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Hi guys! My name is Annika Osterlund and today I look like a clown. I am doing the next video of my Zodiac series, which is Virgo. It looks kind of whack, but I kind of really like it. I feel like it’s interesting, and Virgos are pretty interesting. We have a practical, simple eye look on top, and then we got a party on the bottom. And I feel like that represents Virgos pretty well. Maybe that’s just me. If you don’t like the look, then you don’t have to do it. I don’t know where else to go with this intro, so, just . . . Enjoy the video! Alright. Let’s get this party started. So . . . So first, I gotta prime my eyelids. Like Leos, I have a lot of Virgos in my life. So I’m excited to be doing this look. I’m scared that it’s not going to be extravagant enough, but I have this glitter that I’m super excited to use. I haven’t used it yet because I’ve been saving it for this look. It’s so pretty. Like, I’m very, very excited. Once you prime your eyelids, I’m going to take the Colourpop x ILuvSarahii Through My Eyes Palette, just for this dark turquoise, kind of green color called “Moody.” And I’m gonna take that, and I’m gonna put it in my crease. Okay, I have some news. And good thing it relates to Virgos, because it’s about a Virgo. Tyler Funke followed me on TikTok. He followed me on Instagram, and he added me back on Snap. But he followed me on TikTok, which is such a big deal! I’m in love with him. His birthday was yesterday. But, in Pennsylvania . . . In Pennsylvania, it’s legal still. So it’s okay, guys. Also, bestiality is legal in Pennsylvania, from what I’ve heard, which . . . I don’t know why. Like, what the f–? Anyway. I’m in love with Tyler Funke. Okay. Anyway. So I’m putting this in my crease. And this look is literally . . . My voice just cracked. That was gross. This look is really simple. I’m literally using two colors, but I’m also using two different palettes, so . . . sorry about that. And then, also put on your outer corner. Then I’m gonna take — you guessed it — the Jawbreaker Palette. I really don’t know how to feel about Jeffree Star. I’m gonna take the shade “Sour,” which is the green shade. Literally the only green shade in the palette. I’m gonna blend that out. Okay. I don’t know how I feel about Jeffree Star, because, on the one hand, it’s like, the sh– that he said in the aughts . . . in 2009/8 was so messed up. Like, he said some really f-ed up sh–. And then the worst part is he recorded it and thought it was funny and put it on the Internet. Tell me what you guys think in the comments below. I would like to hear your opinions, because I’ve been thinking about it for a really long time, honestly. Because I do like Jeffrey’s makeup and I love that it’s vegan and cruelty free. But I don’t want that money to go to somebody who’s racist, if he is still racist. I don’t even know if I’m gonna put that in the video, because it’s really deep sh–, but I do feel like it’s something that I need to address. So we’re literally just using this “Sour” shade to blend out the “Moody” shade. And I’ll try not to bring it too high up to my eyebrows. People get so triggered when I f–ing blend it up, but it’s just because, if I’m using more than two colors, then I’m gonna need more room to blend. So it’s gonna go up to my eyebrow, but . . . That was the eye shadow. Now we’re gonna cut the crease. We’re gonna do a half cut crease. I feel like I’m not gonna put anything on my lid, but I am gonna line that crease with this Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter liner, because it has some green reflective in it. Okay. Yeah. Awww, that looks cute! Do my eyes look different colors? Yeah, bro. This one’s way darker. Oh, I didn’t blend out the concealer. That’s why. I’m gonna put on lashes. I’ll be back. I used the Jade #13 Faux Mink Huda Beauty lashes. I’m pretty sure I use these in my Leo look as well, but I just didn’t want huge, huge lashes, because I still want to be able to see the eye look, because it’s kind of minimal. So . . . now we can do my face makeup. I have not been wearing concealer at all recently, but I’m gonna do it for this look, because . . . I haven’t been doing full faces. Eyeshadow, recently. So anyway, now I can start to tell you about Virgos. Virgos are a really complicated sign, to say the least. They’re an earth sign. The date is August 23rd through September 22nd. And it is the second earth sign that we’ve done. The other earth signs are Taurus and Capricorn. Virgos are known to be really nitpicky. They’re the most . . . They’re like the intellectual of the zodiac. Like, all signs can be smart, obviously. Your zodiac sign doesn’t dictate your IQ. But Virgos just tend to like to learn, you know? And also, they just tend to think about things more thoroughly. I don’t know. It’s just how they be. I have a lot of Virgos in my life. My dad’s a Virgo. A few of my best friends are Virgo. Paige Winters is a Virgo. I love you, Paige. But, yeah. And then, a bunch of my other friends are Virgos, too. It’s like they’re everywhere. And I feel like there are different kinds of Virgos. There’s the super intellectual Virgo type, and then there’s also the more chill Virgo. But the thing that they all share is they’re all really loyal, and they’re all super over-critical, both of themselves and of others. It can be really hard to be friends with a Virgo, because they will either always be complaining about themselves, or always be critiquing you or other people. So sometimes it can be tricky. But Virgos are really lovable, because they’re super, super loyal. Like, they mean well. They always want to make people happy. A thing that I’ve noticed about Virgos, which — let me know in the comments if you’ve experienced this, too — is that they always get really upset when you don’t talk to them all the time. Like, my dad is a super Virgo, and he . . . Like, every time I don’t talk to him for like a day, he’s like, “Do you hate me?” Like, “Have we ruined our father-daughter relationship?” And I’m like, “Whoa.” That’s the case with some of my other Virgo friends. But, at the same time, Paige? She’s a Virgo, and we have one of those relationships where we don’t need to talk every day. So I don’t think it’s true for all Virgos. It might just be something that comes up. Maybe Virgos are more prone to it, just because they are so loyal and over-critical of themselves. If they don’t get the attention that they’re used to giving, then they’re gonna assume that they did something. So I’m pretty sure Virgo’s planet is Mercury. And Mercury is the communication planet. It kind of plays into the intellectual thing. Virgos are very communicative, for the most part, yeah. They’re really good at, like . . . They’re pretty good, for the most part, at telling you how they feel. That’s why it’s nice to have relationships with them, like, friendships, and also romantic relationships. Just because, most of the time, you won’t be confused. They’re usually pretty upfront with what they want. Dude. Everything is such a mess. It’s Virgo season. I really should get my sh– together and start cleaning up and getting ready for school, but . . . No. It’s kinda helpful that school is at the start of Virgo season, just because Virgos are super intellectuals, so we can all get in that mindset. Thank you, Virgos. And thank you, school, for starting at that point. Very convenient. I feel bad for the people whose school started during Leo season. Like, uhn-uhn. Good luck, sweaty! I’m gonna do my lower lash line. I’m just gonna do the same two colors. Green is really not my color, to say the least. So this is from . . . I got this off of Etsy from a brand called Starlight. Cosmetic glitter. It’s in the shade “Mystic Jungle.” It’s super pretty. It’s chunky glitter, and it has stars and hexagons . . . A bunch of different shapes. So, I’m going to take clean brush. I’m going to take the NYX Glitter Primer. I’m going to put this just underneath my eyes, I guess. Like, in a general triangle shape. But it doesn’t have to be a perfectly triangular . . . triangle. And then I’m just going to take my brush, dip it and then pat it down. I hate using glitter, just because it’s impossible to take off. But I’m doing it for you guys. And the reason why I’m doing glitter — because it isn’t just without reason — is because I feel like Virgos are super fun. Like, they are practical, which I feel is shown on the eyes. But they have a fun side, so I’m trying to include that fun side with the glitter. And they also are always there. This glitter’s gonna be on my face for the next three weeks. This is like a cute Mardi Gras look. I should have really done this last, so I can highlight and everything. But . . . Now I have to do lower lash mascara. And upper lash mascara, for that matter. I look like a clown! But that’s okay, though. Now we’re gonna contour. I’m clearly not very good at doing earth sign looks. I need to put some of this glitter in my inner corner. So now I’m gonna do blush. I’ve been really into blush, recently. I’ve literally been putting her on every day. I wear blush more than I wear concealer now. And for highlight, I’ll use something green? Literally, I look like a joker. It’s okay. Virgos are clowns. No. I’m pretty sure that some of the most famous comedians are Virgos. Virgos are really funny. Wow! That’s something I’m just piecing together now, but, yeah. They’re really funny. And that’s the tea, sis. I don’t know what I’m gonna do for lips. I hate lipstick. You already f–ing know. Just like a brown? Okay. So this is my final Virgo look. I know I kinda look like a clown, but I really like it. This glitter is gorgeous, in my opinion. Like, just look at that? She’s really cute. You can’t deny. But, yeah. I’m pretty happy with how this look turned out. I have so much love for all y’all Virgos. Thank you for watching this video. Especially thank you for watching this video if you aren’t even a Virgo. I’m so scared I’m gonna get glitter in my eye. I think that I already have. Oh, word? Oh, word? Okay, I need to end this video before I lose any more brain cells. Uh, yeah. Thank you guys so much for watching. Please comment, rate, subscribe, and keep on Virgo-ing!


  1. I'm a virgo and I never felt like I identified with them really until you talked about them in this video, I always just thought Virgo's were supposed to be super organized and tidy which I am not lol :))

  2. Tbh about the Jeffree situation, I feel like he went through a rough time in his early teens. Some of the stuff he did say was unacceptable esspecially as he was and is such an influetial person. At the end of the day he was hurt and lonely inside and the stuff he said was out of anger and need for attention. Obviously the attention he received was not for the right reason but i think the empire he built was all out of hard work and he deserves what he has.

  3. I love this look ahhh virgos aren’t my fav but this look is😩 anyways that’s it that’s all love you Annika❤️❤️

  4. jefree star has gone over what he has said in the past in a documentary on shane dawson’s channel and it really cleared things up for how i feel about him. i definitely recommend watching it. and he’s a pothead too lmao🤡😎

  5. yes I’m on my way to a volleyball game yes i have homework from 6 classes yes it’s all due for tomorrow am i going to watch this video? hell yes already half way through it

  6. about the jeffree thing, he publicly apologized about everything he did and said and i think he actually meant it but idk if that changes your minds 💚

  7. i feel like it depends on the relationship for the over validation thing!! some friends i need CONSTANT reminders but for you & a few others its just very serene and i feel like we undertstandddddddd others

  8. annikaaaasasassjkskdh you posted this on my birthday you don’t understand how much i love and appreciate you right now it’s really not that big of a deal but i am so happy right now

  9. I love this look!! And as far as jeffree star goes, I think people change with time. And he apologized, and his apology felt sincere and you can also see the change he has gone through and how much better he is doing now..just my opinion

  10. My fiancé is a Virgo and you described him through this whole video. The only thing is since he likes to learn he thinks he knows it all but he’s not even close lol

  11. Humor has changed so much over the years tbh. Some things said that far back in time we’re not that serious back then, hence why he didn’t get in huge trouble for it earlier

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