We Tried The Bird Poop Facial | Crash Test Beauties

We Tried The Bird Poop Facial | Crash Test Beauties

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today’s a very special edition of
crashes beauties because we’re in New York is awesome because they’re known
for iconic skyline watch people lots of taxi tons of critters and tons of brick
what you mean sounds of bird poop yeah so today we’re gonna be trying the
Geisha facial and basically what that is is the bird poop facial oh great bird
poop on my face bird poop on the face ready I’m ready let’s go so I’m feeling like berries in in the
mood yeah I’m ready ready for the poop hopefully there’s a good smell hmm and
hopefully helps us some high group reputation but she has beautiful skin I
work on it I work every day for me I’m having issues because this is the week
of my period I generally don’t have pimples on my face and they have popped
up today yes so here they are for display her friends are with us on this
big facial so we are here with Shizuka she is the owner and aesthetician and
boss lady extraordinaire thank you for having come in tell us about the history
of the Geisha fee hundreds years ago in Japan kabuki actors geishas makeup they
used a white makeup buck them that those white makeup contained let it’s very
dangerous and some people died from it and then the son got sick but then they
didn’t have maybe even salt so they tried anything they could I don’t know
about the oh ho Asia but in like a Japan and around you know seventeen countries
we had words in case as a pet the bird poop was very accessible it is an
unlimited supply and then it worked originally like it they use it just you
know exist yeah but now manufacture first of all
collect collects the you know the droppings and then the chemical process
to make it the powder and then a UV sterilized that so I researched and
spoke to the owner of manufacture and then I found out the natural enzyme that
breaks down the dead skin so that’s why they exfoliate and the cleanse the skin
very well let’s do let’s do it bird poop on the face what my friend was like this my skin feel so refreshed like I can
feel still feels like I have a mask on so we did it I love that I love the tall
towel felt like a hug for your finger and then she took it off or you’re just
like yeah yeah blogger refresh yeah mixture of all the other ingredients
smells so good so I made up for like the tiny little
stench yeah first we were able to forgive and forget you’re in New York try this is a good
fall – that Lee don’t be intimidated by the bird poop whooping good pooping is
good and I go do your face


  1. I believe that I would try this did you see their faces Beautiful their faces were so clear and and looked so smooth. Wouldn't be afraid of the smell just put a dab of Mentalum or Vixvaper rub under my nose

  2. This is ridiculous. Like there are no other products to use that would give you an amazing facial without using excrement. People will do anything.

  3. OMG all this time when my grandma was putting bird & horse poop on her face & hair I thought she was crazy lol but damn this really is a thing

  4. Obviously a lot of people didn't pay attention to what the owner said. They take the poop and then add ingredients into it making it safe, you're not literally taking poop out of the birdcage and splattering it all over your face. Geez people stop with the negativity

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