Travel Essentials | What’s in my Makeup Bag?

Travel Essentials | What’s in my Makeup Bag?

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Hello Everyone! So, this is how I organise by travel makeup
bag. I go according to sections. So the first thing that I have here is actually my face product. The first thing that I have here is a CC Cream. The reason why I bring this along for the
Island retreat is because it has SPF50. It is also full coverage. It has a primer
and a moisturiser as well. Just put this inside my makeup bag. Then, I have a concealer. Just in case I need to do some spots cover. I am using the Naked Skin from Urban Decay. I like to set my face with a little bit of
powder. I am using Laura Mercier. This is the universal color. Just a setting
powder. Next, we go on to my cheeks. There is only one product that I am going
to bring for my cheeks. I am not going to bring a highlighter or bronzer
or anything like that. I want to make it simple. So I only bring one blusher. I am bringing my NARS Orgasm blusher. So this is how it looks like. I think this color fits a lot of skin tones
and also various type of lipsticks. So, this is the safest color for me to bring. I would thoroughly recommend this color, if you are going for travelling and you can
only pick one color. So, this is the color that I would recommend. Orgasm. The next section that I have is for my eyes. I have an eyeshadow. This is from Chanel. Its Quad. So, there are 4 colors inside. This is the Poesie Palette. This is how it looks like inside. So I have a pinky tone, and then I have a little bit of a champagney bronzy color. I have one for highlights and one dark color
for deepening or for night looks. I seldom use eyeshadow for travel. I just bring in case I need them. So, I will just bring one that has choices
and compact enough for me to bring. The next thing that I have is my brow pencil. This is from Anastasia Beverly Hills. You can order them online from They ship worldwide. They have a spoolie on one side and a brow wax on the other side. So it’s easier. Just one product that I would
need for my eyebrow. I don’t set my eyebrow or anything like that. Cause my eyebrow usually stays in place. So this is all I need. The next thing that I have is my NARS Audacious
Mascara. I don’t really like this mascara. I just bring
them to use it all up. For me, personally, I don’t think its worth
the hype that has been going around online. Probably, it just does not suit my eyelash. I’m just going to bring, so that I can use
it all up. This is how the brush looks like. I don’t quite fancy this. The last thing that I have is another mascara. The reason why I bring this is because it’s
waterproof. This is Tarte Light Camera Lashes. This is a sample size that I got together
when I bought the eyelash curler – the bling ones. I’m just going to bring this so that when
I go swimming, it doesn’t fade or goes runny in the water. I’ll still have nice and beautiful lashes
for pictures. The second to last thing that I have are my
lip products. I have my lip balm from Kiehl’s. This is the
mango one. You need lip balm everywhere you go. Especially for me, I have extremely dry lips. This works quite well for me and it suits
my dry skin. I’ll just bring this. The next I have a waterproof lip liner. This is from Make Up Forever, Aqua Lips. It’s waterproof. There is a reason why I bring waterproof makeup. I bring a neutral color so that it matches
all my lip sticks. This is enough and this would suffice as I’m
only there for 3 days. I can’t make up my mind. So, I have 3 lip
colors. The first that I have is Revlon Colorburst
Matte Balm. This is in the color Sultry. It’s a very morphed
pinky tone color. Which I really like and hence, bringing this along. I have my SugarBelle Luxurious Matte Lip Cream. I did a blog post for this product. I have
5 colors in total. It’s really good. It’s really hydrating and
also matte. I’m just bringing 2 colors. This is Nude Kisses. It’s towards the orangy
side. It’s more brown and orange tone kind of color. It is PERFECT for island retreat. Because it makes you look ultra natural and
pretty like that. The next color I have is a hot pink one. This is in the color Paris Pink. The last thing that I have is my skincare
and my makeup remover products. These are the makeup remover products that
I’m bringing. So, I’m going to start with skincare. I have my eye cream. This is the Black Tea
Age Delay Eye Concentrate from Fresh. I am trying this out. I’m going to do a blog
post for this, after I have tried it out and found out the results. I have been tracking, so I cannot miss a day. I’ve been using this for the past 5 days.
So, we will see how it goes. I have my moisturiser. I use the Hydra Beauty range from Chanel. I got this in sample size from Chanel. When I buy something, I always like to ask
them for samples. It’s always handy when you have the sample size of the products that you are currently using. Currently, I’m using the Hydra Beauty Gel
Cream. I’m using a gel version because I have oily
skin. The gel’s consistency helps my skin to hydrate
without looking oily. Rather than a cream one because the cream
ones are more moisturising. More for dry skin. So, this is perfect for me. Then, I have my toner. It is also in the Hydra
Beauty range. This is the lotion. It is moist. They have 2 versions. One is moist and the
other is very moist. I have my remover. This is my oil gel makeup
remover. Its the Le Blanc. Le Blanc? Blank? How do
you pronounce it? I also have my Biore makeup wipes. I like this. If I am in a rush, I just take
one and wipe all over my face and my makeup will be gone. So, that’s all I have in my makeup bag! So that’s all I have in my makeup bag. Please give this video a thumbs up. Share it with your friends and Subscribe to my channel. If you want to watch my previous videos that
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