VT COSMETICS シカレッドネスカバークッションレビュー

VT COSMETICS シカレッドネスカバークッションレビュー

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Hey everyone it’s Maiko Today I’m going to review this VT Cosmetics CICA Redness Cover Cushion Let’s try this out and see how it does Believe it or not, VT Cosmetics gave me as a present Thank you so much! But this is not a sponsered video So I’m going to review honestly as always I’m sure you hear ‘CICA’ often in Korean beauty It calms the skin so basically works when you have trouble skin like pimples and irritated skin So someone with pimples and sensitive skin would be fit to use CICA Inside of the box, it has the body Of course it has refil inside And another refill It’s only ¥3341 so I think its really reasonable and look at this Oh it’s flashing huh It has a tigar on it and super cute It reminds me of South East Asian medication box or some sort isn’t it cute The puff also has the same tiger The insde actual cushion is like a ring design The surrounding green ring is CALMING base CICALIO, which calms skin is in it and eliminates redness The middle part is beige cover base Using beige color, you can cover the unevenness of the skin It says the CICALIO is VT Cosmetics’ original component it calms sensitive and creates a strong hydrating wall It supports healthy skin without trouble It has Tsubokusa , Sentera 4X Complex, and also green propolis It sounds nothing but good to your skin huh It’s calming, high coverage and protects the skin 3 step care cushion It should be long wearing It says all those but I wonder how it does in the real test By the way, my skin has been extremely senseitive Since I became an adult? I have the most pimples in my life I got here a bit ago here and here I’m even surprised how much pimples i’m getting right now It’s not like I’m living in a unhealthy life I’m getting enough sleep and eating healthy I switched my skincare to sensitive lines Right now it’s finally calming down a bit I’d like to test out how it works and protects my extremely sensitive and irritated skin The color is 21, which is the middle color It may be a bit too fair on my skin but let’s try it out For primer Since I guessed the people who are considering this cushion has sensitive skin I’m using this primer Naturalglace skin balancing base SPF30 PA++ it’s hydrating type with a sunscreen I used this a little yesterday If I put it like this and apply all over my face It became super white So I’m going to use the green on the red parts of my skin Then use the beige to cover on top of it Kind of hard to get only green Really hard to just only get green… Around my nose is usually really red so lets start here I just used green, well beige got on it a bit I used it on my forehead, around my nose around my mouth I try to take away the redness It makes it matte and takes redness away At the moment, I think it’s doing its job It makes it really white tho Now lets use the midele beige I wonder how the coverage is, right? I’m going to only apply half of my face and see how much covers my dark spots It applies well But it’s so pale I have it on this side It actually has a good coverage Forget about how pale Iook at the moment I’m turing off the light… My dark spots looks scary without the light, huh Let’s think this,,, became this I have a huge dark spot right here It kind of blurred it out I think it makes the skin look smooth and nice When I use foundation that doesn’t work with my skin my skin looks like reptile This doesn’t do that For the foundation which protects skin, it’s doing its job so pale forget about paleness the finish is… I was expecting to be more matte but its like natural finish but when you touch it is kind of sticky Just know that the surface is not dry But it’s really hydrating I think this primer works good with this foundation Even though it does have a good coverage This big dark spots and these stains aren’t hidden completely SO you do need to use concealer From far away, it look alright thopugh It’s so hydrating that I feel like it’S not long wear Well i don’t know yet I’m gona finish it up I’m done with my makeup I just added the contouring around my face since the color didnt match I contoured and added blush And I have concealer here n there My first impression is hydrating and feels nice on the skin Coverage is pretty good I think for a foundation that has a calming effect, It has a high coverage it’s natural semi matte It’s not too shiny but take away exessive oil I wanted to see it with the darker color though It’s too pale so maybe kind fo hard to judge let’S see how it wears all day Good evening everyone. It’s 9AM here Sorry i’m so in my room wear i was in the extremely dry, air conditioned room all day I did not fix makeup or use a mist BUt it’s soooo hydrating still It’s still moisturising It didn’t really fall into my pores I have lots of lazy pores It usually falls into pores somewhat This one did good. You can’t really tell forehead is not shiny around here i get oily but it’snot shiny Overall it’s hydrating and looking luminous can you see the side of my nose side of my nose are kind of coming off You can easily fix ti with a puff or somtthing it’s just bigger area looks really good i think I like it Right after I applied, my face looks extremely pale I’m not sure it’s blended into my skin or coming off a bit Right now it doesn’t look so pale It blends in nicely About pores I didn’t use any pore primer today but it looks really good like this So I believe it is high quality Overall,, It’s very hydrating and that lasts long it is not super longwear but it wears nicely On my sensitive skin, with wearing it all day It didn’t get itchy or irritated at all I guess it is kind of long wear


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  11. I’m traveling to Japan this year with my husband for the first time, could you make a video with recommendations of your 10-15 holy grail beauty products that everyone should buy and you can only find in Japan?

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