Water marble nail art : cute blue gradient glitter nails

Water marble nail art : cute blue gradient glitter nails

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Hi girls, today I will show you how to make this nail art. It’s a water marble in shades of blue. I hope that you’ll enjoy the video, and that you’ll be able to do this water marble. First for a water marble, you need to apply a layer of white varnish bring out the colors. Of course here it is dry. I will then protect my skin. that’s important. Otherwise you will spread it out and it will be hard to clean. I lay two pieces of scotch tape like this. You can also put Vaseline on your skin. It works pretty well, all you need to do then is to wash your hands To remove the nail polish that has came out. For this water marble, I have chosen 4 nail polishes from the web site www.manucure-beaute.com I will open them all at once not to waste any time. Then I will make circles in the water as you can see. If after 2 or 3 circles, it doesn’t spread out Don’t go any further; your nail polish is not good for this kind of nail art. Here it works pretty well. When it stops spreading, I’ll stop it. There’s no use continuing or it will be ugly. Then I take a doting tool and a towel And I will start doing my drawings in the water. I clean my doting tool after each stroke. And when I have a nice design I blow on the water to remove the solvent And to dry the foil. Then I turn my pot and I’m gonna dip my nail in it Inside of it where I have a nice design. Do not dip your nail right in the middle Because your result will be bad Then with my pen, I blow on it. And I remove the nail polish leftovers from the surface. I remove my nail out of it and here is the water marble. With a pair of scissors, I cut the scotch tape and I remove it. I use a pair of tweezers to avoid getting my hands dirty And before it gets dry, with a cuticle stick I scratch the cuticles so that it does not stick to my skin. When the nail polish has dried a bit With my finger I press on it slightly to burst the water bubbles. If when bursting the water bubbles it makes a white hole Apply some polish of the same color Then with a flat brush and pure acetone, I will clean my skin. Don’t forget the bottom of your nail It is not very attractive to have nail polish all over. And at last, I will add some glitter and the final top coat. The water marble is done! Here is it! Don’t forget that this technic doesn’t work with all kinds of nail polishes. It doesn’t mean that you are not good if you don’t succeed. Most of the time, it is because of the nail polish Or it is because you are too slow while making the circles in the water. It needs to be done quite quickly. Good Luck! Products needed are on: www.manucure-beauté.com Check out another video tutorial and subscribe for more like this one every week ! Thanks a lot and see you in another video !


  1. Thank you for the little details like blowing on the water and tapping out the bubbles. I tried this once a long time ago and made a big mess. I am now inspired to try again. 🙂

  2. I really love this video this helped a lot and are those fake nails and if not then how do u get them to be so long do u have any tips

  3. i tried watermarble but when i put the nail polish into the water it doesnt spread :/
    any advice ? please help

  4. shes said it's because of the polish it's self. You cannot do anything to fix that.Try different polishes 🙂

  5. I don't know why,but your voice sounds totally different when you are speaking English.
    P.S – I fell in love with your nails!! 🙂 I enjoy watching your videos,and also,I like doing new nail arts over & over! Love from Serbia! 🙂 <3

  6. She has made her tartofraises1 tutorials available in English, in a different username to keep it from being blurred together.
    Be grateful that she did this!

  7. It can also be because your water isn't room temperatured. If it doesn't spread, try to make room temperatured water (leave water to be in that room over the night) and if it doesn't spread again, try different brand of nail polish 🙂

  8. Thanks for showing how you clean up the unwanted nail polish behind the nail and around it.  I had never thought about using a make up brush before.  

  9. So creative! If anyone is interested I have a glitter nail art tutorial on my channel using the stamping technique.

  10. dont start the video with ''hi girls'' its very sexist. if im a man and want to paint my nails i dont want to get that ''i only have a female audience'' shit 🙁 i get it too much. i am a man and want to be seen as one even if my interests dont fit the ''male'' stereotype
    the video was very usefull btw

  11. Beautiful! This is the best water marble video I ever seen and I've seen a lot and this one is by fair the nicest. You have nail talent!

  12. Nice!! I wish I could do that because water marble is a little difficult for me .. I do a lot of mistakes .. But I'll try to learn this amazing art..

  13. I love watching your videos. I tried water marbling a couple of times and ended up with a big mess. You make everything look easy but the finished results are spectacular.

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