Tips for Applying Lipstick with Taylor Anise | COVERGIRL

Tips for Applying Lipstick with Taylor Anise | COVERGIRL

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Hi guys, I’m Taylor Anise. I am super
excited to be collaborating with COVERGIRL today to teach you guys how to
rock a demi-matte, cream and metallic lip look and this will all be done using
the COVERGIRLS NEW Exhibitionist Lip Collection. There are so many beautiful
combinations with the 48 colors that they launched so let’s get started and I
will show you guys some of my favorites. We’re going to begin with the cream
finish lipsticks which like all of the lipsticks it provides a lasting color
and hydration that lasts all day long. I’m going to line my lips with a dark
brown lip pencil and then we’re going to start with our first lipstick and the
shade that I’m going with today is Tempting Toffee, which is one of my
favorites in the entire collection it’s a really pretty nude shade. When I apply
my lipsticks I start with the bottom lip and I coat the entire lip from side to
side and then I go to the top lip also starting from the center and go from
side to side. After I apply the lipstick then I’ll tap my lips together to blend
the lipstick in with the lip liner because of these super creamy finish
these are pretty much foolproof so they’re very very easy to use as well as
reapply if needed. Next I’m going to use the COVERGIRL Exhibitionist Limited
Edition Lip Kit and this one is in the shade Succulent Cherry for the lipstick
and Cherry Red for the lip liner. So to line my lips I’m going to first start
from the center, pretty much the same way that I apply my lipsticks but I’m just
going to outline the lips. So starting in the center and moving from side to side.
I’m going to repeat the steps on the top lip by starting in the center and moving
from side to side just outlining the lips. Lining your lips is a crucial step
because it helps for the entire lipstick application to be neater as well as it
prevents the lipstick from fading. So because of that I’m also going to fill
in my lips with this color and then right on top I’m going to go in with the
lipstick from the Lip Kit, which is again in the shade Succulent Cherry. This
shade is GORGEOUS. I live for a good red lipstick and this, this, this is it. Moving
on to the metallic finish lipsticks I’m going to start with the Exhibitionist
lipstick in the shade Get Away. So I’m going to start by
applying this lipstick on the center portion of my bottom lip but because
we’re not using a lip liner with this we want to turn the lipstick at an angle
where the point of the lipstick is going up towards the curve of your lip and
we’re going to start from the corner and connect it to the center and that way
you’re able to get a very clean application. Now this lipstick is perfect
for a night out I can see this looking so great with a black dress and you just
pop on this lipstick that packs so much statement into it I really like
this shade. Next I’m going to apply the Exhibitionist Lipstick in the shade Ready or Not using the exact same technique that I did with the previous shade applying
this lipstick on the center portion of my bottom lip
turn the lipstick at an angle and connect it to the center. Now this
lipstick is amazing. A simple eye look paired with this bold statement lip
color is perfect for holiday parties. The final finish we’re going to be trying on
today are the demi-matte finish lipsticks. This is actually one of my
favorite lipstick finishes because it gives you more of a matte finish than
the cream lipsticks but it does not dry out your lips like a super matte
lipstick. Using the same technique that I used earlier to line my lips I’m going
to start with the COVERGIRL Exhibitionist Lip Liner in the shade
Plum Partner. After lining my lips I’m going to fill in the center to prevent
the lipstick from fading. Comment below if you think this lip liner by itself is
so pretty but we are going to add a lipstick right in the center and we’re
going to do more of a ombre look. To do that I’m going to use the exhibitionist
Demi-Matte lipstick in the shade Feelings and I’m going to apply this
mostly just in the center and then tap my lips together to blend. I’m now going to apply the lipstick in
the shade Infamous. This is a deep red wine shade and to apply this lipstick
I’m going to use the same technique as earlier. Now that you all have seen all of the
finishes and a variety of shades let us know down in the comments which finish
was your favorite. Thank you all so much for tuning in make sure that you
subscribe to COVERGIRL’s YouTube Channel to see more videos like this as well as
check out my social channels at Taylor Anise. Thanks again so much for
watching and I’ll see you guys later, bye.


  1. Hey, hey, hey….just come by to show you some love. I'm so glad that Covergirl is acknowledging some of the smaller talented youtubers. So proud of your and Andrea Renee for getting the partnerships.

  2. Oh my gosh finally someone close to my shade! 😍 covergirl y’all rock! I can’t wait to try these great model! The red is calling my name!!! jingle bells

  3. Coming from your Instagram I had to watch! I love love your make up!! Always flawless❀❀ yes that lip liner by its self it bomb!!

  4. So covergirl used to have a lipstick called santa fe….it was THE prettiest orangy red color ive ever used and they ofcourse have discontinued it. Does anyone remember that? It was the aqua bullet with clear lid. Does anyone know a good dupe???? It was my absolute favorite color and i never went a day with out wearing it. Im in my 40s and this was 15 yrs ago probably. Pleeeeease!! I neeeed a dupe!!!!

  5. Not really an honest review because you had left over product on your lips from the previous application. Which will definitely taint the the color in the review. But besides that you are one Beautiful Girl.


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