Top 5 Anesthesia Reactions! 😵

Top 5 Anesthesia Reactions! 😵

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Chinese balls bouncy balls okay you can take pop out cigars what do you think I was talking that’s a stop [Music] they tweeted why do I have three eyes hey dr. Jordan doctor didn’t stop yelling calm down Jordan calm down hey doctor my mom said tell me to calm down Jordan doctor you have two eyes yeah three eyes you have to let’s eat three things doctor you have to do I know she’s looking at you you have two eyes you remember everything I thought that the CIA I’ll run for CIA in cieariy what are they try to stop me you guys I think I have three eyes wait I’ll turn the water my thirsty yeah stop doing your hair like that you gotta answer it though why did the chicken cross the road oh man she already got it mom okay so ask me if I’m on No they’re Birds Jordan that’s kind of rude why did some wrong you already gave her then joke wait my head up but gravity gravity as a life lesson you know that decent life lesson do not fool you mom I hear you keep recording I’m pretty certain my even I’m not honest I’m pretty is wait yes no wait [Laughter] [Laughter] who did you what are you doing what are you doing yep I’m your mom no Nona does like if you like put your like your feet on the desk like it’s a good way to give birth and the baby drops out into a basket I can show you when I write you better not know okay Pepsi tastes funny Pepsi I’ll ask her right now that’s just kind of strange they were giving me the shot for my leg mm-hmm and your hip yeah my doctor Dave mm-hmm they don’t do that really close because that would be embarrassing I think he was pretty normal you don’t have to worry I think you cool guy they were in finder that’s because that’s where you’re nervous it goes right over your hip bone no it goes right over your hip bone no make it as j-bird better just standard that blanket you will you don’t worry have you played twister you mean twister with the dots on the ground yeah it’s a great game yeah I baby still do yep always I twisted you’re right I know does can’t play twister on your floors too small you’re right and they come hard to see I know you ever had mm-hmm what’s your favorite kind this chocolate your favorite no vanilla caramel yes flavor it is yes nice cream strawberry stop is a good cloth so cold stone is your favorite no cold stone is an ice cream store it’s just the names of all the nurses that are working right now News wonder oh and that’s one of the doctors that’s one of the surgeons tough name to grow and realize they was a waiter enjoy a newsmakers it’s might be anchor prosciutto anchor man can you Scott somebody knows mm-hmm okay see I heard he said every time I eat in bubble and I got a little shit she is a very respectful girl she never cursed in front of me like this shitty Naja zipping okay I’m sorry my mind whole work I am a premise we know that I have to make it black excellent okay are you still passing gas [Music] my asshole we know we know baby okay for this real good but cuz you don’t have asshole problem okay I’m sorry the Lord forgive me I’m a Christian y’all Christian she never person from [Music] [Music] okay I’m sorry I’m sorry okay Naja hit girl okay when you see this you’re gonna be embarrassed they’re bringing you some right now in a minute I’ll see if they’ll lift you up okay did the doctor send you man you are I can do whoa I’ve seen are you a model nope I’m gonna be right here with you you eat the cracker you my name is Candace I’m your wife you’re my wife yeah holy shit [Music] how long to see the cracker you’re making up not yet we just keep eating your cracker oh it’s hard hard baby it’s hard do we call each other baby [Music] [Music]


  1. The original video clips are much longer – You can find all links in the description!

    PS: 1 more video @

  2. There was a dinosaur mirror thing and I thought it was eating everybody heads off 😂🤣😂😆😂 well from what my mom said. Also my mom said my eyes were darting all over the room but all I remember was watching blue clues on the mini TV in there.

  3. I wanted to see naisha react to her seeing the video because her family said wait till we show u this ur gonna be embarrassed

  4. Wtf why didn't i do anything like this when i was on anesthesia-?
    I had it once when i was younger cause my dentists were filling in some cavities i had and i couldnt stay awake for it since my anxiety levels were to high
    All i remember was being too weak to move and they had to wheel me out in a wheelchair and pick me up and put me in my moms car cause i couldnt stand. I ended up passing out in the car and when i got in my house i passed out again on the couch and woke up feeling like i was having a heart attack. The smell of the gas mask remained in my nose for a week and in class i would randomly start to fall asleep cause the smell would suddenly hit me

    Mom says i asked if the other kids there got scared after seeing me pale and in a wheelchair but i cant remember anything besides waking up in the car for a moment before falling asleep again

  5. Girl:"whisper's"are my mom

    The mom: yup im your mom im your mom im Your mom!!!!!!!

    Girl:•_• mom

    The mom:uhhh

  6. Its funy how the only things you here in the background are people talking and the camera person wheezing the whole time🤣

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