Toiletry Bag Review by Lavievert (Honest Opinions)

Toiletry Bag Review by Lavievert (Honest Opinions)

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this toiletry bag that I’m reviewing
today is like your travel organizer since we are an airline family you know
that we travel the world and I am honestly giving you my opinions of what
practically works for me I’m thinking practicality I’m thinking storage I’m
thinking space that it takes up in my carry-on suitcase as well as a checked
suitcase for airline travel I want to keep my toiletries organized and
sometimes by the end of the trip I want to just throw them in the bag I don’t
care about organization if you are an avid traveler for work or for leisure
pop into my video when I say toiletry bag I am talking
about a travel bag for cosmetics an organized sectioned washroom bag that
will fit in your suitcase or your weekend bag for a road trip
and for me I went to Oregon for three days and so I was able to fit this in my
carry-on suitcase I was gifted this bag from Lavievert and they have graciously and generously given me one purple one to
give away to you my Watchers viewers and stay tuned to find out how
exactly you can be in the running for this great toiletry bag now I’m gonna
link this below because it is on Amazon prime and so you can find their company
on Amazon but what I appreciate about them asking me to review this toiletry
bag is that I can say anything I don’t have to give you only good reviews even
though most of them are going to be great opinions there are some things I
don’t like so don’t miss those if you are picky about your toiletry bags the
best thing about this toiletry bag is that it is very high quality I have some
travel cubes that you might have seen in another of my videos those zippers are
very cheap the vinyl stuff is very cheap this is very well made I can tell I feel
confident carrying it in my airline travel suitcase but the best thing about
it why is there Kleenex how do these things get in your bags
I have dumped every liquid from my TSA approved liquids bag
into here and look how much space I still have one thing that Lavievert bags
have is the ability to hang this up on your towel rod in your hotel or on the
closet rod which is what I did at our hotel in Oregon and the things that you
are unorganized with will not spill out I mean it is so deep it is this deep
from the bottom it is this deep from the bottom and that is almost almost 6
inches worth of space that you can just put anything the big bottles of shampoo
if you’re checking your suitcase or going on a road trip love the storage
capacity for this and that things won’t spill out this Lavievert toiletry bag
has 15 pockets most of them are mesh it has 15 pockets and it has 13 of these
elastic things that I would use for makeup brushes I did not put my makeup
brushes in these little elastic bands I put them on the fully unzippable open up
wide section for my taller eyeshadow brushes and most of them for travel fit
right there while I’m talking about the hang up ability of this toiletry bag I
want to share what I’ve thought about this pocket right here you do not want
any moisture getting in there that’s why it is not mesh so the things I will in
the future put in there now that I’ve gone on a trip I know and I can tell
what I would use the next time what I would put in here the next time is like
cleansing cloths that cannot get wet cotton balls things like that but I
don’t want anything leaking on if I put a liquid in here that is going to leak
accidentally that’s what I would put in here and here’s a little hack for you if
you say these from your purses or handbags that you buy you can put those
in here we’re in Houston so I am very aware of mold or anything getting wet
that doesn’t need to be wet and then stay
so you can put these in a ziplock baggie several of them that you have saved in a
ziplock baggie with your phone if it gets wet in the rain or spilled on or
dropped in the toilet and it will help pull out the moisture now that is a hack
that I have just read don’t know if it works but something you can do with
these little things that you get one thing I do not like about this toiletry
bag is that the velcro here is not strong enough or there’s not enough of
it to hold the hook under when you are trying to zip it close
the hook keeps falling out and of course that time it didn’t fall out at all when
I’m usually the hook will fall down from that velcro I think the velcro needs to
be stronger but that’s something little that I found as I was having the review
mindset on vacation now inside this bag they have these mesh pockets like I said
15 pockets in the whole toiletry bag but some of them are really narrow like I
can fit three fingers down in here and so I stored my bare minerals bronzer in
there and it is really high maintenance trying to get that out so I don’t
recommend putting that in the little mesh baggy but you you people are smart
so you will find something to put in these little mesh bags like I said it’s
really deep on the inside the front they have a zipper ball long mesh pocket the
great thing about mesh is that you can see through it
so it speeds up getting ready in the morning or finding what you need and
then it has two more little mesh pockets at the front I use them for my little
compact and some eyeshadow little compacts one of the best things about
this bag is that I can fit my entire I shadow palette by japonesque I’ll link
it below it’s awesome I can fit it all right there look how deep it is y’all
and it is expandable I just love these the storage capacity in this bag and
like I said both open all the way and with the very
strong zippers and I store in these little elastic bands my eyeshadow
brushes but also a racer and my toothbrush and I did store my toothbrush
diagonally that’s just it I had space to do it sometimes you can
put it in the open area of your toiletry bag but that’s just where I wanted mine
I wanted it concealed in order to win this bag and we’re gonna choose someone
who has an email listed in their About section of their YouTube channel and all
you need to do is leave me a comment and let me know where you’re gonna take this
toiletry bag and I’ll choose a winner on July 31st now that I’ve gone on a trip
with this bag I do think that I could store like my shorts or a skort I think I
could put all of my undies and socks and maybe a workout t-shirt or sports bra in
this toiletry bag zip it up and store it so I could almost take the place of one
of my packing use I mean the storage is that amazing there are two pockets on
each end of this toiletry bag and the inner pocket on both sides does not open
all the way I do wish that it opened all the way as well and then there are two
big pockets in there or you can just stuff something big in there and it’s
very well padded I just I love how they have designed at this entire bag I think
they had the avid traveler or work traveler in mind I really think this
back would be best in checked luggage because it has such great storage
capacity that you may not be able to fit your packing cubes and this almost the
size of a cube inside your carry-on suitcase I did put this in my backpack
for going to Oregon but then in the end I ended up pulling it out and making it
fit in my carry-on suitcase with my packing cubes because I need room in my
backpack my carry-on under the seat bag I needed that space for my hoodie and
other things that go in my carry-on bag anyway highly recommend this if you have
any questions let me know like I said I will link it below on Amazon Prime thank
you for popping over to my video


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  21. Excellent and very thorough video. I think I would use this bag for Disney World as we go at least once a year and I take a larger carry on and we stay two weeks always. Great bag. I think you could fit all the toiletries and more. Very organized. Thank-you for your video.

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  35. This would be a great bag for me. First it is MY COLOR—PURPLE!!! I would use this to put my regular toiletries in as well as my vitamins and supplements. I travel with my meds put into 4 morning pill cases and 4 evening pill cases. If I go over a month then I put the refills in a plastic bag to refill the pill containers when I need to. This would hold it ALL. Then I would have an area for the bit of makeup, my curling iron, brush and comb, my cleanser (I use Oil of Olay dry cleaning cloths) use and throw away, first aid items, clothes washing sheets (wash and then throw in dryer as a dryer sheet). I know you said 15 pockets—-I love lots of pockets so I have a place for everything! This tote would be great because it would all hang up for extremely easy access. It would have to be checked for my trip to Kansas in September but my extended trip to Florida in December it would be perfect to have in the car to take in while on the road instead of searching through things I will need for the night. When I get to my final destination, it just pops on the hanger behind the bathroom door and keeps all that clutter off the sink area. I really could put this to very good use. I hope I win it, wink, wink. Wish you great travels on your next trip. [email protected]

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    [email protected]

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    I really appreciate all of the travel tips and tricks. My husband and I are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary with a cruise to Alaska August 11, 2018. Thank you, [email protected]

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    eg. overpacking, taking what you will actually USE, squishy bottles, etc.
    Thanks so much for your videos and yes I love the bright pouchy bags you have to store fiddly items. I bought some lol
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    from sydney australia

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  55. [email protected] Use to be flight attendant but getting married and children, I have not flown in 20 years. I’m going on my first cruise in October and I’m looking for a toiletry bag. I would love to try it and tell others about it.

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