Travel Essentials Tips For Traveling With Children

Travel Essentials Tips For Traveling With Children

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tips for traveling with children hi it’s alaskagranny are you lucky
enough to get to go on vacation with children little ones well if you are I have some
tips to help your trip go more smoothly first of all before you even leave on vacation with children talk
about where you are going and the things that you want to do on vacation the kids need to
know what is coming and what to expect because when we are frustrated it’s
usually because of the unknown or unmet expectations so decide what you’re going
to do what you’re going to see and make sure everybody understands the goals and activities of your vacation schedule
also don’t
overschedule your vacation before you go lay out a plan one or two activities a day when
everybody does too much and you’re rushing around people get cranky have regular mealtimes when you skip meals
people get tired people get cranky hurt that’s when they even get sick so
don’t overschedule enjoy your vacation you can always go back to that place
again another time plan a downtime during your vacation with children maybe visit local parks playgrounds beaches
zoos see the things that are not just amusement parks or things that
cost a lot of money go and see the places where the people who actually
live visit where you’re going see what kind of activities locals do in the places that
they go then you want to have regular meals eat familiar foods and try to keep
to your bedtime schedule and rituals as much as possible let’s make sure you
bring a backpack this is not a time you want to be carrying a big old purse in
your hand because you might need your hands to grab your kids to keep them away
from water get them down off of the gorilla tank whatever so you want to
have a backpack so that your hands are free supplies to pack in your backpack you want all
the things that you’re going to need to make sure that your trip is really fun
the first thing you want to pack for a family vacation trip with children is a family first aid kit
put all the things in it for any kind of emergency medicine for anyone in
your family what they might need wherever you’re going I don’t care bring
bug spray I make sure it’s a kid friendly bug repellent make sure you bring
sunscreen bring the tube of lotion sunscreen because you don’t want to get
sunscreen in your eyes but bring the spray on sunscreen because you might only be able to
grab a hold of your little child for half a second you can spray them down with
spray sunscreen plus if you’re at the beach and they’re covered with sand you can spray
sunscreen they’re not going to let you rub sunscreen all over them if they have
sand on if you’re going to the beach bring baby powder you sprinkle baby
powder on your skin it helps brush off the sand from legs and feet if you are going to the beach and you’re
not exactly sure if your child is potty trained is ready to be in a pool look for the little
swimmers swim diapers they work great
also no matter what you’re going to need some wet wipes and
kleenex things like that make sure you bring lots of those a ziploc bags
bring lots of sizes you put wet clothes in them wet suits in them garbage in
them snacks in them they’re good for lots of things picking up shells you
want to have snacks bring along some granola bars try to make sure they don’t
have things like chocolate in them or that are going to melt if you’re going into a
warm place also look for snacks that are more nutritious like a cliff bar rather
than candy bar or granola bar that’s like a dessert it’s okay to have those too but don’t have just
dessert pack nutritious snacks if you travel with children young children pack some little water bottles they
won’t waste nearly as much they can hold the small water bottle more easily in their little hands
bring your own little snack container so if you get a big bag of chips cookies
crackers you can put a little bit of the snack in their hand so they can have their own snack container and then it helps you portion out the snacks another thing you want is some comfort items
bring a little blanket make it a lightweight one bring a little blanket
that will fold up look at this you still have plenty of room in here for extra
change of clothes another thing you need is a little bag of toys and
entertainment items and they can be small travel toys and you can even have a little
surprise for each day to keep children excited always bring some books story
time is good get some lightweight books ones that are their favorites or stories they have never heard get some blow up beach balls it’s fun to play with balls
wherever you go and then you don’t have to worry about how much room they take up up and you can’t do a lot of damage with a beach ball bring one of their
little lovey toys just a little one then make sure you have an assortment of
other little things just to keep them entertained you get the idea you know
your child then if your child needs a car seat bring it if you they want to
use a stroller bring it try to get a small what stroller if you’re going on a plane especially on
the airline because you don’t want to get to your destination and you have 15
suitcases a gigantic stroller and a rental car was made for the teeny tiniest
family in the world that can be a problem carrying all of the luggage in a rental car besides you don’t want to
struggle with a gigantic stroller when you’re on holiday you want to have fun
and as little drama as possible lots of tips that can help you have fun if you
go on vacation with little ones vacation with children must haves leave me a message of things that you think are
important to take along learn more at
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and have a wonderful day

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  1. Excellent tips for travel with little ones!  Also, I would add over the counter remedies like Children's Tylenol and diaper rash ointment, etc .

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