Want Natural Nail Goals? 💅🏽 How on EARTH ✨😳✨ I got my best nails yet…✨Life-Changing✨🧪

Want Natural Nail Goals? 💅🏽 How on EARTH ✨😳✨ I got my best nails yet…✨Life-Changing✨🧪

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🎶 She likes what she likes and she could put it all on you baby if you ’bout that life ’bout that life because you don’t got time to choose yeah
yeah 🎶 Hey Tribe, It’s Kia from Hairitage93, And as a lot of you guys know, I’ve really
enjoyed sharing my hand and nail care routines with you all,
in hopes that these DIY routines will help you get that bomb dot com mani you’ve always
wanted. And so far so good right, everybody’s happy
and getting their goal on So I was like Now’s a good time try a few other things
to see what the Girls are giving But I noticed in the comments that there was
still a heavy demand for more nail care routines. So I decided to make a new playlist with all
my step-by-step routines for you to watch and try out yourself But that’s actually not what this video
is about, in fact quite the contrary. In this video, I’m going to walk you guys
through my latest nail journey that took me from absolute struggle nails, To the beautiful bounce back and beyond to see my best natural nails to date, if you think this length is long, you just
wait until the end of this video, we’re making the time today. Let’s get started! But first, like I mentioned in one of the
latest Nailsletters, I gotta take things all the way back, Back to the days when the Girls could catch
nothing but peely breaks What’s the nail problem? Oh right, I had brittle nails that would always
give me trouble and just split in ways that would quickly stop making sense. Why? Well for one, I was doing housework and not
using gloves. A super rookie mistake that I just *had* to
push to the limit. Wear your gloves, save the Girls. It’s one of the many ways it can feel like
our natural nails are not growing at all, Essentially, the breakage cancels out the
new growth. Another nail problem I would have? I had the most dramatic corners of all time. Like seriously? A diagonal break? This one still hurts my soul to see But Tip #2: is to slow down and be present
in the moment. Mindfulness can go a long way on your nail
journey But despite all that hoop-laa and disarray
the Girls have seen better days with the help of my trusty nail care routines. But I’ve learned that for some for us, water
can be an issue, whether at work for soaking in a tub, Some people’s nails split and bend themselves
into weak nail oblivion And for that I say, tip #3 take away the pressure
by embracing the routines that work for you and your nail type. Unless you’re noticing something wrong with
the color of them, If you have yellow nails and want to brighten
them, tip #4, you’ve gotta lay off the polish. Especially if you’d like to show off bare
clearly polished nails more often, having that unnatural yellow tinge doesn’t serve
your nails to look their absolute best. Now for some nail growers, whether their nails
are soaking or not, they have experienced weak, bendy nails. Let me tell you, if your nails can be super
weak, they can also be super strong. I’m telling you, I’ve been there and I
had enough nail problems to go around a few times. Onwards, So yeah you take your sweet time putting on
your splendid clear coat like normal and you know you help yourself to the undersides. All done right? Well yeah, kind of… Tip #5: Don’t completely ditch your nail
care routine or what ever’s been working for your nails. It’s easy to do when you’re up and everything’s
fine But woooo that landing has some crash to it And it doesn’t stop there, when you stop
taking care, your nails seek revenge. We’ve been here before And it’s all fun and games until those stress
fractures just keep on stressing you and the Girls out, wrecking havoc until your nails looking like
they’re actually ready for Halloween this time around But eventually the busted nails will get to
the point where they have to go and when that time comes, Tip #6: Girl, swap out the clippers for the
curved scissors. A fellow Triber told me this one, and said
thank me later, now I’m relaying the message because you won’t regret the switch. But if you use clippers and don’t file your
nails properly shut right after, Consider your nails toast once again Tip #7, don’t leave your nails vulnerable,
especially when you’re pushing them it their limits with the work you do. File them after cutting with a glass file,
seal them with clear coat, and whatever you do don’t leave cracks unchecked That kind of stuff, you got it! But alas, for me, I had to go right back to square one-A with
one of my nail care routines and eventually grew the Girls back out so
that they could come through when I needed them most Eh but then the Girls were back on their nonsense
with pointer acting out And I’m like ok I think I can manage this
and switch the whole style and mood up right Maybe the girls just need to be snatched back
into shape with a whole new look And I won’t lie to you, This stiletto set really came through and it was a true nail goal moment that had
me feeling like I was serving a good ole wholesome slay out here And that’s what good nail care is all about: serving confidence that leaves you shook,
even when it’s ya own home grown natural nails But all good things come to an end right Tip #8 – Avoid the stiletto shape if you’re
trying to be on your nail growth journey for the long haul Cause I already move too fast but the Girls
could not hang. Plus the stiletto shape, although super cute, Chile it puts a whole different kind of stress
on a lot points of your nail. Are you seeing a pattern yet? Welp, let’s mix things up a bit After so many attempts at trying to grow your
nails out You get to a point where you just fold a little
bit and you eventually try something that may or may not have been in your Recommendations
okay ✨Nail enhancements ✨ and for the DIY nail peeps, that might look
a lot like cornstarch nails And again, I won’t lie to you those cornstarch
nails were fire , and they lasted a good while— like 3 whole
weeks Again, confidence restored, especially since
I wasn’t ready to accept defeat and have short nails for the few months But you know, again, these nail wins come
and go But I ain’t never seen no nail nonsense
on my hands quite like this before Everything looks fine, so I thought, the pseudo
girls are just growing out like normal right It shouldn’t be that hard to part ways right? Yeah, Tip #9, girl don’t do it Avoid the nail enhancements if you’re trying
to grow your nails out they just might give you a whole nail accident
that is not worth your nails pretty face ok? Granted, I know I didn’t help by flinging
those nails off like this But I was over it and thought it wouldn’t
be that bad And you know, once I peeled and plucked and
soaked and wiggled the rest of the kinda cornstarch, kinda plastic, kinda glued on pieces off of
my nails There it was: serious, irreversible nail damage I have never sustained such an emotional nail
pain and some of you guys felt it to, a shared
struggle Like what in the nail shambles is this? And despite my best efforts, It went from bad to worst But Tip #10; be patient with your routine
and your nail journey Especially if you’re starting out with acrylic
damage. At the end of the day, your nails need you
to be present and patient, especially when they’re going through it I just soaked the Girls in castor oil once
or twice a week as a part of any normal routine I’ve shown thus far But that grow-out phase was rough and pretty
horrendous, that eggshell thumb still gets to me til this day I mean at this point, honestly, what is there
to do but be patient, and ease back into my nail care routines once
again right At this point, nothing else made sense and nail care routines are a language I speak
fluently so I had no problem going back My nail problems at this point? I had super thin, weak and soft nails that
were tired of me being care-free And I had to sit with this and take good care
of my nails No shortcuts, no cheat codes etc, etc Like what I was seeing was the outcome of
what happens when I worked against my nails long term wishes for temporary nail slays And it wasn’t worth it, but the lessons were 🤓 And I’m glad I kept these nails and documented
everything to show you, myself, that I’ve had some pretty bad nail days Nail days that neither routines or “good
nail genetics” can save. All ten nails sustaining this kind of damage
that is undodgeablly depressing in every way I was at the point where I didn’t even want
to polish my nails to hide them I completely surrendered From the dips in my thumb To the surfaces looking broke down, busted
and overly crusted My job at this point: I had to nurse the Girls
back to full health Using a mix of those nail care routines I
mentioned on that step-by-step playlist Love, care, and patience I started to take into consideration the time
I needed to invest to get the results I wanted as a downside, especially when it’s easy
to get tangled in other things But I was ready to get the Girls back on the
right side of their nail growth journey no matter what In more ways than I thought And thankfully, After all the nail care efforts, The Girls did come back and all was well,
once again I helped myself and you guys were also able
to see better results on your own nail growth journeys too and at the very least be inspired to keep
going and keep growing Cause that kind of damage was something someone
would really have to see to believe But okay now that I could confidently grow
my nails out more than once with these nail care routines I looked into testing out other ways Other alternatives that could potentially
replace the one way I knew how to do this nail growth thing Amazing, I finally get my nails back and I’m
still not satisfied 😅 So some of you guys remember I cut the Girls back off once more to see
what they were really made out of At this point, I’m testing other ways to
grow out long, strong healthy nails for you guys And I start to ask myself What will happen if I use this new nail journey, To exclusively test out one of the most popular
demands on the Nailsletter survey Well as time and good testing would have it,
in just a few months, I had really good length coming in on the
hand I just filed back down for the love of nail testing And as for testing on the uncut Show Girls? Girl, I was well on my way, Not only was I able to grow long, thick natural
nails over an extended period of time They stayed that way despite any curve balls
I tried to hit them with It was like the Girls looked all the nail
problems I’d been checking off this entire video Dead in the eyes And said “you know I think we’ve grown
apart” Oh this was so personal, As I was really on my way to obtain something
I have never actually had before Not like this… More on that in just a bit. For now, I want to give you guys a few more tips that
lead to the breakthrough okey? Okey so remember how I was always talking
about how I paint the undersides with a bit of clear coat as well I actually love doing this It helps to thicken and strengthen the nails
in a simple way using a part of the nail that often goes over looked But on the same hand, Removing the clear coat from under your nails
is also part of the process, especially when you want a clean slate with your next nail
refresher So Tip# 11: Nourish the undersides of your
nails with your favorite nail oil. Especially if you’re using acetone to break
down the polish on either side of your nail’s free edge Speaking of nail tips, here’s a pro tip:
Make sure that the undersides of your nails are clean first It’ll extend the life of your underside-ready
oil by far so wash your hands first and have at it I noticed that while I was testing out the
underside over time, I saw significant results in the right direction, despite putting my traditional nail care routines
pretty much on pause And even as my nails grew super long, maintaining
the undersides with the oil I was using was a breeze. I wanted things to be easy, And I wanted things to just work Okay boom. So now that the girls have been nourished
with a dedicated underside oil that has proved itself worthy I wanted to see if I could make a nail treatment
that was super convenient for use around the cuticle and proximal folds of my nails as
well Because another one of my infamous nail problems, I had horrific hangnails Cause by my nails not getting the constant
moisture they deserved, Even in the colder months. Cold world It was pretty bad though 😅 But my nails also needed something on those
days when I needed to throw a whole crusty layer of nail away via buffing Some of you guys love buffing Some of you guys absolutely hate buffing I’m for it, but again. You gotta do what works for you and your nail
type girl Which brings me to the next tip, if you have
thicker nails Tip# 12- skip the super thin cuticle oil I mean, it sounds good in theory But if you have thicker nails, or want thicker nails A super thin cuticle oil would be the equivalent
of only giving your nails a drop of moisture when they’re crying for the whole bottle
of it After some months of trying several blends
and mixes of the cuticle repair oils I saw results so promising my camera actually
showed out to catch the gleam and the glow of it all Plus the cuticle formulas that I truly believed
in also worked really well on the undersides as well. So while I was ready to ever go shiny buffed
and bare, the Goals I envisioned for the Girls were also there But you know, 😏 I had one more thing that I wanted to make
as a true-feel good. I wanted something with a different vibe,
on a different type of time Something with the it factor Case and point, I wanted one more deluxe option That could still hold her own And would be giving ‘extra’ in every good
way possible Because well… My last nail problem was that I had nail polish
that would peel off in sheets a few days after polishing them Exhibit A here On the flip of things the Girls and polish
just would not always age well together. But as I was testing the Girls with this next
up nail treat, I noticed my nail polish hang on and hang
on gracefully After applying this potent oil onto my cuticles
and rubbing it onto my nails I noticed that Even my fresh manicures looked… fresher No matter how simple that mani was It looked like a whole new level of healthy
and youthful and glowey and dare I say ✨ Timeless ✨ Plus try as the Girls might to self-sabotage
all of their hard work, They maintained their length, shape, strength,
the corners, and even got noticeably brighter with consistent use of these nail treats. Which leads me to conclude the tips and tricks
segment with Tip #13: Proper oil moisture is everything for your natural nail growth
journey. Whether it’s apart of a routine or all on
its own. Oil moisture is a different level of moisture. Not necessarily washing your hands more, not
your water intake, although girl drink that water 😅 Not that glycerin moisturizer or even my favorite,
exfoliation. If you’re not using the oil that works for
you, be it castor, jojoba or the coconut oil in your bathroom draw to the left girl Your nail journey just might need that Take it from me. So yes at this point we’ve seen the very
worst of my nails and all the lessons that have come out of it that have all led to the
rebirth And eventually what has clearly shown itself
to be a first in my lifetime. The Girls at their longest, strongest , brightest,
most resilient length yet. Minus thumbnail, I needed her to be short
again for the sake of simple things like you know texting and opening doors without risking
it all. But yeah I didn’t even realize how far I
had come on my nail care journey until I had looked at everything strung together
to get us here Even the nourished undersides, sealed with
a layer of clear—just looked healthy and sustainable. So we’re at the point where you might be
wondering what exactly I’ve been using all this time, behind the scenes Well, I’ve been using a few goodies and
treats from my new nail care line And now we’re going to go through each nail
good one-by-one to give you a better sense of how they work in tandem with my nail care
needs First up is my dedicated Strength and Recovery
Oil, Bye Brittle Nails 💪 made with the undersides of the nail’s free
edge especially in mind. Enhanced with Hemp Seed and Lemon, this nail
goodie wins for strengthening painfully weak and brittle nails. Smells like lemon. 🍋. 5ml. Next up to keep the skin around my nails adequately
quenched throughout my longest work days I’ve made four ✌️✌️ nourishing cuticle
oil brush pens encapsulating unique scents and moods inspired by the four seasons of
the year ❄️🌸☀️🍂 I call this seasonal cuticle care collection,
Cuticles, Restored. First up is the cuticle treat called ‘This
Fall’ 🍁 inspired by the calm, quiet beauty of
autumn. This cuticle oil makes the nails and cuticles
fall into a youthful glow with Sweet Almond and Vitamin E oil. Infused with the anti-aging properties of
Red Clover leaves and the magic of Myrrh to heighten the glow and radiance of both your
nails and cuticles. This nail goodie is virtually unscented, and
glides on the lightest of them all. 🍂 2ml. After fall, comes winter This cuticle pen is called ‘Mint Condition’
and is of course, 🌬 inspired by the winter chill. Ruled by the intense moisture of Avocado,
and enhanced with the magically-minted duo of Peppermint and Spearmint. This cuticle oil was crafted to stimulate
nail growth, eliminate nail peeling, add strength to the nail, and keep your cuticles in Mint
Condition, even on the coldest days. Smells like a sweet hint of mint. 🍬 Glides on richly, but absorbs quickly. Nail growers may feel a mild tingle after
application. 2ml. Next up from the seasonal collection is Florality 🌸 made to mirror the essence of the Springtime. Blooming with Grape Seed and Jojoba to deeply
nourish the cuticles and nail beds for longer, stronger, shinier nails while restoring and
improving the nail bed’s strength. Livened with Geranium and Ylang Ylang to retain
moisture and balance the essence of oil hydration, all while infused with petals of Lavender
for a mood-boosting calmness. And sweetest of all, this cuticle treat smells
like a bouquet of fresh flowers. 💐 2ml. And to bring it all full circle is Summer’s
Citrus ☀️ to serve summer glow goals in the
key of citrus, while offering a gleam of greatness to your nails. The high note, Apricot Kernel, strengthens
nails and softens cuticles while protecting the cuticles and nails against sun damage. Essential oils of Grapefruit, Lemon, and Orange
offer a rich blend of moisture, stimulation, shine, and refreshing properties to boost
your mood, brighten both your nails and your day. Smells like a warm burst of citrus. 🍊 2ml. And last but certainly not least I told you guys about how I needed a nail
care goodie that was just plain extra, but it’ll love me and the Girls a little extra
on the days we need it most I’m super proud to end things off with my 24k Nail and Cuticle Care Oil ✨ made to
be the daily solution and the balance between moisture, restoration, and strength. This unique formula was made for the acrylic-damage
recoverer, the glamorous natural nail lover, and the nail grower who wants a power-packed
nail treat that channels her dazzling ‘That Girl’ essence. 💃🏽 And after using these oils in tandem with
each other or alone, My bare nails looked better from edge to edge
and just kept elevating as time passed On the other hand, Girl the polish job was other worldly, going
on super smooth and having a lasting shine Because of that ultra nourished foundation
yas I kind of couldn’t believe it So I had to take the Girls out for a spin
and a stroll and let the sun help show off their glow But the Girls were looking cute and showing
out even on the Metro So yes those products have elevated my moisture
game and I’m shook to the core with literally my best nails yet So that’s 6 nail treatments Bye Brittle Nails
Cuticle restored in This Fall
Mint Condition Florality
And Summer’s Citrus Topped off with the
24k Nail and Cuticle Care oil But I know someone’s wondering Okay where did these nail goods come from And the short answer And lots of researching, testing and note
taking in my nail care goods journal They were hand-made from scratch by me from
the packaging and labels to the all-natural formulations ✨Developing these nail care solutions have
inspired me to offer a year supply of my brand new nail care treats to those who are dedicated
and ready to finally win on their nail growth journey all year long…. So…drum roll please …. ✨Right now and for a limited time, this
6-part limited edition deluxe bundle pack is available to the aspiring long nail grower
for just $59 ✨That breaks down a years worth of premium
nail care products for less than $5 a month ✨First come, first serve. Limited supply. And where do we ship? Everywhere major US credit cards are accepted. You can shop this nail care bundle pack exclusively
at my new online store Hands By Hairitage. ✨You can find the link to my store and instant
checkout in the description box below. In conclusion, That’s how I’ve done it— Transcending my nails from what on Earth is
going on and why on Earth does this keep happening To How on Earth did you obtain your personal
nail best to date Nails that just grow for the win through everything Stronger, more resilient, and unbelievably
long All thanks to these babies right here So yes, That is all for my How on Earth did you get
your best nails yet tip video and OfferLetter wrapped in a nail care story type tutorial And I truly hope you found this video helpful,
informative, inspiring, motivational and as an answer that you may have be looking for,
for some time now. And lastly, if you enjoyed this one and would
love to see more from me here on the ‘Tube Definitely make sure that you’re subscribed
and notified so you stay in the best loop via those good ole notifications. As always, Thank you so much for watching, engaging and
making it til the end of this one. Wishing you many nail care wins and flourishment
with your latest natural nail care goodies With this, take care and happy nail growing I’ll see you in the next one!


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