Vintage 1940’s Beauty Routine – Dress and Makeup| 1948

Vintage 1940’s Beauty Routine – Dress and Makeup| 1948

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For school, choose comfortable not too
dressy clothes. Perhaps a skirt and blouse to go with it But what about these two blouses? Which is more appropriate for school ? Which goes with the skirt? Choose clothes which are suitable Suitable to your needs and situation But remember ! that any clothes look better with good posture ! Now that clothes are selected. Sue is ready to fix her hair ! What to do with those curls
she so carefully put in last night It doesn’t matter just what hairstyle you
use as long as it looks right on you ! upswept? loosely over the shoulders Just be sure your hairdo suits you .. and that your hair is neatly in place. After breakfast, Sue goes back to her room for some finishing touches. Her makeup .. Her powder is one that blends with her
natural coloring. She pats it on lightly then carefully smooths it over her face. and be careful when it comes to lipstick Yes .. Choose a shade that goes with your own
coloring and sets off your clothes to advantage. Then, easy does it Now, smooth out gently, and wipe off any excess to leave only a smooth film of color
following the lines of your own lips and following the lines of your own lips. Finally a last-minute once-over in the
mirror. Make sure your hemline is even. don’t let you slip show A well-planned outfit of clothes. well cared for hands and nails light touches of makeup A becoming hairdo .. ” Sue, where are you?” “In my room Don !” “Joe called. He said he’s be a little late.” “Say you look smooth !” “well, thank you sir !” “you look mighty elegant yourself!” After a cleansing relaxing bath that’s a good daily habit ! Sue has a regular routine .. and planned time too for the finishing touches. Doing your nails Brushing your hair, and so on. Sue avoids red nail polish as it calls attention to her stubby hands Clear polish keeps your nails sparkling Once a week, Sue gives herself a complete manicure Then, daily care of her nails is easy. the same way regular shampoos and daily
brushing, keep her hair clean and glossy and these finishing touches, that add so
much to Sue’s cleanliness and neatness all fit into a simple schedule of daily
activity and now for at least 8 hours of sleep Good health is the foundation for good appearance.


  1. Good Lord….we’ve come a long way baby….AND NOT INA GOOD WAY!!! Time to get back to good grooming and class!! 💃🏽💃🏽

  2. The first blouse Sue picked was so cute. I understand that back then it was seen as not appropriate for school though. As someone who can't seem to grow long beautiful nails I'm glad we don't abide by the "stubby hands" rule. I think my short nails look better with color polish. I find it ironic that today a lot of women get weekly manicures and wear full make up with baggy jeans and sweatshirts. It's like they want to dress up but feel like they have to look casual or something. I wear make up when I'm wearing nicer clothes. For every day I may put on a little concealer and lipgloss with my workout clothes (…that I actually wear to exercise but then end up wearing all day.) but that's about it.

  3. I think these videos would be a great addition (re-addition) to today's schools because…well, look at the "Customers of Walmart" memes and basic unknowing of how to maintain proper hygiene today. There's nothing offensive here, nothing except for some very basic tips to look and feel presumably put-together.

  4. Powder and Lipstick! "Sayyyy do YOU look SMOOTH!" If my brother ever said that to me, I'd knock his socks off. 😉

  5. I love how they were honest about physical shortcomings instead of shoving “yOu’Re BeAuTiFuL nO mAtTeR WhAt” bs that helps no one down their throats. Having physical shortcoming weren’t treated as the end of the world because 1. That’s not all that matters, and 2. Their are ways to enhance your strong points and downplay your weaknesses. Not “cruel and demeaning” but truthful and actually helpful.

  6. This is all for getting ready for school! Geez, we were written up if wearing makeup or nail polish and I went to school in the '80's!

  7. Dude that’s a lot. When does Sue have time for homework or practice or anything that you know, will help her get a job???

  8. In Australia we’ve always had a uniform for school . I think uniforms are great .. sense of belonging and you never had to worry about what to wear .. and no upper class or lower class type competition like you see in the American shows ! Ps was she purring on makeup for school?! That was never allowed here in Australia. I was a teen in the 70’s at high school

  9. Just what I love to hear – a man telling me how to perform a beauty regime in order to make my dreams of happiness come true.

  10. Those were the days, simplicity now the makeup routine is ridiculous, including plastic surgery,Botox and fillers.

  11. I’m lazy, alright? But I genuinely feel like following all of these tutorials and routines from the forties, I think it was an amazing time in terms of fashion and how a basic day went by in that era. Of course there were huge problems though.

  12. I've never seen the point in clear nail polish. If you're self-conscious about your nails, why paint them at all? They're most inconspicious (and low-maintenance) if you don't paint them. That's wasted time and effort.

  13. Be sure to dress accordingly. If your going to a jousting, make sure your armor is shiny and your slip isnt showing. If it is, just adjust your armor with your stubby hands. Dont forget, a proper hair style is important. In case someone chops your head off, you'll be looking elegant.

  14. Wow! Back in the days when women were ladies and not hiding behind a fake mans identity with their ugly clothes. American women are a shame to the females. Slobs, masculine or sluts!

  15. "Sue avoids red, because it would call attention to her stubby.hands." Not what I was expecting that graceful lady to say ahaha

  16. I can't comprehend how all these girls in my school come rolling into class everyday WITHOUT THEIR HAIR BRUSHED. I can't stand having unbrushed hair. Mine is pretty long, only a little wavy, and these girls will stumble in with like 14 inches of CURLS AND RINGLETS. I've bought and given away like eight of those little pocket combs since the year started, I'd be like "hey (insert name) d'you wanna borrow my brush?" And she'd be like "ok thanks!" Then she'd give it back after her hair's all sleek and untangled and the comb's full of hair and I'd just look at it and go "nah you keep it"

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