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We Tried Makeup Dupes • Ladylike

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hi I’m Kristen and I’m Devin and this is a tuba for those of you who are not in the know a dupe is when a more economical makeup product gives you similar results to a pricier makeup product are you into dupes I’m a duper we we in the Duke community call them do pass literally throw you out sometimes your girl doesn’t want to spend fifty dollars for foundation do you like deuce I don’t really try to here’s the thing you have very nice skin thank you can I have skin so like I have to do a lot to go to a point where I can permanently commit it to film we’re gonna split our beautiful faces in half we’re gonna do half of our face with the expensive makeup and the other half the dupe and then we’re gonna go around and ask our co-workers if they notice anything different one two three one two three dudes this is l’oreal infallible Pro matte this is truly not bad I am super easy application is really smooth it goes on it dries it says it’s Pro matte so hopefully it stays not shiny this is NARS all day luminous weightless foundation whoa it is look at that it’s just water it’s like oh I don’t know if I even like this NARS this one I definitely get more of a dewy finish where is this one I’m a little bit more matte this is $45 Wow I could tell you this right now this L’Oreal is a butter it applies better it matte it’s just it’s just better this is a $90 you’re saving upwards of $30 don’t ask me to do the math I’m just gonna round up I feel like I’m struggling really to kind of get what I want coverage wine I do not believe these are actually dupes yeah I just think one is better than the other and it’s the L’Oreal so it has been dude it’s been yeah wheat you if you buy the NARS over the L’Oreal maybe you’ve been and they’d even look at the bottle it’s so watery it’s been like leaking out this NARS bottle looks like it just suffered through a breakup this is essence make me brow in soft brawny brows which is so many B’s I just feel a stick it is I had to put so much off and even then like oh no the hairs are sticking together and though there’s a hole of my brow it’s this benefit gimme brow in 3 it’s $24 for that little bottle oh this is it’s better better oh my god yeah like swag 1 that’s expensive side yeah I can tell one looks like airbrushed one looks like sneeze essence make me brow not not a new a new a new it’s a new quite a wild proline felt tip eyeliner it’s 399 I mean this brush is a little thick for my face yeah it dries pretty quickly the name of the game is how long you can last line in sex you know so this is the Stila stay all day waterproof liquid eyeliner this is my eyeliner this is what I use yeah this tip is way more precise they do look the same I just I think the wet and wild one requires a little bit more skill whereas I think the Stila is a little bit more forgiving so look I think that that’s kind of the advantage of the Stila because they both dry really quickly that’s probably why people think of it as a dupe because like a quick drying eyeliner that doesn’t transfer is like yeah a beautiful uniform yeah so let’s say dupe for now this is Milani it’s a bait powder blush in Luminoso number five it is eight dollars and forty nine cents this is the dupe and it just it just transits just raved all over the table that’s just something I think if you find a good shade you can go with it you you know I mean it’s cute I don’t like how messy it is though off the bat I’m getting a lot of shine not a lot of light pigment because I wear highlighter and blush I want my blush to act like blush and give me pigment please and I want my highlighter to give me the shine so this is NARS and it’s orgasm which I’ve always wanted to try this blush and I’ve never tried it yeah I own it I love it so these are actually not the same color so I’m curious whether or not they actually give you the same impact yeah cuz this one’s moral corn gee is it an illusion ah see yeah it looks so good you know is that a hint the pink I mean it looks good I think the Milani looks interesting either see I get more shine and more highlight on this honeymoon is see it seems more subtle like a blush is as if you’re blushing like it’s a subtle like hint of color this can be a dupe for you believe it or not they lay on the skin similarly yeah this one just is a little bit more big pink that’s interesting because in the Box they don’t look the same but on the skin they look the same in that way I think this is a real dupe because if someone took the time to like be like oh it doesn’t match but it does look the same I think this is the closest we’ve had so far to an actual do [Music] so we are trying the NYX liquid suede cream lipstick in soft-spoken it is $7 I love NYX lips all right like this oh yeah this is a great color now here’s a question how are these supposed to be dupes when this one again it seems orange earr this is Kat Von D everlasting long lipstick and Lolita – this is the same thing but with different colors it feels the same it applies the same I don’t know if it lasts the same yet like the blushes this is pretty similar except the colors are slightly different I really like NYX liquid suede but I will say it doesn’t last long so this may be more expensive because the last longer might be a dupe that’s a dupe for sure have you saw the dupe the foundation surprised me this foundation is so hard to get right so this is our finished dupe and then expensive looks so this side of the face is probably over a hundred dollars worth of product mm-hmm and this side is probably under fifty off the bat I like this side of the face better than I like this side of the face but that’s because foundation really sets the tone for the rest of the makeup honestly the only truly disappointing thing on the dupe side is the brow gel so not everything is a dupe but in some cases it’s actually more value for your money than the expensive side all right let’s go surprise our friends with our makeup noobs so which side of my face is more expensive I think this said this much more expensive yeah this side is the cheap side this side is the expensive side yeah this I just looks better let me see I’d say wait can you look at me babe okay I’d say it this side this side looks more expensive also for you that’s like two deer you’re right you’re late you’re right for Devin you’re wrong for me [Music]


  1. You should have just said expensive vs cheaper not dupe. Nars is a water base and L’Oréal is a creamier type. For the lipsticks one was a liquid and one was a stick like an actual hard in tact one . This video is very messy

  2. Theres so much stuff you missed like compact powder, concealer,eyeshadow,contour stick/bronzer,highlighter,lipliner,brow gel and setting spray. You didnt take full advantage of this idea.

  3. Wait…am I the only one that thought this would be like knockoffs of expensive brands? I though that’s what dupe meant or am I just wrong?

  4. I feel like if you’re going to review makeup you should have people who actually know how to do makeup. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  5. A really great dupe for Katie von d that lasts longer and is cheaper is the Cover Girl liquid lipsticks. That stuff is wonderful and last forever and is really lightweight!

  6. you can't dupe products that are meant to look different. Matte vs dewy (foundation), matte vs shimmer (blush) and matte vs cream (lipstick) aren't comparable so this video doesn't really make sense

  7. I only use B.B cream and mascara. For B.B cream I use Revlon or Covergirl. For mascara I ALWAYS use Maybelline.

  8. Damn I’ve been duped by sales people at Sephora 😩😩 and ulta… and just about everywhere else I buy things it seems

  9. love the video idea, but none of those were really great dupes, loreal pro glow would have been a better one for the nars foundation, wet n wild pearlescent pink blush is an almost exact match for nars orgasm, and essence makes a much better felt tip eyeliner for the same price, and im not familiar w benefits brow gel but the tattoo brow gel from maybelline is booomb! maybe do a take 2?

  10. I wish you guys had done mascara lmao 😂 but this is very informative haha, maybe now I can get proper makeup

  11. This has disappointed me only in 1 way: (loved the video BTW ❤️) I have found that essence make me brow, when used correctly, can be much more than worth it's $2.99 cost.

  12. It’s driving me insane that they didn’t put mascara on. Seriously, put mascara on if you’re wearing makeup! You look like a crack head without!!!

  13. Just saying but L’Oreal is not a dupe. It’s the smarter brand of make up because why the fuck would anyone spend an obscene amount of money on a product that is exactly the same as drug store make up anyway? It’s just a brand, that’s it.

  14. I love the way the cheap blush fell on the table and then Kristen gets her brush and grabs the blush from the table😂😂😂

  15. Ok, why is everyone freaking about this video? Basically these girls took dupe as one is quality one isnt. Stop hating and go find somewhere else to be negative. All yall are being so petty rn so stop. @Hannahsaquing @Bubbles_as18

  16. If ladylike sees this please turn off comments I have had over 5 hate comments on my comment for saying my opinion of liking the left side of the thumbnail than the right! This is my own opinion and I’m allowed to state my own opinion.

  17. Devon's expensive side looks better on camera. Not sure about irl, but there is definitely a difference on camera. I think Kristin's less expensive side looks better but maybe because of the blush.

  18. Wenn man Deutsch ist und dann sieht das Essence Anscheinend zehn Euro kostet aber in Deutschland kostets einfach ein Euro

  19. I disagree with the Nars luminous foundation review. I’m wondering if you guys shaked the the foundation bottle before using, but that foundation is my holy grail. It doesn’t leave me looking Cakey and I’ve gotten so so many compliments on it.

  20. Loreal looks so cakey and yellow not at all like skin. The Nars looks like skin and DOESN'T MAKE THEM LOOK LIKE BOXED CAKE IS ON THEIR FACE.

  21. …. who pronounces every letter in NYX? I've always heard it as nicks, kinda how ELF is pronounced elf, not E-L-F.

  22. I want to see Fred and Chantel do this cause Fred has a different skinton and a different texture which could show a different perspective and Chantel had acne growing up and like more expensive things so that could bring a different perspective

  23. Don't use don't use all that makeup because it come from Micah that kids in India have to mind for and some kids die from rocks falling on them because every makeup now you're using contains Micah

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