps to pull up.

  14. American kids should be required to go here and work for a year so they can understand how good they have it in comparison, and stop with the entitled attitude they have. Hopefully instilling compassion and motivating them to help with change at the same time.

  15. this documentary should have millions of views! and all the so called ''beauty queens'' should promote this as well as they do the latest shit that is released to the public!

  16. its very sad to use child labour yes, and to under pay people however if they dont they will have no income and they will starve and die?

  17. I hate Indians and I’m usually racist towards them cause a) I’ve yet to meet a friendly Indian b) most Indian men are perverts that don’t respect women c) they smell, anyways I feel really sorry for them after watching this video

  18. It's even sad that those labourers who've to work hard to dig mica and have to take risk of their life were just paid small amount of money ( one of labourer mentioned it that we were paid Rs.5 per kilo mica i.e $0.007USDonly) whereas the price of the mica on the world market per kilo ranges from $1000 to $2000 according to it's quality

  19. the people who sell the actual makeup are living in fucking mansions. theyre millionaires . this is so fucking sick . I wish they could switch places and have the millionaire selfish assholes starve and work all day in the fucking heat .

  20. these documentaries highlight the problems and the obvious wikkid expoitation of the west.. of indegenious poor ppl but do nothing to change the ways of the world… are people willing to pay more for their precious Mica… no.. thats what make the world a horrible place

  21. And all those gd vegans trying to act that they are better than everyone else. Overconsumption and greed……is killing ppl.

  22. The sad fact is that the children working take home an income,however meagre it means the family eat.Take away the children’s work and they starve.I have seen the poverty in India,it breaks my heart,the squalid conditions and the lack of clean water and sanitation is horrendous.If the spoilt children of the western world had to do this,they wouldn’t last the day.They have so much whilst these children have nothing.

  23. Truly a hard road. In the US…our children turn their nose up at food they don't desire, knowing not what starvation is. In 3rd world Countries, the children work along side a Parent or alone to help feed their family. Kind of boils down to how lucky or blessed you are to be born into a non poverty situation. These children can not be funded by Parents to be educated beyond a certain age…there goes there hope. I feel so guilty paying a measly $11.00 per month for Netflex to simply entertain me. What would this $11.00 per month mean to a family struggling? Solutions are not simple on any realm of possibility.

  24. It's good for kids to learn how to work while they are young us here in the West treat them like infants until they're 20. I'd rather my kid work than murder people on a video game and watch witchcraft in a movie

  25. Yes, mica is used in cosmetics. But it’s used in far, far more everyday things that ALL of us use, not just primarily women. And it’s used worldwide, in everything from electronics to mechanics (including the automotive industry). Blaming Europeans and Americans (north and south) targets but one portion of the mica utilizing population. But it makes for some fine, first world as evil master propaganda. I’m all for making the world a safer place for current and future generations. This coal miner’s daughter wouldn’t want anything less. But subtly laying the blame at the feet of females and their cosmetics use trivializes the problem of unsafe working conditions, slave wages and illegal child labor does nothing to change the fate of those economically victimized.

  26. No Bunnies killed during this process – can't say that about most other cosmetics. It provides an income – complaint comment humans can't seem to comprehend that. It's not going to change anytime soon. Government comments are pointless, just shows ignorance.

  27. Western world leaders show Indian prime minister one off the best leader but 99% Indian politicians and businessman are corrupted

  28. Don't want to be rude or anything like that ..but Why you give birth to so many children if you know you can't look after them …..?

  29. I'm fascinated by mica. Its beautiful. It really isn't needed but if it were governments should get together and find a safe way to mine and procure it

  30. The longer i live the more disgusted I get at the practice of female face-painting, or masking as i like to think of it.
    I was once scorned for having tattoos by an old lady with enough makeup on to attract PT Barnum. The irony was not lost on me. Lol.

  31. And yet your video did nothing to help their survival means. You only exposed them more for your own survival. How smart.

  32. America is spoiled and bless, our children don't have to live like this. We need to be more thankful and grateful for what we have and for what we don't have to endure. Thank You LORD, for watching over us and keeping us.

  33. A shithole nation that willing to spend $400 million to build the world tallest statue to boast to the world they are already a global superpower nation. But they've ignored these poor innocent children's that so badly abused by those evil people. What a shameful country.

  34. The translation is incorrect or insubstantial for many of the Hindi the people are speaking. For example he asks the woman with Rupa if the other children are hers and she says “No, they’re my sister’s kids” but the subtitle says “Yes”
    Please message me if you need help translating in the future, I am an Indian who is fluent in Hindi and English

  35. The real owners of mica are the poorest and stuck in the villages with extreme poverty yet they are sitting on gold, just wow

  36. Slave labour? You would rather they starve to death? If the government wants them to stop they must provide alternatives not punishment. The "intermediates" who profit from this are no different from our own employers, the mafia who control it are no different from our own governments. Do you really think you are not a slave? LOL

  37. Mining for mica? Most mining is an agent to manufacture jewelry. Why put brown sweets in jewelry to be dubbed LeVian?

  38. i feel like the company that stopped buying mica is helping but not helping at the same time because the children wont get paid. but its good that they dont support child labour

  39. There is not ONE SINGLE BEAUTY GURU on YOUTUBE OR INSTAGRAM talking about this. YOU KNOW WHY? Because they worry talking about it will sabotage their chances of having a makeup line. Im disgusted

  40. How in the world are we justifying making a profit, when these people are doing this to survive? Why are the profits not building wealth in their communities, while umbrella corporations make unimaginable amounts of wealth off of endangering the lives of these young families?

  41. People who oppose child labor should remember that in the real world, nobody rides for free. If you do not work, you do not eat.

  42. Avoid anythings that has mica in it! Period! Most cosmetic brands don't even know where their mica came from. RED FLAG! Don't buy it.

    You can use natural makeup (+ vegan) without shimmer and still look good.

  43. I think mica mining is fine, but pay them , give them safety tools, equipment,,,let them mine it quickly and safely and let these little villages prosper….

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