THE VERY BEST OF BEAUTY 2019 – Must Watch! | Maryam Maquillage

THE VERY BEST OF BEAUTY 2019 – Must Watch! | Maryam Maquillage

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Welcome back to my channel guys Maryam here,
today’s video is another round up video that you all love featuring the best of beauty
for 2019. You all know I test thousands of products on the daily, I review hundreds of
products, this video is going to be featuring the very best that 2019 beauty industry had
to offer us. I hope you are as excited about the video as I am, remember to subscribe,
hit that notification bell so you could see all of my Wednesdays and Sundays videos and
now let’s get to it best of beauty 2019 here we go. Now I filmed this type of video in the beginning
of 2019 for 2018 so I will link that video down below for your reference. Basically,
I am going to start out by going down the list of how I like to apply these products
to my face, so starting with make-up, primer, foundation, concealer, powder etc. etc. I
will also be talking about some hair stuff, some beauty gadgets, perhaps some skin care
and also keep in mind these are the products that have worked the best for me and products
that I have used the most in 2019. Be sure to not only watch my round up video but also
watch some other reviewers, Youtubers round up videos so that you can get a much broader
sense of what 2019 beauty look like, hope that make sense. I actually did find a primer that I loved
in 2019 and it is the StriVectin anti-wrinkle line blurfactor instant wrinkle blurring primer.
Now I still use my Japanese Sofina Primavista primer that I love as well as the Smash box
pore minimize primer the fact that it is a wrinkle blurring primer makes it especially
effective on pores. I am someone who has oily skin and because of the oils my skin is actually
less susceptible to wrinkles than someone who has dry skin, in fact my oily skin actually
makes my pores a little bit larger and it makes my skin acne prone. Although this is
a primer for wrinkles, and I don’t really have any it helps me smooth out my pores and
bumps. I love this primer for perfecting the canvas underneath my foundation, I have featured
it several times in my IGTV videos as well as here on YouTube, $39 on sale at Ulta for
$27 right now, I’m listing and linking everything down below as I always do for your convenience
and definitely let me know if any of these products that I am mentioning today are some
of your favorites. Alright moving right along to foundation,
now I actually have created a video specifically on foundations, there isn’t one foundation
that I love more than others, wait actually there is, there is one foundation that I love
more than others in 2019 and that is simply for the fact that this foundation features
100 shades and I’m talking about the Pur 4 in 1 love your selfie foundation, I do love
this one a lot, slightly more than all the other foundations that I have mentioned in
my foundations round up for 2019 video which I will list below and pop up right here. The
reason why it’s because I think it’s innovative, it’s extremely inclusive, it’s 100 shades,
$36 it’s a universal foundation that’s great not just for oily skin but great for normal
skin, for dry skin, for aging skin, for teenage skin this is just a miracle foundation, it’s
a game changer and I have gotten so much feedback from some of you guys after watching my review
and after hearing me talk about this foundation a lot. A lot of you guys have fallen in love
with it as well, that makes me so super happy obviously I want you to continue commenting
and letting me know what has worked for you. I feel like this kind of feedback is very
positive, it’s something that makes me feel like I am on the right path, like I’m suggesting
the right things so please keep it going. My voice, I mean we are only days after New
Year’s Eve so you could tell I have been having a really great time, my voice is very raspy
and that’s okay. Moving right along to concealer, there is one concealer that I have been loving
this year and no it’s not Tarte shape tape because Tarte shape tape is not from 2019,
the one that I’m talking about this year is Benefit Boi-ing cakeless concealer. This cutie
right here that looks like you are about to go back to school after winter break, sorry
to remind you. $22 very similar consistency to Tarte shape tape, very full coverage, doesn’t
crease quickly so you must set it because it is a cream product, all cream products,
even the Tarte shape tape concealer they all crease unless you set it but it wears really
well, I’m wearing it right now, it brightens, it covers, it’s awesome and I love it, I recommend
it to you guys. Oh, and I do have a review comparison video rather comparing the Boi-ing
cakeless concealer to Tarte shape tape, so do check it out. Moving right along to the setting powder category,
featuring Elcie translucent setting powder, this is my #1 pick for setting powders of
2019 because it’s simply a great formula, it perfects the skin, it mattifies, there
is absolutely no flashback, I love Elcie cosmetics, I love the way that they come out with products,
they don’t bombard us with launches. They do it slowly but surely and all their products
so far have been superior, super-duper awesome, available at Ulta as well as online, $29 not
really a lot of product but it’s really good. I also really do like the Fenty Beauty Pro
Filt’r translucent powder, I wear the shade butter it’s also kind of on the lighter translucent
side, I like this one for travelling, this one I like to keep at home even though I also
travel with this one, these 2 are my go to’s. Still loving my Charlotte Tilbury air brush
flawless finish skin perfecting micro powder in shade #2, this one is not a loose translucent
setting powder, this one does have a little bit of color but it is extremely perfecting,
it does not get cakey throughout the day so this is one of those powders that I would
say is really good to throw in your make-up bag and touch up throughout the day. Wow there has been a lot of brow launches
this year from Fenty to Benefit to Urban Decay all of these products I love and use, I can’t
say that I have a favorite 2019 brow product I feel like they are all kind of different
and they all do different things. I like the Urban Decay brow blade for its really cool,
very tiny fine marker to draw the individual brow hairs, it also has a nice waxy very pigmented
pencil on the other side, multiple shades, awesome to travel with but it does not have
a spoolie to brush out your brows, whereas the Fenty brow MVP also a pencil on one side
has this cool toothbrush looking brush on the other side, I think it’s really great,
not only does it brush out the product it also kind of grooves your brows in a different
way. Similarly, I am a fan of the Benefit brow styler, I actually went to Japan with
Benefit for the launch of this product, I’m a fan this is cool. Also, a pencil on one
side, not a spoolie and not a marker on the other side but actually a powder which is
really nice and customizable because it allows you to create different brow looks with just
this one product. Do I love them all yes, do I use them all absolutely, do I use one
more than the other, honestly it depends on the mood and my brows are ever changing sometimes
I feel like doing the straight brow, sometimes I feel like doing the wispy brow, sometimes
I feel like going au natural, it’s really hard to find a favorite at least for me, let
me know what your favorites are, comment down below again, I know I keep reminding you but
it’s important, it’s important for us to communicate. My favorite bronzer and my most used bronzer
for 2019 has been the Mac Canyon Dreamin bronzer, this one I believe is from the Electric Wonder
Collection and the entire collection comes in this cool pink gold marble packaging and
I especially love the bronzers, because well the consistency is awesome, and the colors
are just so believably bronze and tan looking. They don’t look faint, they don’t look like
Fanta orange, they just look like skin and they feel like skin and I absolutely love
it, I feel like this is a product that’s kinda difficult to find online, even more difficult
to find in person but I will try to find a link for it, perhaps on Amazon and if you
do get your hands on it or if you do already have it let me know how you love it, $30 I
believe but maybe hopefully I can find it cheaper on Amazon, I don’t know. The blush that I have been wearing the most
this year is Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic swish and pop blusher in ecstasy, I am generally
a huge fan of Charlotte Tilbury’s complexion products and this blusher is no different.
I love the shade of this particular duo blusher, I love the brighter peach in the center and
the sort of muted slightly shimmery lighter peach in the perimeter, I feel like it’s 2
products in 1 and it’s just so flattering on anyone, it’s just great I love it. I also
find that it’s very skin perfecting. Whenever I get those big red blemishes on my cheeks
or right under my cheeks, I go for this and bam it erases it or at least it hides it just
a little bit better. Next we have come to the eye products, hhmm
the eye category is a fun one for me as always, first let me talk about my favorite eye shadow
primer for the year, if you have been watching my videos for a while, you probably already
know that I’m talking about Fenty Beauty eye shadow primer, I use this one in pretty much
every single one of my eye shadow palette reviews tutorial videos, this one is a keeper,
I love her a long time, it’s awesome, I recommend it to you guys over and over and
over again, it’s savage, gripping, perfecting, makes your eye shadows appear more vibrant,
makes them last longer, all that good stuff. Eye shadow palette category, there have been
a lot of great eye shadow palette launches this year, I did do a round up video of that,
I will include it down there, up here, click on it after you watch this video. There is
actually a honorary mention that I do want to bring up right now, it’s some eye shadow
palettes, a collection of palettes actually that came out in late 2019 but I did wear
it for Christmas and I did review it in my previous video, I am talking about the Fenty
snap shadows, I don’t have them right here in front of me but I do have a whole video
on the snap shadows. Basically, I love those shadows (snap, snap). I am wearing I believe
the dark neutrals and the rose on my eyes right now and how bomb is my makeup look,
I have also travelled with them to LA for New Year’s, wore them on New Year’s Eve, wore
them the next day they are a fave, I love them a lot so definitely do check out that
video if you are interested. Ohh ohh ohh another honorary mention and well
this is kind of a sliding into a different category eye shadow palettes/best influencer
collab of the year goes to (blows horn) Jackie Aina X ABH, now the reason why I’m mentioning
this palette and the reason why I love it so much, is simple I have reached for it the
most in 2019, even though it came out in the summer I found myself really drawn to these
colors, these are festive, vibrant, pigmented shadows that wear beautifully, that apply
beautifully I feel like the color stories are very relatable, there is a pink story,
a gold story, purple, neutral, everything in between congratulations to Jackie and to
ABH which by the way is an unlikely duo and another reason to be celebrated. I love this
one, I talked about it in my eye shadows round up video, not gonna talk about it anymore
because you already know. Speaking of Influencer collabs I can’t not
mention my own collab with Pixi, obviously it’s another set of products that I have reached
for the most this year, I have worn them so much. Basically earlier this year I came out
with 2 lip kits with Pixi in night and in day, right now I’m wearing the liquid fairly
lights glitter shadow from the day kit which is available at Target as well as online,
wearing it right here on my inner corners as well as on my brow bone and going into
the centre of my lid, how pretty is that, it’s just so festive but it also looks amazing
on the bare lid. This color right here Coral Bang, this was my summer color you guys and
I have worn it so much in so many Instagram posts, in so many events, in so many outings
and so many videos it was definitely my #1 worn lip for the year. Currently on my lips
I’m wearing the matte last liquid lip in Posh Nude underneath the gloss of course which
I will talk about in just a little bit and this liquid fairy lights glitter shadow in
starry night is the one that I wore for New Year’s, I do have a quick Insta story in video
on it, I have been reaching for these products a lot and I love them so much because well
I kinda created them not just for you but also for me so I hope that makes sense. I
couldn’t like not talk about the products that I created with Pixi in this Influencer
collab category, $18 each available at Target and, links below. Oh my God you guys, I discovered my favorite
mascara for the year in 2019 and it is Essence Lash Princess Waterproof Mascara I love this
one so much, how many times have I actually worn this one in my videos, practically every
single video, first of all its waterproof and if you have the Asian eye shape, if you
have the epicanthic fold here in the inner corner then you know what I am talking about,
regular mascaras just can’t cut it unfortunately they smudge, a lot of the particles get stuck
in the epicanthic fold which makes it smudge even more and it’s just not sexy at the
end of the day so I always go for waterproof formula and the reason why I love Lash Princess
is because it actually makes my lashes look longer, more separated, more full, more fanned
out, it’s perfect and the best part this product is like $5 you guys, I need to stock up. Ohh I just turned the page we are half way
through you guys, is it me or are highlighters really not a thing, thing the way that they
were in 2018, I mean they are still a thing but not a thing, thing you know what I mean.
I am still a lover of highlighter but I’m not necessarily going for that crazy blinding
bling on the top of my cheek bone and down my nose bridge at the tip of my nose like
I did in 2018, I’m no doing that anymore I feel like I’m a different girl. Anyway the
highlighters that I have been loving and reaching for the most in 2019 are these Dior quads,
$45 each expensive, yes the 001 shades universal came out in 2018 so I am not gonna be talking
about that one but the 002 glitz came out earlier this year, this is what it looks like,
I have to turn it to the sides so you guys can see, love the packaging, love the fact
that you can see all the colors on the back, all of these are sort of different degrees
of shiny. This is the highlighter that I have been wearing the most for every day. I love
the fact that it’s peachy so it’s very complimentary to my skin tone, it’s not super blinding it’s
something that is perfect for every day, and I also love the fact that it’s very skin perfecting,
wearing it on my cheekbone right now and as you can tell it’s very subtle but it’s very,
very pretty. I also love these 2 if I want a little bit more sparkle and a little bit
more shine this has been my go-to for an entire year. Now I still have those days where I am looking
for that extra bling and that super vibrancy, for that I have been reaching a lot for the
wet and wild mega glow highlighting powder in the shade bloom time which is also a peach
but you probably can’t tell on camera, let’s demonstrate boom I mean bam this one is crazy
and the fact that you can get it from the drug store it’s very inexpensive, I love it
a lot. We have come to lashes, I don’t really have
a one specific pair of lashes that I have been loving the most this year that I would
consider the best of the best, I am still very much drawn to the same brands Love Lashes
from my girl Kim J. Love, I love hers because they are fairly inexpensive $9 – $16 and all,
I repeat all of the styles somehow magically and miraculously fit my eye shape, all of
them make my eyes look better and more dressed up, I’m wearing style levels right now on
my eyes and it’s just so super dramatic without being heavy, without looking gaudy, I’m obsessed,
I also am still a huge fan of my house of lashes iconic lashes as well as iconic lights
for everyday plus the lilly lashes there are tons of styles from lilly that I absolutely
love and adore, but love lashes so good. Next up, oh yes liquid liner I do not have
a favorite or a best liner of 2019 to talk about in this video because I still love my
the Balm Cosmetics schwing liner as well as my Lancôme Grandiose, those are my favorites,
they are the ones that look like a felt tip marker that you dip into the product rather
than have the product seep through the felt tip, you know what I’m talking about. It’s
not really a lot of liquid liners that are like that out there on the market, so I stick
with the ones that I love and that work for me and those are those two, not gonna talk
about it anymore because I really don’t have anything else to say. As far as pencil liners or gel liners, I gotta
give it to Victoria Beckham, her pencil liners are some of the best yes she did a collab
with Estee Lauder a few years ago, yes she came out with some pencil liners that were
amazing and impeccable and these are the same formula, they are awesome and I use them all
the time. I’m wearing the burgundy one on my lower lash line and in my water line right
now, I believe they are somewhere around $19 or $20 so not super over the top obscenely
expensive, not really cheap but they are worth it, and my voice is so shot. So, speaking of Victoria Beckham I also really,
really love her lip liners, I also love Charlotte Tilbury’s lip liners, Laura Mercier has
amazing lip liners, nothing really new for 2019 outside of Victoria Beckham, the shade
that I use constantly is #2, this one here wearing it today. In the lip category I decided that instead
of going over all the products that I have been loving I am just gonna go for some shades.
In the nude category I have been loving a lot of Natasha Denona’s I need a nude lipstick,
these are bullet lipsticks that I have reviewed, and I have a video on, you can basically watch
me swatch all of the colors, my lips were throbbing at the end but totally worth it
love those. I am also a fan of Huda Beauty’s power mattes, she has come out with quite
a few of them, the nudes, the reds, the roses they are really, really good quality, I have
reviewed pretty much every single collection check it out if you haven’t already. Now going
back to colors my most worn nude lipstick for 2019 has been my posh nude from my Pixi
collab from the night lip kit. I love this color so much, I feel like it’s the perfect
kinda neutral leaning cool nude that looks amazing on warm skin tones like mine, it actually
pops on my skin tone which is why I chose this particular color and the reason why I
decided to colab with Pixi in creating some liquid lipsticks is because I already loved
their liquid lipsticks, if you watch my 2018 beauty favorites video you will see that I
am constantly and consistently favoriting and loving Pixi’s liquid lipsticks. They are
slightly cheaper than some of the other brands out there, they have a really great applicator,
I love the scent, I love the longevity, I love how natural they feel on the lips, not
overly drying and when they asked me to colab with them I knew it immediately I had to create
some lipsticks. My favorite nude lip gloss for the year Artist
Couture man, Artist Couture uncensored 2.0 I feel like Angel’s Mac daddyy’s lip glosses
cannot be topped, they are the shit, period and you know how I’m spelling that, his lip
glosses are just so luscious they are so over the top, they are so shiny, they feel comfortable
on the lips, they are so super-duper pigmented, they give the lips a 3D effect, that plastic
but also good sensation and I am here for them and I love them, I also love the shade
shameless this one is slightly more pink, I wear this one a lot as well but right now
on my lips on top of my posh nude is uncensored 2.0 (kiss, kiss, kiss) so good $18, available
at Sephora, pick them up before they sell out. Oh my gosh, my favorite red for 2019
is persona cosmetics by my girl Sona, the color is called holy grail and I’m gonna pop
up a picture right here, this is my Christmas look and I wore this lipstick the entire night
for dinner, for dinner, for drinking for the belligerent after party afterwards and my
lips stayed put, I love this color so much, beautiful, neutral, slightly blue leading
red that looks amazing on everyone, it makes the lips look super bright and clean, hands
down my favorite red for the year, hands down. And now I think I wanna mention some hair
products, because I don’t know if you noticed but I did chop half of my hair off and I did
lighten my hair this year well last year in 2019, ever since I have cut and lighten my
hair, I had to create a whole new system of hair styling, I had to really figure out what
works for this length, for this cut and here are some of the products that have been my
absolute faves, my absolute most reached for, I actually don’t really know which product
to start with, I just wanna say the brand IGK hair care has been my #1 favorite go to
hair brand for all hair products, I love everything that they have to offer. From their dry shampoos
to their coconut oil gel which is like the most amazing product ever in case you wanna
slick back your hair, in case you wanna play up those baby hairs or if you want the super
sleek look that product is amazing, it tames flyaway everything. Also, a huge fan of their
blocked water-resistant hair shield, this is great if you are trying to achieve that
wet hair look, if you have frizzy hair or if you live in a humidity city like New York,
you need IGK crybaby, this product is amazing. Basically an anti-frizz smoothing serum, just
need a drop of this, work it through the length of your hair or in my case I like to work
it through the root because that is where my hair gets frizzy for some reason and voila
it is super sleek and super smooth, I used it today. They also incredible no crunch flexible
hold hair spray with micro light pearl reflectors, this product here gives you the ultimate shine,
the only thing is you can’t overdo it, if you spray too much you will look kinda greasy
just like 1, 2 sprays here, 1,2 sprays here and boom, wearing it today, did I overdo it? Another hair product that I have been loving
is not from my IGK it’s actually from Bumble & Bumble, it’s their thickening dryspun texture
spray and I love to use this for those times when I style my hair in waves, so whenever
I use a curling iron or even a crimper or even if I do the braids and then unbraid my
hair and I want that airy sort of texture that looks very natural, kinda slept in but
very easy almost California beachy style, this is what I reach for and it’s amazing,
this is my holy grail product from Bumble & Bumble, I can’t live without it and I will
not live without it. Speaking of hair, I did discover my favorite
beauty gadget for the year, it’s a very, very expensive beauty gadget I am talking
about my Dyson hair dryer, you guys I cannot live without this product, this is the mother
of all mothers when it comes to blow dryers. Not only does it cut your blow-drying time
in half, it’s also super quiet, it’s super lightweight and it gets rid of frizz, probably
the only hair dryer that I have ever used that’s able to deliver those kinds of results
in such a short drying time. Honestly for me it takes no more than 7 minutes to dry
all of my hair, I gotta tell you I have a lot of hair, it might be fine but there is
a lot of it and typically it takes a long time to dry. If I ever go to bed with wet
hair, I wake up the next morning with wet hair, yes this is very expensive it’s $400
but it’s absolutely worth it, I haven’t found anything better, everything else barely even
scratches the surface of how good this Dyson hair dryer is. If you can afford it I highly
recommend it, I actually really want to get the Dyson hair wrap, it’s also a blow dryer
but also styler in one, there is all these attachments that you could use to sleek your
hair, to make it more voluminous, to make it curly etc. but I think it’s more meant
for longer hair so I don’t really have a need for it right now but trust me once my hair
grows out, gonna get my hands on that Dyson hair wrap or air wrap, no idea. You guys we have made it to the end, my voice
is super raspy but I could not, not tell you about this product, especially given the fact
that I use it all the time, you asked me about it all the time especially on Inst stories
because I love to use it for travelling I am talking about my awesome face masks, gonna
pop up some pictures right here of me in my favorite Japanese face masks that not only
protect you from germs while you are travelling, yes they also hide you from the world in case
you are not wearing make-up and you don’t wanna be seen. Now these specific masks I
got in Japan but I found that you can also get them on Amazon and of course I will link
them but the cool thing about these is that they are made out of this really unique foam
that actually cools your face while you are wearing it so it doesn’t feel like you are
suffocating in your own bad breath and it also just looks really bad ass and like you
are about to kick some ass. I do have one more category that I want to
mention, and it is the best new beauty brand category, are you guys ready. This brand is
actually a skin care brand so definitely let me know if you wanna see a whole skin care
favorites round up for 2019 in my next video, the best new brand for 2019 in my humble opinion
is Glow Recipe (blows horn), the reason why I love glow recipe is because I love all of
their products, they are clean, they are cruelty free, chemical free, sulphate free all that
bad stuff free, they are kind of like very cool innovative hybrid products that work
very well together you can pair one with another, there is a lot of very user friendly skin
care to make up type of products like this watermelon glow ultra-fine mist which is great
for hydrating your face or for setting or re-setting your make-up. Basically, I am a
huge fan, I feel like their products aren’t super expensive, they are very attainable,
and I want to see more from them, I think they are a very cool emerging brand and I
expect very big things from glow recipe in 2020, mark my words you guys. I love you guys, thank you so much for watching
for listening, sticking with me I am out and about. I gotta go like rest up my voice, click
on some of my other videos right here make sure you check out my 2018 favorites, I will
see you in my next one, I love you guys so much, muah!


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