Trying Aztec Healing Clay Mask… World’s Most Powerful Facial Review!

Trying Aztec Healing Clay Mask… World’s Most Powerful Facial Review!

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What’s good Che Posse? Today we are
going to be trying the Indian Healing Clay Mask. If you are new to my channel right now STOP, STOP. Hit the subscribe button, hit the
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alright cool, alright cool we can go ahead with the video now. Alright Che Posse
you guys already know it’s about to be another premiere. So, today I want to
focus on a few things since I’ve heard this mask is supposed to work wonders,
and supposedly it’s like it works overnight. Let me just show you guys a
few of the acne blemishes that I kind of want to change or I hope to kind of see
an effect on once I’m done using this mask. So we have a risen pimple here here.
Ooh there. According to the instructions here you’re supposed to mix the clay
with equal parts of raw apple cider vinegar. So I use the Bragg’s organic raw
unfiltered apple cider vinegar with the mother in it. Now
all right Posse so the directions for this mask says to use a nonmetal bowl
and utensil which is the reason why I am using a paper bowl plastic measuring cup
as well as a plastic fork and a plastic spoon to apply. It does say here to add
more clay or liquid as needed apply 1/8 to 1/4 inch to the face or other area.
Let it dry for 5 to 10 minutes for delicate skin. For normal skin 15 to 20
minutes. You will feel a pulling and tightening sensation. Feel your face
pulsate. Is what it says. Remove clay by washing with warm water. Slight redness
of the skin is normal and will disappear in about 30 minutes.
Removes impurities and dirt from the pores. Deep pore cleansing. So I will be
back don’t I look cute, look like the mask, smoking. I’ll be back in 20
minutes. Alright so I am back it has been 20 minutes as you can see there are so
many oils pulling out of my skin I mean it was just a massacre of oil. Do you see
this? I mean this mass was basically saying “yo che just to be frank your skin is jacked up”. So, I am grateful for this mask we’re going to see the result after I’ve
rinsed it off. Alright you guys so the mask is off and I must say that my face is
definitely red. But it said this will go away after about 30 minutes or so, as it
is advertised on the back of the container. Um so first of all I want to
say that I do give this mask a thumbs I do not think that there’s too much wrong
with it like I said I do still feel like an itchy tingly sensation in the lower
area of my face what I would suggest is that if that probably happens for you
guys maybe instead of using apple cider vinegar. Use water. Maybe our skin
may just be too sensitive to mix something as strong as apple cider
vinegar with this mask. “Which must be the world’s most powerful mask”. so as you guys can see right now I still
have the pimples that were there but they’re actually so much smaller and
understand this only after one use and this is only after 20 minutes. So for
that much time I mean invested in this I think it was amazing. I would definitely
want to keep trying this. 200 likes and I will try a mask on my face using
something that you all recommend or suggest. Alright…alright you guys
that’s it for this video. Have a great day. Scripture of the day. Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9.


  1. I've tried the clay on my hair a while back but not on my face. I may have to give this a try…but maybe with water. LOL. Nice video πŸ™‚

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