We Tried To Find The Best Makeup Setting Spray

We Tried To Find The Best Makeup Setting Spray

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– But do you see this? Look at it, it’s just like a shiny t-zone. – Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. (upbeat music) – So I’m a fan of all day
makeup that stays fresh, that’s long lasting, and
just like, doesn’t budge. In order to test humidity-proof,
sweat-proof setting spray, I came to the city of New York, where I’ll be trying five
different setting sprays and seeing how they last at
the beginning of the day, at the end of the day, and kind of just like
how they fare against all the humidity that’s obviously in New York. (upbeat music) This is day one of the sweat-proof, humidity-proof setting spray test. And one of the most highly
ranked setting sprays that I actually was surprised was on there was the e.l.f. Makeup Mist and spray. So I’m gonna do my entire face
so you can see the results of going through a full day with just setting spray on my
face to set my entire look. So let’s get into it. (upbeat music) I’m just gonna use just
10 of the makeup spray and we’ll see how this
looks at the end of the day. So it is the end of day one and we’re pretty much
spending most of today inside. – Your face is shiny. And I see on your nose, is
shinier, like around here. It’s not bad. – I think your natural lovely
oiliness is seeping through. It’s not a bad thing. You just look very glowy. It doesn’t look bad but I just know that
that’s not from highlight. – So I’m gonna head outside and see what it’s like
against actual sweat. Like, I look really cute and dewy but don’t let that fool you, it’s all oil. So it’s literally night
and I had a full day today and I feel like I’m just filthy. So, before I take off all my makeup, we’re gonna see how
much oil I can take off and how many blotting
papers I need to use. (upbeat music) Oh, that’s oily. My brow transferred. My makeup transferred and all of that sweat transferred. So it really didn’t do much guys. I’m sad to say that for EODS, for end of day shine, this is
rating like, on like a two. At the end of the day, you’re really getting what you paid for, which is three dollars worth
of Makeup Mist and Set spray. The humidity in New York is about 74% which is 1% higher than yesterday, so it’s so much to look forward to. So, I’ve already finished
my makeup for today, so I’m just gonna set
my face with 10 sprays and hopefully, this does the
trick, sets everything down for the rest of the day. – You look very much like, the same. – Really? – You have a little bit of shine here. You do not look as greasy
as you were yesterday. – Currently at dinner with Lindsay and we walked here from work, it’s like a few blocks and I like blotted my lips
and can anybody else see like, my entire foundation that
was all over my mouth, is currently on my napkin. And not gonna lie, my face is holding up way
better than it did yesterday, which I’m super surprised about. (upbeat music) In comparison to the e.l.f.,
the e.l.f. strips look, I don’t know, they look
kind of look dirtier. But for end of day shine,
I wanna say I was glowy. I can honestly say that NYX outperformed e.l.f.
with its mattifying factor, it definitely kept me glowy but not oily. For the price point what
you pay, how much did I use, and like, the all day wear, it did really well in comparison to e.l.f. It’s gonna be 71% humidity
and I get my hands on the Tarte Marine Boosting
setting spray today. So I’m so excited to be using this today because it’s supposed to
hydrate, set, refresh your skin, along with prime your skin. So it’s like a four-in-one. And I’m just gonna get right into it because I wanna smell this. (upbeat music) Oh my goodness, it’s like lemon citrus, undertones of like, eucalyptus. That smells so good, and it
just feels so refreshing. So it’s the end of day three,
the morning of night four. It’s been a long, long night. It’s not bad considering
the sweat and the humidity. There wasn’t honestly a lot
of oil coming off of my face and surprisingly, not as much
transfer of my actual makeup. These are a lot cleaner
than the last few days and they’re actually extremely impressive. And then, I wasn’t that
oily at the end of the day. Course it didn’t mattify me
but it actually did set me which was great and I give it up to Tarte. It’s gonna be 67% humidity today which is not even that bad. Today, we are trying the Urban Decay All Nighter
Long Lasting Setting Spray. It’s oil free, paraben free, and temperature control technology which differentiates it from all the other setting sprays
that we’ve used so far which is really sick. Let’s get straight into it. (upbeat music) ‘Kay, that’s pretty, pretty norm. I feel like my makeup is still here but it set really well into my skin today. I just feel very put together. I don’t feel fresh but I feel like my face is still there. Let’s put it to the blotting paper test to see how much it uses up. And not even half as oily as I have been over the last few days. Wow, I only produced two
blotting papers worth of oil. I still look very fresh
faced which is awesome. My makeup doesn’t look old, my foundation doesn’t look tired. It didn’t get clumpy anywhere and it didn’t have any runoff. Urban Decay, I golf
clap to you Urban Decay. It’s day five. We are actually doing the
Jason Wu for Caudalie, I may have butchered that, Caudalie Beauty Elixir. This is retailed at $49, so it’s about to get fancy AF today guys. Can’t even imagine paying
$49 for one setting spray. My face feels so dewy, feels so refreshed. Definitely feels hydrated. This is nice. I could get used to this. So I just went jazz on
a really quick shoot and I’m just walking outside and I’m like slowly seeing
my reflection in the camera, and I’m like damn, my face
is holding it together today. I mean, paid $49, so it better be good. So we just got out of Korean BBQ and literally I thought the
humidity outside in New York was the worst. No, the inside of the Korean
BBQ place inside of New York is by far the worst. Do you see that? There’s like a trickle of
river of oil that’s just like, – No. – accumulating in my t-zone. – I think like, I’m wearing NYX, and I am shiny as, you know what. – Yeah, but your NYX just didn’t hold up. And neither did mine. And mine was $49 That’s a lot of money to
spend for a setting spray. As the day progressed, my face just slowly collected
more and more shine. Like I was glistening. I’m like a sparkling
pool of oil right now. I even took a nap. And I woke up to an entire
face of makeup on my pillow. Let’s see how much oil I can collect with the blotting paper. It’s a lot guys. This one, completely dropped the ball. It’s like I’m wearing a
completely different face, because like none of this was a problem with any of the other setting sprays. How frustrating is this? So I’m back in the LA office,
looking over all the footage, and all the photos from
my week in New York. And it’s easy to see that setting sprays really do differentiate their selves, when it comes to formula,
when it comes to price. So in 4th place was the e.l.f.
Mist and Set setting spray. I think the main reason
why this came in last place was that it really didn’t have any effects on the long wear of my makeup. It really didn’t last all day. In 4th place, we’ve got
the Caudalie Beauty Elixir. I know it had really good reviews online, it’s just being a really
good way to give your skin that extra touch of glow. But it really didn’t do much
for setting your actual makeup. The 3rd place was actually a
Tarte four-in-one Mist and Set. While it really did smell extremely nice, and it did have the properties of priming, and like misting, and just
prepping your skin for makeup, it did all that just like
the Beauty Elixir did. But it lasted a little bit
longer throughout the day. The 2nd runner up was
actually the NYX Mat Finish. Not only was the blotting test
one of the best ranked ones, out of all of the setting
sprays throughout the week, but it really did have results. Beginning at end of day,
setting my makeup, keeping it in place, and having that long wear option that I really was looking for. Now only is 1st place,
which actually ended up being Urban Decay All Nighter spray, which was hands down the one
that modified me the best, really gave me the most
out of my makeup all day. Come walk for this week, I
really just learned that price, and brand, and ingredients, really make the most out of your setting sprays and your formulas. And you don’t have to
invest all of your money in the most high end setting
sprays to really get the work, and the wear of setting spray. And let me know what your
favorite setting spray is. (upbeat music)


  1. This video was really unreliable. The temperatures were different. And u didn’t use power. She also used hydrating setting sprays

  2. Well you tested hydrating setting sprays against matte and you judged them on how matte they made you…of course a hydrating setting spray like the tarte will leave you shiny at the end of the day, it's hydrating…not matte…

  3. You picked setting sprays for dry skin!!! They're meant to stop your makeup cracking, which is a problem on DRY skin. Not oily skin :/ setting sprays also take away the powder look of your makeup. Sigh this was a terrible test

  4. I use mario badescu facial spray with aloe, rose as a setting spray and facial spray 😂😂 it actually works well with my skin if I use it as a setting spray but the product is actually a facial spray. I think she used facial spray more than setting spray In the video so that’s probably why it was really oily

  5. Gurl dis unhealthy, yo skin is suffering badly and Im feelling bad for it. Just llet it be with the thick layers of makeup and do it without, youre lovely and a beautiful human being

  6. I use the nyx setting spray and what I like to do now is spray it on my beauty blender when applying my foundation which is pretty effective. I also use setting powder by nyx which has also been doing pretty good for me. I would like to try that urban decay though. Need to do that eventually.

  7. You have to use powder. It will change your life.
    I like the NYX setting spray but it wouldn't have worked for you because you're only supposed to use 2-4 sprays. I can tell it works as a setting spray because after I spray it, the hair around my face feels like it's been hairsprayed lol.

  8. did she even set her face with a setting powder first? cause if she didn’t that’s why none of them worked!

  9. Small question: I'm relatively new to makeup and I have normal-dry skin (REALLY dry in the winter) So should I use a powder, spray, or both?

  10. The tarte one is also a little more hydrating so it won't mattify as well as other setting sprays that say mattifying 🙂 The caudalie is amazing for more of a dewy finish, but if you're oily and don't want any shine, I'm not sure the caudalie is the best for you…

  11. I use the elf all the time in South West Georgia where humidity is always super high! I also use airspun powder before hand! I’ll pull doubles and be running around sweating and my makeup won’t budge. Also go to the gym and do full hard core work outs and will still have to scrub my face to get the makeup off!

  12. I use Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Primer, M Perfect Cover BB Cream, dust it with Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder then finish off with NYX Matte Finish setting spray. I'm good for almost the entire day. My skin is naturally oily AF and these 4, although very cheap, work well together.

  13. Clearly an oily skin girl, needs powder to set the makeup and then a mattifying setting spray. I see dewy sprays everywhere. Of course they don't work.

  14. I use the nyx one and it keeps my foundation on and i don't get anywhere near as oily as I normally do by the end of the day

  15. Maybe try fanning it in instead of just spraying it just spraying it will make you look more shiny and wet

  16. I use setting spray to hydrate my dry af face. I've always hated my dry skin, but not anymore after watching this video 😂

  17. I have dry skin so this obviously has no bearing to anyone oily, but Nyx dewy finish setting spray works perfectly for me 😊

  18. I feel like she doesn't understand how the product works. It's like she thinks it's antiperspirant and it's going to keep her face from sweating. If it's humid and hot, your make-up is going to melt off your face. Do your skin a favor and let it breathe instead of caking it in foundation.

  19. Thank youuu for this video because I can't with the setting spray I use the NYX matte finish it doesn't do me justice at all

  20. That really depends on your skin type. I have dry skin and I swear by the caudalie beauty elixir. I believe the all nighter will be great for oily skin tho. And btw, the caudalie is really more of a skin care product than a setting spray of any kind.

  21. The title should've said "for oily skin". I have dry skin and totally swear by the ELF primer to refresh my makeup and make sure my makeup isn't getting cakey or flakey in dry areas. I can't use mattifying sprays because they often contain alcohol or polymers which would just make things worse for my skin type.

  22. The Caudalie isn't even a setting spray and it did absolutely worse than the elf one, and the lesson learned? You say you dont need to spend all your money in a setting spray when you liked the 2nd most expensive, the elf one with a setting powder is amazing

  23. 5:26 that voice crack, so cute 😂
    I find it quite coincidental that the best setting spray was used on the least humid day

  24. What a disappointing and low quality video. The creator(s) clearly didn't do their research.
    You should be using a setting powder before using setting spray.
    You need to buy setting spray with a formula specific to your skin type.
    You tested for one day, you should give it more than one go.
    Also if you want to look flawless at the end of a day, girl you need to touch up periodically during the day. You do not put your makeup on before work and expect to look just as fab at the end of the work day. You blot and touch that up as the day progresses. Common sense.

  25. The ELF and NYX looks almost exactly the same! You have oily skin and it seems as though it would be impossible to keep you from shining all day with no powder to set make up. Also we have no clue if you used primer to help or what foundation you use. So we dont know exactly what is causing your shine.

  26. Skindinavia makes the best setting sprays hands down. As a fellow oily gal, you desperately need setting powder, THEN spray. Try Beauty Bakerie's.

  27. Pls do a Mario badescu sprays, tatcha along with glossier, milk makeup setting sprays also the too face hangover setting spray 🙂

  28. New subbie!!! I love your channel and raw honesty. Please continue your hunt for the perfect primer /setting spray for oily skin because lord knows I need your help. I’m just as oily as you if not more 😒

  29. I use the NYX daily and most often, and Urban Decay when I have extra funds! But UD is my favorite setting spray.

  30. Looking at this again I think I actually ran into her in NYC a week or so ago with an annoying drunk group of girls.

    Man now I’m sad because I loved her on buzzfeed. Someone tell me she wasn’t in NYC and that it wasn’t her I ran into

  31. You should have come here to Houston, Tx where the humidity is unreal, to truly test these out. 90% humidity is no joke, especially when it comes to hair and makeup.

  32. Am I the only one thinking she’s spraying too much? I have the NYX one and it says to spray four times in a T formation and an X formation

  33. I assumed that setting spray was to hold make up on not to prevent oil unless you get a matte one so the whole experiment really isn't fair tbh. If she was gonna do it right she should have made them all mattifying setting sprays js.

  34. But that's not how scientific data gathering works conditions must be consistent. Now we don't know if it was just cooler less humid and not partying all night that caused it to be better.

  35. I set my face twice when I do full makeup. When I have my face (primer, concealer, foundation, setting powder, bronzer/contour, highlighter) I use a setting spray and fan my face. Then when I’m done with my eye makeup, then I use a matte setting spray. But I also have oily skin

  36. Y’all are being disrespectful for no reason. Okay, you wanna let her know to wear powder before setting her face, then just say that! She took literally a week of her life to help us figure out which setting spray is the best for us and all y’all can say is “yoU ShoULdVe WorN poWDeR” like????? Okay you didn’t like how she did it, you think she could’ve done better with the process ok TELL HER THAT and ask if she’ll do another one or something but no instead y’all just want to be rude 🙄Leave your CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM AND GO. I swear y’all act like troglodytes.

  37. I like the fact that she doesn't powder it gives a realistic idea of the foundation to be honest ….. I have oily skin too. So I have brought some Good Quality ones but I will try the Nyx

  38. Buy the nyx setting spray. I found this product with good reviews. Just click the link below https://amzn.to/2M1AsAd

  39. I hate using any powder to set my makeup on my older skin…..even translucent ones make my skin look dryer and more wrinkly. I want a fixing spray to use on top of my makeup that has NOT been powdered…..

  40. I wonder if she ever bought powders after these comments 🤔 im curious to see her wearing powder thn the sprays. It would really show how important setting powders are. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  41. alot of you are pointing out that she isnt using a powder or a matte foundation, but keep in mind that she is testing out the setting spray. She is testing the setting sprays to the max.

  42. First of all your skin is so oily , you didn’t use a matte foundation and you didn’t use a setting powder either that’s why all of the setting sprays didn’t work because you used a dewy makeup so you have to use a matte foundation and a setting powder and then set your face with a Settings spray

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