1. what's with the nasty creases on her eyes? and you can already see how the lovely product transferred onto her lids right after the application

  2. they should've used a primer so those multiple nasty crease lines wouldn't occur.. since they are there you could've at least blended them out and put a powder over it :/

  3. it's not meant to be long wearing, these girls finish a show and run to another where they get new hairstyle and make up…

  4. These are NOT tutorials!! They are just showing the tips and tricks they did to accomplish the looks for the show, every artist has to recreate it on the model. Plus who cares if its creasing, just as quick as those girls have to change into different clothes, so does their makeup!

  5. I don't like her hair style or colour, I think it makes her look older and the dyed brows seem a bit too artificial, but I love the liner look, looks so effortless yet good.

  6. Make a video showing us how the makeup artists got to where they are, how they managed to start working for mac. It'd be great for aspiring makeup artists.

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