WATER MARBLE Nail Art Tutorial –  Black & White Design How to Basics Techniques 水染彩繪美甲

WATER MARBLE Nail Art Tutorial – Black & White Design How to Basics Techniques 水染彩繪美甲

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Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I started a Second Channel Called Meliney’s World So please go check it out and subscribe to that channel if you want to see more videos from me I’ll still be doing my nail videos on this channel But everything else will be going onto the other channel from now on Anyways, so i don’t know what took me so long to try water marbling… actually i think it’s because the last time i tried, it didn’t work out so well so i ended up doing… a few of the non water water marbling designs last year but recently i stumbled onto this water marble shout out video by a channel called DearNatural62 she mentioned so many helpful tips in her video that i decided to give it another try so i’ll link her video down below so you girls can go check her out i was really really determine this time to make it work and somehow it all just all came together so here is the tutorial so as always, start with base coat to protect your nails. Then a layer or 2 of a white nail polish i’m using this glass candle holder with a 5cm diameter opening it’s not too big so hopefully i won’t
have to use too much nail polish to fill it you can also use any round shaped
containers or cups whatever you can find around the house then I filled it with tap water and let
it sit for about thirty minutes or so until it becomes room temperature you dont want the water to be too cold because it dries up the nail polish quicker So i’ve got my 2 colors ready. it’s just a simple 2 color design. have them open so you can access them quickly starting with the black polish add one drop and wait for that to spread then continue with a drop of the white polish and repeat steps until you get a few rings of each color i recommend not dripping it from too high otherwise it will sink to the bottom of the cup I hear other people say to use filtered
water i just use the tap because the
water here in Australia is pretty clean and it definitely works for me something to note about the type of nail polish to use i did a couple of polish tests to make
sure the colors spread properly some nail polishes don’t work very well either it doesn’t spread or it doesn’t allow other polishes to spread on top of them so test it out and see which ones work
for you so once you have this bulls eye ring in
front of you looks kind of hypnotising doesn’t it grabe a stick with a pointy end i’m using an orange stick here and start anchoring the outter rings like this you do this so that when you drag the designs later on it doesn’t move around i think missing this step was
why my last water marble attempt failed so miserably now that we have our spide web set setup we can start dragging the rings together. There are lots of ways to create designs with water marble this is probably the easiest way so if you want to see me do more water marble designs let me know in the comments and any suggestions for color combinations
that you may have so now that i have created a few petal shapes i’m just going to turn the glass around to a position that is the easiest for me to dip my finger in then aim where you want your desig to be and lower your fingernail into the water hold your finger in the water and scoop away the remaining polishes from the water surface once the coast is clear you can take your finger out and there you go looks like a bit of a mess but you
can easily clean that up with some nail polish remover you can always tape around the fingers to prevent them from getting on your skin too much on now that i have shown you the basics let’s try another one and i’ll show you how to do them 2 at a time to save you some nail polish so before you start dripping again make sure the water surface is clean of any polish residues now once you have everything set up use your orange stick and drag 3 lines acorss the rings to create 4 big petal shapes like this then drag 2 more lines innbetween the
first 2 petals to make them into smaller ones you can dip the orange stick to combine
the petals to make a point now that we have done the first design do the same on the other side to create
the second one once you got your 2 designs ready dip
one of your fingers in the first design than make sure the surrounding
polishes have broken off slowly take that finger out without
disturbing the rest of the design next dip your second finger in the
second design hold it there and scoop away the remaining
polish and take your finger out see killing 2 birds with 1 stone or something like that after you clean off the surrounding nail polish from your fingers this is how it looks but knowing me i like to go the extra step so i added some dots in to make the marble even more interesting to look at add some black dots in the white area and
white dots in the black area then once your done add top coat for a lasting finish if you like this design please like and favorite this video let me know if you have any suggestions on color
combination for my next water marble video if this is youur first time hanging out
with me i’d love for you to subscribe to my channel i put out new videos every thursday my videos are now on pinterest so free to repin them onto your own boards for easy access and check out my second channel if you’re interested


  1. Hi Meliny i watched yur tutorial and i tried yur method and i LOVE it…ive just done my thumb and it works!!! thank u so much for sharing….oh and i used salon perfect black and white polish….thank u once again…how do i upload a pic of my nails for u to see?

  2. you can apply petroleum jelly to your finger to make it an easy wipe off with out nail polish remover. 😉

  3. meliney thanks soooo much bc i keep messing up doing water marble for example nail polish sinks, and it just fails 😣😣😣 but u helped me so much

  4. my nail paint is getting dried…and its messing up and sticking to the toothpick wen am designing… could u plz help this out

  5. Can u do more water marble then anything else pleas I am not telling u too only if u want to 😊😊😊😊😊

  6. Simply had to say thanks for the cool video. I seriously liked it and will be waiting for more videos from your channel 🙂

  7. when ever I dip my finger the design always was on my cuticle not on my nail… plz tell me how to dip in my finger from which side

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  9. Actually nail polish don't get spread in such a waste way as shown in video pls tell which kind of nail polish and water temperature taken

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