Travel Friendly In-Flight Beauty Tips

Travel Friendly In-Flight Beauty Tips

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  1. you can tell she doesn't flight economy because there's no way you can have a mini spa session in the tiny space between the sits

  2. Whenever beauty vloggers have new vids, do they need to ask the company for them to be able to mention it in their vids?

  3. Love the idea of good skincare then flattering and cute makeup. I think this look would be nice and suitable for work or going out also if you want an easy to do look. "Simple and fresh" as you say 😀

  4. I wish Michelle could film videos as often as she did back in 2015. I wonder why see doesn't film as often as she used too?

  5. She smudges her eyeliner so well!!When I do mine,it turns out to be a disaster.Because I am 11 lolololololololol

  6. I love you so much💋💋💋💋😍😍😍😍😍😍👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  7. I'm also wondering how she filmed this: where did she put the camera? Who filmed? I didn't see answers to my questions in the description box

  8. Rule number one… make sure you are in a business class compartment coz you need plenty of space and you don't annoy the person sitting to you <3

  9. I'm going to Vegas for my aunts wedding in October, and the only makeup I have is in a kit with a lot of other products. Would I be able to take this?

  10. My trip is long 2 hours to go to the airport, a 5 hour plane, a 12 hour and 1 hour plane i love ur video it's amazing and useful

  11. I find the eyeliner method that she used in this video allot easier than the method I did before. Thanks Mish 😘😘😘

  12. A lot of people think they would get weird looks if they do this mid-flight, but honestly, if the person next to me did this I would be like, "damn, they really got their shit together, good for them"

  13. Thank u so much for the video ! I’m super scared about planes and I’m traveling tomorrow so this made made me a lot more calm and relax

  14. I wouldn’t recommend touching your face with your hands when you’re on a plane… forget the oil and use face masks.

  15. So unrealistic I personally would avoid touching my face as much as possible never mind apply oils and a mask on myself considering how unhygienic it is in an airplane. Even if you’re flying first class I would much rather take care of everything on ground lol this is so impractical it’s hilarious

  16. 2019 anyone? I remembered watching in 2014 and she also posted on my birthday (Bd 2014)!!!!! Btw i love ur vids!! -and plz post more often u haven't in 1 year!!.

  17. In my modest opinion this is one of the most influential videos of all time. Hallam at yah qweeenzzz

  18. I’m not going to bother with makeup because it’s not like I’m meeting anyone at the airport terminal, but I’m definitely following these skincare tips for my 6 hour flight to Hawaii

  19. I can confirm some of this is possible in economy. I fill up a set of travel containers and bring sheet masks. (If the person beside you complains you can offer them one lol)
    I also have to deal with putting in my contacts 😅
    As for plane makeup I actually do do it. Just cushion, eyebrows and lip tint though.
    Most important though I always carry makeup wipes, it’s not super clean up there afterall.

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