Train Travel Tips For Comfort Safety Emergencies -KiwiRail New Zealand

Train Travel Tips For Comfort Safety Emergencies -KiwiRail New Zealand

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train travel tips for comfort safety travel essentials must have items how to stay safe on a train hi it’s AlaskaGranny I am on holiday in New Zealand and I am always saying no matter where you go you need to have a few preparations travel essentials because you just don’t know what will happen well we were riding the train all the way across the North Island and as you can see the train is broken down fortunately I have the things I always carry with me and a few things I pick up along the way everyday for my outings and then if you look around me lots and lots of people who were also riding the train are just left out in the dust they haven’t brought the things they need emergency supplies with them where ever you go be sure that you bring a few special items that you need for your travels for any day no matter where you are or what you might encounter these are the things you want to make sure you take with you on the train or any outing every single day so that you aren’t worried about your basic needs you can worry what can I do to ensure that I still arrive safely and what can I do if I arrive late because my train was delayed or broke down I always bring credit card currency where ever I am make sure to carry small bills so that if they can’t make change for example here there is a power outage you can still get a few things make sure you always have water get some food make sure you carry some food have a first aid kit and creature comfort items I always carry paper pen copies of our passports I read the safety rules on what ever mode of transportation like the train I am on no matter where I am to make sure they aren’t different in this country and I am not familiar make sure you have a current time schedule for your train so that you don’t miss your transportation because you were unaware say they change it for a holiday I keep it all on my big old scarf I can use for a blanket ground cover I can use it to shade me if I need it I keep it all in here in a small backpack and keep it with me I have a little purse then I don’t have to worry about what am I going to do for food what am I going to do for water I can worry about maybe we need to find another way to get there besides the train and I don’t need to worry about these things, basic needs I can worry about what am I going to do if my train arrives 6 hours late will I still be able to get my hotel room to continue to receive tips and tricks to things that come along every day please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel


  1. Love the traveling by rail.  My late father was a railroader and we traveled a lot by rail (it was a free perk back then for employees) when I was a young man.  I am in my 70s now..  My wife and I traveled from central Indiana to Chicago and then to Flagstaff, AZ and round trip couple years ago, on Amtrak.  Only one short breakdown and a four hour stop due to a derailed freight but we loved it. We did have snacks and water!  May go again in a year or so.  Loved the video.  Thanks for sharing.

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