Travel Beauty Essentials * Give AWAY* Hindi Subtitles  ** Shimla**| Joygeeks |

Travel Beauty Essentials * Give AWAY* Hindi Subtitles ** Shimla**| Joygeeks |

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I am in Shimla right now and I’m quite
excited to bring to you some travel essentials some makeup skincare some of
the other things that I think is great for travel
stay with me it’s going to be a fun ride I’m also gonna take you through some
sponsorship now along with the big upset you keep watching so essentially what I do is I carried
this back with me this is a very travel friendly pouch I just I got from
continents it’s a Kapoor I’m sure we give this somewhere in India Bombay to
something similar to this so you just open it up and you can see all the stuff
that I carry I will show you in detail would you like me to or should I just
send the with you here you have to show you this and that’s it this is how I
look most of the things are here and then I also have this stays in my
suitcase and I also have this little mini pouch that I carry with me in my
backpack and this is a really cute pouch sure this is from a brand called Ferrara
I actually was looking for I’m forgetting name there’s another thing I
I put the super’ in of the other brand that I was looking for but this is
exactly like that eisah IRA I’m forgetting beautiful cloth
bag it has a mirror inside and then it has a pouch and you can see it has good
enough space so coffee pushes marriage are they even in Bombay actually when
I’m back I can put a lot of my stuff in here I’ll show you I will show you shall
I begin with the bigger one first so here what I do is I have a lot of my
base products here I carry the smaller pouches as much as possible I have some
face things here which is my compact some Faced palettes eyeshadow palettes
and some eye products shop so very very minimal I don’t you know carrying excess
because I like to travel light as much I think this is a lot as this so let me
start with the base products that I can hear so what I got is the it cosmetics
the one that I had just recently shown you in the favorites video in the shade
medium almond this medium tan deep for the chair because it’s cup hot recent
coverage of the many vanilla actually a prefix may I just put a little compact I
put a little lipstick and that’s about it so it’s Kabbalah ciao
coverage here is my FC our SPF fair and slide on the face – Lucia personnel or
Liana Merrimack Phoebe this is the Mac and C for it to MU that I’m carrying
it’s really small tin because under straddling for three four days I don’t
need more than this so you see this just does the job I don’t need to carry a big
pocket so when I’m traveling traveling I’ve been using and c42
but before I shopped with over here I’m actually here for an advert shoot he was
talking to me about using NW which is a better tool for injured skin tone and he
said I should be in NW 30 so that’s what he used for me I will try it it’s such a
picture of you know the foundation you use very natural looking beautiful and I
will go to Mac and explore that as well so that’s something I would inform you
for concealer I got my Mac again this what I like to do when I travel is a
track carry products that can be used in multiple ways so that you don’t have to
carry one one thing for too many things you can see I you have the orange
corrector if you want you can highlight you have the concealer in three shades
depending on your color and then you have the darker shade if you want to cut
and stuff so you bought unique versatile product and also a but creamy head so
you know better like this job can be here or nutria or draw moisture eyes
moisturised product string here I think this man is a great one this is the
shade medium deep this is a concealed and to conceal and correct
felt okay one I also carry this because I was used to this but many of the
unique as it the tart ship tip in the shade the dance and tan deep honey
47-inch anyway may sorry products Gideon’s or some description box metal
jeonggi object uh Sofia that which is common everyday the gun powder I just
brought the small mini or Laura Mercier powder which memoize other use curfew
for shoots and stuff even otherwise you want to just dab a little you wanna try
it for blush again I got this I’ve shown this earlier no video long back it’s a
beautiful shade what natural lip a NYX cream blush head this is in the shade
eros my favorites we passed for a Celica Logano cream
blush anyway even in Bobby I think after quieter if you wanted to really look
natural cream blush versus other natural or doing innocence for the triangle what
I got was this Chhotu Smashbox primer because this is all I would need for a
four-day trip so I didn’t want to carry a big one faces is just the faces
finishing touch setting powder so many fahadh amateur you hear a bill could be
dried Nagar toughest school for any skin tone this is good other what’s on our
lien hie hot Giavotella beach I hear beautiful product most of these are my
favorites things that are used on a regular basis
some things of course a thought which you know I want to try out this is again
a very versatile product faces our time through pallid face palette this has
other Meucci many la vigilia bus for powders complete in a bronzer hair lush
hair highlighter khamoshi a team of four hot person there this is in the shade
but you see I really like this other Apple travel car now ya gotta poo I love
the look whatever I depending I am if you just get this
oh what a chocolatier before bail priced hair hot long lasting her face faith or
your bronzer cup for the chest man gather up my fragrance the problem here
a few sympathizer ugh what a palette show you here for the eyeshadow if at
all I needed so I got our color pops yes please
it’s made officially one colours and other which we can now although may all
the time it nomicon he lagaa and this is doclet flirts ugh what a palette for hot
wasn’t there a big theory it’s not your time it’s so travel friendly it’s so
convenient right so it’s May one shade its main basic Browns it jookiba for the
child I really like this can you see the colors well if at all I feel like doing
some things I can most of the application I do not wear that much
makeup Franchini because anyway when you’re shooting and you know all the
time it for my joy geek videos you use so much makeup that you definitely want
to give it some drink even though you’re a big makeup shop and I think you all
should give that breaks your skin and not always have me got this lash warrior
from flower beauty it’s it’s the mascara that I’ve been loving right now it’s
they’re my favorites video that’s what I got Milani is brow and eye product I
really like this to highlight it has served me well and it has just gone it’s
just going on and on it will really don’t I’m excited no schematic or Exide
my booth rock metallics initially I generally just use the matte side the
three eye color the goddess color bars just smoky Kajal in the shade just brown
this is just brown 0:05 I got this back school pencil again I feature this just
now in the favourites video and this actually I got because I I wanted to try
this out I still have it but I will maybe I should wear it now I don’t have
anything on me flower beauty is in brownstone so this is something I’m here
to try but they’re all three different shades of brown
just what I would like to have a soft eye look now the other things that I
have which I kept handy with me who is this in this pouch I’ll show you so what
I have is a three-year sanitary pad this is something I’ve been really using up a
lot this is the precision brow pencil from NYX this is the sheer Express so
that’s what I have on my eye brows right now very very good product I’m very
happy with this the other thing I travel with is this faces powder the shade
olive a zero for that’s all I put on my face actually that a natural the
lipsticks that I would I just decided to turn the camera around because obviously
I have more light like this but I was loving this background back to me or the
other side school I’d get that but of course this is better light so now I
continue like this so what I was showing was the things that I have in this this
is the NYX lip oil that I really like it’s a lifesaver especially in this
painful weather I have this concealer with me Maybelline’s
concealer which i think is very efficient mmm the shade caramel you can
see how much ever you set up but I haven’t really used any of these so far
except the powder I’m trying out Michaels Get Set mat this is the sheer
basic and actually I’m quite loving this formula because for comfortable Hema
namely pendrick i actually up nail its pay i’ll show you the color that this is
and there is what else is on this business little mini perfume that i have
this is the secret to very cute i really like this fragrance it’s a unisex
perfume and i like the bottle because i will not carry those big bottles i have
to carry light and i have again the small this again i share the video this
is the hydrating cream for men from karma
beautiful product works so well in this and I’m gonna show you this pouch has
cute little it’s really efficient this pouch because I don’t normally carry
even this much makeup on my daily basis but because I’m traveling I just thought
at any point if I want I’ve actually kind of overdone the lipstick oh wee bit
I couldn’t decide what I should carry what I should know on and I wanna try to
get set mad as well so anyway I’ll show you if you like this kind of content in
you you know like to watch me be content and stuff you get like button on this
video and subscribe to my channel so that you know we can stay in touch and
let me continue with the recipe over I showed you get set math and basic this
is the shade coat this is what I’m wearing actually on my lips
isn’t it pretty I really like this shade and I like the formula as well I’ll tell
you how long it lasts and stuff I will give you that detail later because I’m
still just testing it out right now but this is the little sake isn’t this ia
it’s into my teeth so far the only flaw I found it gets into my teeth but maybe
I have overdone a genie such a pretty shades I got this key formula no water
when il-1 in the shade sweet pup trick actually I remember the shade name I
have shown this in my Kiko Milano video if you not watched it I will place the
link about beautiful beautiful shade this is and it’s the burnt orange ish
brownish orange that I thought would be lovely because actually I’m wearing a
pink jacket right now but most microwaves are just blessing to me I
thought we have to bury some lip colors at least I got to share a shoe two
lipsticks from Oprah one in the shade Tuscany which is a beautiful you know
pink everyday pink and I got another shield Miami fever which is my favorite
it’s again an orange shade I am a little of an orange lava
actually no I think I love a lot of colors
like orange I like things I like Browns I like red I like maroon so I like nude
soup and today I got the colors I don’t know what I could say is not my favorite
well I have a whole swatch video of Trollope sticks if they haven’t seen
that I will share the link about Miami fever is definitely in that this is
everybody’s favorite I got this face in Canada I do believe in my lipsticks
because I want to know quickly what it is in my big stash and this is a very
pretty beautiful color again you have I have a holds what you are not watching
anything right now because I’m just moving through this quickly but there is
a whole swatch video you can see this if you’ve not seen this I will link it
about if I you know can’t put any more cards you will see it in the lip swatch
playlist she just like three four days of which one day which is where I was in
complete natural look two days I’m traveling which means mostly I but
anyway I carry this this is cream she and air you in Mac I’ll show you it sir
can show you it’s a cream Sheen finish in maroon I thought it’s nice for this
weather let’s dare you this is the mini lipstick and Russian
rate actually I intend to do a whole video with MAC lipsticks Russian red is
more of a pink color very very pretty this is matte finish and another
lipstick and satin finish this is mocha this is one of my very very favorite I
had the big size which you know almost got over so I had to go and get this one
yeah the gloss lipstick I got from a lot of Milani again there is a whole video
on my channel with this this is the shade tenderness beautiful again very
nude very eyelashes feeling lipgloss really one of
my favorites and we’ll stuff only will not get because I’ll get the smaller
lipsticks actually like this this is from the palm and the shade dedicated
Weasley one of my favorite shades when I want a dark pink bright pink I go for
this this is a liquid lipstick and I can avoid a video on my channel with these
this most of them please check in the lipstick swatch playlist or whatever you
know lipstick that you may be interested in will definitely see that ok of all
the skincare that I carry it from my toiletry kit I’ve just got a few to show
quickly this is not a bit this is a chore to bottle I carry and this is the
Wild Oats anti-aging cream I did share that with you for a weather like this I
can use this day and night I really like this I have told you and of course I
carry the body butter as well from Wilders beautiful products you know the
best thing about this is that all three of us can use this this is the peach
grapes and cherry blossom and body fat oh it smells divine
and it really hydrates the body I got this and like I have mentioned before
you can use joy x.25 on buy lots of websites to get ready 5%
off I highly recommend these products as is this is only 50 you should pay you
get 25% off so check that out so this is a small bottle I carry and
I’ll show you the other small bottles this is the scrub that I just emptied
out in the small pocket because I don’t want to carry a big one this is Kamiya
the scrub that I’m using which I really like
I will share the links below I’ll tell you the detail of this which cute this
is the exact name I will either try to put a super or add you know the detail
in the description box they really like scrub as well
clammy aged lips sleeping mask a very nice product
beautiful for this weather 10 cm ice-crazy must-try i will share
the link our naica I think maybe such a small bottle is not available but I’ll
share the link erotic there and so exciting now that this product is in
India this is the clinic Moisture Surge I hydrophilic concentrate so I do have
50 is I haven’t used this today but see I don’t know if eNOS my puffiness
especially can be taken care of by any under-eye cream because I think this is
very genetic so I’m not even trying to correct it actually but I know that I
can do with a little hydration under the eye I know the under eye area sensitive
so I would like to use products which is focused for that we follow charge a pump
case are there I’m sorry it has a compound opportunity to open it it’s a
pump and you can just take a look and apply it so yeah be India my hair I will
share that link I have already used this scissors I brought this from Mexico
border I know this is a quick wrap in or video back today but I gotta go I have a
lot of things for the day too and I just wanna share with you in this environment
is a beautiful weather Eurasian are not too cold but I like to keep myself feel just a little thing after all such pretty looking houses look at this
pretty pretty pretty house you and my pretty daughter it’s not that
cool so we take off and the roads of Shimla really pretty yeah it’s the
opposite of home Bates is way too pretty crazy start here something so pretty
about this you know what you see right here is
actually a police station because echoes of your her give a chain
I said sure they have a rest they pay it has been a beautiful shoot with the
group my daughter’s being featured reactor reactor without I will share the
link very beautiful script and I took feel
from the heart while beep shifting it so that’s why do we let me know in the
comments and watch the other videos you can see on the screen right now I will
come back to you with the other content every see you


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    For the giveaway, i would love if i recieve any of the products from you… i would feel so special as i haven't won any giveaway sort of thing till date so it would be very satisfying and motivating for me if i win….for the competiotion part i have to mention one thing so as i am a lipstick person only and new in the makeup world so i would like to have nyx born to glow liquid illuminator in the shade gleam..
    Thank you

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    I d like to win crayon smokin hot

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    Makeup reviews, travel, vlogs, everything.
    And you do it in such a detailed way, every query is cleared.
    I absolutely love your lip Swatch videos in particular. Best part is that you do it in natural light, and explain each shade. And your lipstick changing throughout the video as you talk is cherry on cake ❀️

    Participating in giveaway. If I get lucky this time, I would love to own NYX born to glow liquid illuminator GLEAM. Just because Diwali is coming and I wanna look my absolute best and winning this would mean the world to me.😍β™₯️
    And thank you for this opportunity.

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    Here I am again enjoying your vlogs and review vedios😘..I would like to win faces Canada cryon (smoking hot)😍

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