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Hey everyone! Welcome or welcome back to my YouTube channel. My name is Linda, and today we’ll be doing the second unboxing from the NYX Face Awards Romania contest! After every stage of the contest, those who pass get a box, or better said bag of surprises from NYX cosmetics and the contest sponsors And I brought you here today to see approximately what I got I didn’t open it – actually I did open it but I didn’t swatch anything! I left that part for you 🙂 I’ll insert swatches for everything that is worth swatching. For example palettes, pigments, liners and so on. So yep! Let’s see what I got. This time the products came in a beach bag from the Off Tropic collection. Super super cute, and I’m fittingly going to the beach in a few weeks so it’s going to be really useful! Just wanted to thank NYX for being so generous with their prizes and for choosing the products so well they really do suit the theme (Living Art) which is to come, and I hope you’ll enjoy what I’ll make! I organized the product I’m going to show in a logical make-up order so to say, starting with base products, to eye products and finally lip stuff. There are a couple of products that don’t fit any categories but I’ll show them at the end! Okay! So the first thing I got is a Cleansing Salt Scrub from the Stripped Off Skincare collection. I’m thinking it’s a physical exfoliant with sea salt. The next product I received is from Kiehl’s, which I’m assuming are official sponsors too, I also got an eye cream – actually an eye treatment from them which I really do enjoy, and this is their Calendula Serum-Infused Water Cream, so basically a hydrating cream I tried it just now, it has a really light texture but also very hydrating at the same time and I don’t know, it kind of leaves a glowy cast after application. And it’s really nice! I’ll keep using it and I will keep you updated. Moving on I got another round of their setting sprays, the Matte and the Dewy one. I use the dewy one almost every day, so I’m glad I got another bottle because I’m almost through with the other one. And I use the matte one when I feel like I’m going to have an oilier face that day, but they’re both really nice! Moving on I received two primers, one from the Total Control line and the other one is the Angel Veil primer. I heard a lot of good stuff about this one, but looking at the ingredients they both have dimethicone pretty high up, which leads me to think that they are both for filling in pores, or for smoothing skin texture. This one seems a little more concentrated and more suited for the T-Zone and I think this one is better for the entire face, not sure about that but that’s my thinking. Okay, next I got something really cool I got some Pro Foundation Mixers – These are basically foundations or cream products which you can mix into your own foundation to darken it, lighten it make it pinker or more yellow to suit your needs. It’s a really great product for make-up artists, very useful. And this one, in the shade “Opalescent”, from what I can tell, doesn’t really have a base colour, it’s very transparent when blended out. But what I’m thinking is that it’s really nice if you want to mix it in with your foundation to achieve a more glowy texture because, well I don’t know if you can tell in these lights but it has some sort of a pink reflection to it reminding me of a liquid highlighter, but really subtle. So I’m thinking that’s what this one is meant for. I got the Pro Foundation Mixers in the shades White, Opalescent, Olive and Deep. Next, I got three more products from the SFX Creme Colour range. I used these for my previous look too, within the “Proud Soul” theme. I really like them, I also used a hairdryer on the surface to melt them down a little, since that made them easier to apply on larger surfaces – on the face, they worked great directly from the compact, but on wider surfaces such as the chest, I had to drag them around more. So that’s a really great tip, to melt them down a little before using a hairdryer prior to application. I got the SFX Creme Colours in the shades Red, Orange and Black. They sent me two powders this time, the first one being the SFX set, which I also used last time. It’s really good for setting this type of SFX Creme colours. It has a really smooth and mild texture, and because of this once I placed it on top of that really creamy, kind of sticky texture (because it is a cream) it kind of gave it a liquid lipstick texture on my entire body. It has a really interesting texture for a powder and it’s really useful for this kind of looks. And the other powder I got is the HD one, HD powders are best when used for television or for filming, because they blur the aspect of fine lines or skin texture and such. From the Born To Glow collection I got three single highlighters this time, and last time I got the palette. I tried it and I’m not sure if these are the same shades like those from the palette. The palette has the shades by number (1-6) and these have actual names, but I really do enjoy this formula. It’s right between glowy and glittery, a really pretty combination. I received these in the shades Stand Your Ground, Chosen One and Break the Rhythm. Okay, so let’s move on to the most exciting part – eyes! I received three base products, the first one being their pigment primer. I’m thinking it’s formulated to be used with their pigments. The second one is simply called “Black Eyeshadow Base”, I’m guessing it perfect for a smokier look, or if you want to apply a duo-chrome or more iridescent shade. Black bases are perfect for that! Moving on, this isn’t particularly a base product, but it’s a gel eyeliner – or actually Vivid Brights cream eyeliner, and I have this one in the shade “Blueprint”. Next, I got a couple Jumbo pencils. As I told you last time, these are super versatile, they can be used as a base, as a pencil, I even used them on the lips, or even on the face! So they really are super versatile, And you can use them as anything you want but if you use them as a cream eyeshadow I recommend you to set them with a same or similar colored eyeshadow, because they don’t dry down. So you risk creasing the product, but they are really long-wearing! I got these in the shades Black Bean, Purple Velvet, Rust and Milk. I got two more eyeliners, the first being their Epic Ink Liner and the other their White Liquid Liner. The Epic Ink one is my favourite from any line, it’s very black and long-wearing very easy to apply precisely since it has a brush tip. And I also used to have the White Liquid liner but I never used it as a liner, I used it much more for detail in my avantgarde looks. It’s very precise and you can draw very thin, fine white lines with it. Moving along, I got another round of their Vivid Brights liners! These have got to be my favorite colored liners. Very resistant, they dry down matte and don’t bleed at all. I also got a couple doubles this time, but I’m thinking of putting them to the side to maybe get a giveaway going, once I’ve gathered a couple more products. This time I got them in the shades Vivid Fire, Vivid Delight, Vivid Petal, Vivid Blossom, Vivid Violet, Vivid Sapphire, Vivid Envy and Vivid Escape. I also got sent a few pigments, this time all from the “Pigments” range. And I totally have to try them with the special base! I usually use them on top of a concealer or a concealer set with powder. They really work well like this too but hopefully even better with the base! I got the pigments in the shades Kryptonite, Constellation, Egotastic Potion, Nightingale and Stunner. So let’s move on to palettes! I got a small Foil Play palette in the style “Magnetic Pull”. They’re very metallic and shiny, let me try one on. I film the swatches separately so I haven’t tried them out yet even though you saw them. Ooo Hang on, I’m curious about the Gunmetal one. They’re extremely buttery, almost like a cream shadow but I think they’re just pressed pigments. Very metallic anyhow, probably even better with a wet brush. Next, I got both Off Tropic palettes, they’re called “Hasta La Vista” and “Shifting Sand”. This one is Hasta La Vista, it’s super colorful and has some very vibrant shades. I haven’t tried them yet but I did swatch them in-store once, and I liked them a lot. And Shifting Sand. It’s not AS colorful but it has some delightful warm shades in it, very fitting for summer. I have to try them out more and perhaps do a small review on them. I got the Swear By it palette once again! I inserted swatches in my previous unboxing video if you want to see, I won’t be opening this one too since I’ll put in the giveaway bin! Which will eventually come, So I don’t want to open the packaging. The shades in it are really long-lasting and compliment a variety of skin tones, I really recommend this one and it’s huge! Next, I received another three pairs of lashes, These are called Risque, Vixen and On the Fringe. I don’t wear lashes on the daily but I really do enjoy them with more editorial or avant-garde looks. I feel like they really change the look and eye shape! I actually do have great plans for these lashes in the next stage. They also sent me a lash curler which is perfect because I think the one I have right now is almost two years old and the rubbers that actually curl your lashes are completely destroyed. So thanks for saving me Nyx! Further, I got a mascara from the “Worth the Hype” collection, but this one happens to be purple. I tried the original one and I enjoy it a lot, it really is *worth the hype* (badumtss) Aaaand I can’t wait to see how the purple one looks. And finally in the eye/brow area I got an eyebrow pencil, I think this is the powder one – yup, in the shade black. It’s a classic, sharpen-type pencil. Alright! Let’s move on to lips. Firstly, I received a product I didn’t even know existed. I mean, I supposed it did but I never actually tried one. It’s a lip primer, this one is in the shade “Nude”, not sure if they have other shades. I tried it on my lips beforehand and I thought it would be hydrating, but no, it’s rather smoothening, kind of works to fill in the fine lines we all have in our lips. It probably also helps with the longevity of a lipstick. As for lipstick themselves, I got a couple from the “Lip Lingerie” collection. In the shades Seduction, French Maid, Confident and Scandalous. I’m wearing “Seduction” right now, they’re really comfortable but I always recommend applying a hydrating base before a liquid lip, as in a lip balm basically. That way they also last longer, they apply easier and your lips don’t dry down as fast. All liquid lipsticks are drying to the lips after a while, but these are actually really comfortable. I also got a couple lippies from the “Glitter Goals” range! These are also liquid lipsticks with a matte finish, but they also have some microglitter in them. Once the lips dry matte, the glitter kind of peaks through. They’re gorgeous, I got some very interesting shades. They’re a bit more wearable than the ones I got last time – those were on the green, blue and black side of things. I mean, I can wear them, but I think these colors are much more wearable. I got these in the shades Crystal Crush, Shimmy, Cherry Quartz, Reflector and X Infinity. Aaand my recording decided to take a break right here but I did insert these swatches of the lipstick I got, from the Liquid Suede Range. I got these in the shades Oh, Put it On!, Stone Fox, Club Hopper, Vintage and Cherry Skies. Okay, so we’re almost at the end. They also sent me a blending sponge which I never tried from them. It does seem really soft but I still have to dampen it of course. And what I also found interesting that I got is a shampoo and a conditioner from Redken which I used just before filming and it left my hair super soft – so thanks for the shampoo! Okay! So now that we finished with the actual products, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your tremendous support I got countless messages saying how much people enjoyed my work or that I inspired them and it makes me SO happy to read such things! It’s a pretty – I don’t want to say stressful – but a very challenging contest. And especially when receiving such messages after putting in so much effort you can say that it was all worth it: the walking around, the filming, the heat – it is SO hot to film in lights I swear And yeah! Thank you so much for your support. I would also like to thank the jury for choosing me again and also NYX for being so generous with their prizes. And I hope to see you again in the next unboxing! And a kiss because you made it to the end.


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