Tyson’s Galleria | Ritz Carlton | Luxury Vlog

Tyson’s Galleria | Ritz Carlton | Luxury Vlog

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(upbeat music) – [Jill] I just got into my room in the Ritz Carlton, and it’s very nice. I’m at Tyson’s Corner,
doing a little shopping at the Ritz Carlton, and it
is quite the lovely room. I do want to show you
something very interesting. Apparently, they think I am three today. Isn’t that sweet? It seems maybe they gave
me someone else’s room. Everybody, meet Mildred. Mildred, this is everybody. Mildred died in this room,
a couple of decades ago, and when I told her about YouTube, she was very interested and
asked if she could be on it, so I said “Of course.” I wanted you to see the view from my room. I do enjoy it. So here’s the little desk, and the settee, and it’s a nice view. You see pretty far away. The hotel is attached
to Tyson’s Corner Mall. And Tyson’s Corner is just behind us, it’s 180 degrees from this
photo, or from this video, and then, this is where
you drive into the hotel. – [Store Clerk] So here’s this one. – [Bobster92] I’m doing like
crazy zoom-ins and stuff. It’s going to be off! – Yes, okay. This one though, I’m not sure what I think about this lock, but overall, I like this. I like this shape. – I think it looks better on
you than an Alma BB would. – Yeah, I always do this
so I can tell better. I’m more objective when I look at it. – [Store Clerk] And those
are the ones with the strap that you like better? – [Bobster92] Yeah. – This one I like better, I think. – [Bobster92] Yeah, even
though it’s just an inch, it makes all the difference.=An inch always matters! – I would be the only person
that asks for the pyramid. – [Jill] Right. – [Jill] What kind of phone is it? – It’s an iPhone XS Max. Too big. – [Jill] Too big. – Too big. – [Jill] What did you want for $9,000? – Yeah, what would… I’d at
least like to fit my phone. – [Store Clerk] I’ll give you
a couple of ideas with that. – Oh yeah? – [Store Clerk] It’s lizard skin. – Oh, lizard’s really nice. – [Jill] That’s my favorite
one I’ve seen on you today. I like it. – And the gold isn’t like a yellow gold, it’s like kind of champagne-y. – [Jill] Yeah. – [Store Clerk] You want
to try it on yourself? – Yeah, sure. – [Store Clerk] Perfect. Whoa. Sick. I feel like Jeffree Star. – [Store Clerk] You just
need a custom pink bag now! – Yeah, I need you guys to
hook me up with a custom set. Except I want like neon
yellow, not hot pink. – [Store Clerk] And have your own YouTube. – Yeah, right! I’ll have my own Supreme
skateboard video, too. – [Jill] Okay, I can’t even believe this. This is for Autumn
Beckman, check this out. – [Bobster92] It’s like
as big as your face! – What are the color choices? – [Store Clerk] So baby pink
and navy with the red edges, all black, scarlet, and
I’m not sure if the… – [Bobster92] I think you’d
do good with the black. – I think so, too. Can I see it in the black, please? It’s good. – [Store Clerk] It’s like
actually comfortable for an… – It is, chain strap, too. Normally, I don’t like a
chain strap, but this is nice. – [Jill] I love it. Well, I’m here in D.C. Guess who I ran into? – Hello! Hello everyone! – It’s Sabrina Shekofteh! – Oh, you pronounce it good! – I try!
– Nobody can pronounce my last name! Hello everyone! We had lots of fun with beautiful Jill! – She is awesome. – Thank you.


  1. I smiled through the whole video 😁👍
    Thank you for taking us with you.
    I don't know who that lady in the end of the video is, never seen her before.
    Would be nice to link her channel in the description so we can go check her out.
    Have a great time which clearly you are 😊 👍

  2. Oh I love going shopping thank you and I saw a bag I have never seen before I was the last one Bobby wore very interesting the serene bb

  3. Hi Sabrina! Welcome. Hey 👋 Bobster92! Of course welcome to Mildred! Hoping the three of you (4), had a great time.
    Yes the luggage tag 🏷 would be something Autumn would truly love 💗!
    Amazing handbags you showed us. They were so chic! Thanks for taking us along. Hope the three year old enjoyed her birthday 🎂! That was a lovely setup!

  4. That LV trunk clutch looks really nice on you Jill and so does that lock me BB . At my brothers , girlfriends (now fiancé ) 30th bday party this past Saturday , 2 different friends of hers both had the Felicie , 1 had it in monogram the other had it in Empriente leather in black , I have never actually tried that bag on nor have I seen it in person , I have to say they were both very classic looking and simple . Both looked like they could be worn dressed up or dressed down . I liked it way more than I thought I would . My collection is lacking a dressy evening bag . Normally I don’t have many dressy occasions anymore , however I will have my brothers wedding coming up in the near future and I’m trying to decide , do I add a luxury evening bag ? Or do I just find something that’s not quite as pricey that will do the same job ? Like a bag from Zara or Aldo ? Would love your thoughts ? It would be a bag that would be used once a year maybe twice , if that ! Thanks for sharing !

  5. OMG, so happy to see you and Sabrina together. That was such a surprise. Awesome Vlog Thank you so much for sharing darling ❤️

  6. This was such a fun video!!! I’m glad we were able to shop around and try on such fun things!!!! Can’t wait for tomorrow’s video!

  7. Lovely room. Looks like you and Bobby had fun. No one gave you any trouble about filming in the stores? I'm always nervous to do that. That pyramid bag! Did either of you purchase anything? Yes, my store has several things with my initials…the luggage tag, Even a speedy mon monogram in the colors I want. It kills me every time. I don't know Sabrina yet. I'll have to check her out.

  8. YouTube makes the world both bigger and smaller!! How awesome you ran into another youtubers!!! Will there be an unboxing coming Jill?

  9. I ❤️ The Ritz Carlton! My girlfriends had a little going away soirée for me when I moved from Virginia last winter! I miss the Galleria!

  10. i loved loved loved this video!! Jill Maurer, Bobster 92 and Sabrina all in one video!!! Did you run into Sabrina shopping? The big question is…what did you buy??!!!

  11. Wow that Gucci belt is so oversized, something I would totally wear😂🤣♥️such a fun vlog♥️ enjoy every min my dear!

  12. Thanks for introducing us to Mildred! lol Love your sense of humor and the shopping trip! Hope you bought something fabulous!

  13. Loved the video. I live in this area and go to that mall. Our business is in DC and I'm there most days! Wish I would have run into you!

  14. The mini trunk is a bit kitsch-y. The Locky is just hysterical – that lock looks like something you put on a big ol' pit bull's collar. The LV Felicie in red – definitely a must-have, the LV red is a beautiful shade. The Dionysus feels over-exposed somehow. Every influencer on Youtube has it. Thanks for the shopping trip – needless to say, we don't have LV and Gucci in Chattanooga. Oh, did you ever figure out who was turning 3 and didn't get their cake?

  15. Bob needs some cute heels to go with those bags. Glad to see he likes bags and isn’t afraid to wear one in public.

  16. Hi my darling, great video, I loved this vlog. I cannot wait to see what you got to share with us. And I cannot wait until the next time you come to DC and you come to my place and we spend some time together. I am so glad to have met you face to face; you are beautiful inside and out. Thank you so much darling and have a great evening. <3 xoxo

  17. Can't wait to see what you got to share it with us soon. I'm sure it's going to be special because you have a very fine taste. Gosh, that pyramid bag is so expensive! I enjoyed watching this video with your friend Bobster92. Sabrina seems a wonderful and sweet person, i guess…Have a fab day! xoxo

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