Vegan Nail Polish Roundup

Vegan Nail Polish Roundup

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Vegan Nail Polish Roundup Danielle: Hello Everybody! My name is Danielle,
and I am here with our co-founder Jill for
Jill: Helloo! Danielle: And today we want to share with
you our five favorite nail brands that are Indie, five free, cruelty free, Vegan, hand-made
in the US by some lovely, lovely ladies. Jill: Yeah, I am so excited about our Indie
Brands. Oh my Gd! Jill: I love nail art.
Jill: This is super exciting! Danielle: And you swooped them all up yourself,
yeah? Jill: Yeah, I’ve been digging. Like digging
through Instagram, hashtags, under Etsy, and I think we’ve discovered some brands that
you probably haven’t heard of before. So, I hope we can introduce you to some of your
new faves. Danielle: Yeah, I’m really excited to reveal
some of these brands to you. So I’ll kick it off with Elysian Nail Lacquer.
Danielle: Now this is a brand new brand. Jill: It started this year, 2014.
Danielle: Yep. And the color that we have from them is Wise Wanderer.
Danielle: It’s this purply, creamy, kind of color. And this is in their upcoming fall
collection, so this is just a little sneak peek, but we love, love, love this color.
We think it’s perfect for every season and every outfit, so…
Jill: Mmm-hmm. It’s very transitional. Like, I’m gonna wear it this summer, even though
it’s for fall. Whatevs. It works right now too. Jill: All right. So, Adorn is what one of
my fave picks. Jill: They have a beautiful line, but I’m
obsessed with their gold. It’s like super thick and sparkly, long lasting, gotta love
that. And they have this beautiful pastel pink color which is great for the trend of
pastels this summer. Also very office appropriate if you gotta go in for work some days. But,
you know, me working at home Jill: I’m like the edgier shades, which
Danielle will talk to you about. Danielle: You like to have beautiful nails,
even if nobody’s seeing them. It’s just for you anyways. All right, yeah, so edgy.
I wanna talk to you about Black Sheep Nail Lacquer.
cruelty-free handmade Kickass nail polish
Danielle: And they’ve got this awesome color, called Cloudy Skies.
Danielle: And they mix this special for Vegan Cuts. Our special thing. We’re gonna give
you a little sneak peek too at the end of this video. So stay tuned.
And this is a really awesome color because it is a thermal nail lacquer.
And you may be wondering “What’s a thermal nail lacquer?”
Well, it just means that its affected by the hot and the cold.
So if you run your hands under some cold water…Jill’s got the nail polish on right now… and if
she were to run her fingers under cold water she would get a little bit darker on this,
teal-y, blue, shimmery color. And then as her nails warm up, they would
start to turn white. So you can get that really like cute, trendy Ombre kind of thing going
on your nails, but for no effort because it’s all the same polish.
Jill: Yeah, that one looked good outside because the tips are staying the darker color because
they’re off your skin, and then the bottoms are white. It looks awesome! I love it!
All right. Another fave is this James Robert John collection.
Jill: They have a beautiful line. We’ve actually teamed up with them to make one of
my favorite colors, which is a coral color. We don’t have it for you in this video,
but at the end of this video we’ll tell you how you can get it. So stay tuned.
Danielle: Mmm-hmm. That’s like one of the most wonderful, poppy colors too. So you should
check those out. The next brand I want to talk about is So
Gloss. Danielle: And unlike the other brands we’ve
talked about, they are not a nail polish brand, but they do make nail wraps. These nail wraps
are amazing. They can last for four weeks on your fingers or eight weeks on your toes.
They’re super gentle, fume free, chemical free and they just got like three ingredients
in them. I used them and I had them on my toes for
like two months almost. And that sounds gross, but they looked so nice. I got a million compliments
and when I removed the wraps with just a little bit of heat, they weren’t damaging my toes.
So, super gentle, which we love. Jill: Awesome.
Danielle: Great for travel and super easy to use. Just heat quickly, like with a blow
dryer… Danielle: …peel it off…
Danielle: …stick it on your toes or fingers. Danielle: And then shave away the excess…
Danielle: …with a nail file. And that’s it. You’re set. You’re golden. And you
have beautiful nails that everybody will love Jill: Yeah, and we put this silver arrowheads
– this is my fave pick – but the gold ones are to die for! They have a really beautiful
collection, so… Danielle: Yep, definitely.
Jill: Perfect. And another exciting collab for you. We’ve
teamed up with Lip Glosserie… Jill: To make a summer friendly (i.e. doesn’t
melt) cuticle balm. Jill: So this is going to be great for pre-treating
mani/pedi. And as you would expect from Lip Glosserie, they’ve got an amazing scent.
So this is a Rosemary Mint. We’ve also got a Champagne scent in the works. And yeah,
this is gonna be perfect for like summer travel. Like, I just went to the cottage, popped it
in my bag, gave myself a little mani at the cottage. Because, relaxing, what not, that’s
what you do. And no melting, no issues so it was great for that.
Danielle: That’s a super exciting new product. And last, but certainly not least, we have
this special edition Vegan Cuts nail file for you. And this was designed by our team.
You can see all the little hearts on it, because we love our manis so much.
Jill: When we were like collaborating as a team, designing this new nail file, Danielle
was like “We need to make the hearts bigger” And we were like “Yes! You’re so right”.
And so we have this gorgeous, heart-covered nail file for you. And there’s only one
way you can get this. Danielle: To get your little paws on it.
Jill: Get your paws on it. So, OK, secret unveiling right now. We have put together
a nail box for you. Jill: We know you love nail stuff and the
beauty box. But we wanted to give those true nail art lovers a box of their own. So you
can try out all of the brands we just told you about in this nail box, get yourself a
cutesy Vegan Cuts nail file, and just totally upgrade your cruelty free nail lacquer collection.
So we’ll have the link for that below: Jill: And if there’s any nail brands that
you think we need to know about. Please tell us. Post down there.
Danielle: Don’t forget to give us a thumbs-up of course, because we want to know if you
like these videos, and if you’re excited to see these nail brands, and of course don’t
forget to subscribe to our channel because we want to keep you in the loop on all these
hot new items that we’re going to be getting in for you.
Jill: All right, you guys. Thanks so much for watching.
Danielle and Jill together: Bye. Jill: And if you’re as excited as we are
about this, we’d love to hear from you in the comments.


  1. Love this box!!! I love GINGER + LIZ vegan cruelty free nail polishes! Check them out the have soooo many amazing bright colors!

  2. Bought! You've been dropping hints about this box on instagram so I'll admit that I had pretty high expectations but I really can't wait for mine to arrive now. I'm most looking forward to the thermal, the nail wraps, and the cuticle balm ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Purchased. So excited to try out these fun products.

    p.s. Love how you ladies look like you're on a tropical Island.

  4. Another vegan nail polish brand to try is Trust Fund Beauty. Their colors are gorgeous and they have great customer service!

  5. I know this is not a new video, but would this be a set that could still be gotten? It is really cute <3 How does the ordering go on these? Loved this and can't wait to see more Thank you and will keep watching ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh I also wanted to ask I have heard of Flower by Drew Berrymore, and E.L.F These are both beauty lines (they have everything), But i wanted to know Vegan or not? I have been hearing both, but I can't really find much, so I am asking for your help ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks again!

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