1. Edward is the only makeup youtuber i can actually watch because of how much of a fucking mood this beautiful creature is lol

  2. Bruh when you turned the brush around I thought it wad weird that there was a mirror before I realised it’s weird you were looking at a brush 💀

  3. hey man im a beauty consultant and i'll literally pay you to let me find you a foundation that actually matches your skin tone

  4. okay anyone help me with this: so me and my cousins were doing a makeup competition and i didn't bring any because at that time i didn't have any, so i borrowed one of theirs, then after we were done and i finished cleaning my face, i got like bumps and dead skin falling off my eyelids, i was so scared and though i got infected or something, but i kept rubbing and scratching them (yes ik i shouldn't have done that-) and now i have dead skin and scratches on my eye lids and the bottom of my eyelids, like beneath them. So does anyone know any good tips for me to get rid of it?

  5. I'm a pretty new of the channel, I really like the videos I've watched so far, the edits are hilarious. But I have a question for whenever Edward has another QnA, how often do you see black people in South Korea? Myself being a black guy, would like to go to South Korea one day for a trip, so I'm curious as to how much I would see someone that looked familiar 😆 One Luv

    Comment also can be answered by any of you who live in/have been to SK…

  6. Ooooooooo I love the hairbrush he's looking into.😍😍 That's my favorite product out of everything lol. Where can I get that??😭😭❤

  7. I just saw tom and jerry make up in etude house but i thought it's just promotional thing so i didn't pay atention to it


  9. i'm waiting for the day Eddy actually releases a palette. i love his choices of warm colors and his "everyday looks" color stories 🙂

  10. Totally random lol but my mom has that same brush with the rainbow brushing part and the mirror in the back. I don’t know where she got it but it’s actually a great brush lol

  11. I have a silicone applicator like that one from elf and I love it! But I only use it for liquid/gel sparkles! You picked really good colors for your palette! So pretty 🥺😻

  12. Just wondering something, the background music, it reminds me of a theme from Professor Layton, idk if it is but has anyone thought of it too? 😯
    Btw love ur videos as well~

  13. I have been wanting to try this line since it came out but now I'm not as excited after seeing it up close lol. But I do wanna try those glitter jelly things or whatever

  14. I never use makeup and the onlythink I own anything right now but I still think it’s so interesting seeing your makeup videos. I feel the same forwards art videos, I suck at drawing but I love watching them xf

  15. I love the juxtaposition between in depth makeup opinions and "so cute, the little ears are flappy" 😂😂 v cute

  16. your skin looks so good! Ive been off of accutane for about a year. Could you make a video how u made ur scars look smoother? It would mean the world!

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