We Try Customized Foundation With An App

We Try Customized Foundation With An App

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– Moment of truth, baby! – [Both] Ooh! (fun upbeat music) – Today we’re getting our
foundations custom made by an app. The idea of foundation
being made by an app, that’s the thing that
I’m most worried about, is finding the correct light to be in to get the most perfect match. – Technology is crazy. Face recognition is so advanced. I feel like I could believe
that this could work. – I don’t trust technology that much, so to have it completely
customize my foundation is sketchy for me. – I don’t get how this works at all but I’m open to new things. – I’ve definitely always struggled finding the correct shade. – It would be kinda
cool to see if this app finds something that’s better than the foundations I’m already using. – Well, let’s find our match. – Let’s find out match. – Let’s find our skin match, shall we? – Bare Minerals. M-2-F, Made-2-Fit. Individually made for
your unique skin tone. – Just for you. – Just for you.
– Just for me. – [Both] Just for us. – There’s a quick how-to video, that can scan you and everything. To scan you need, a fresh face, makeup-free, indoor
lighting, no direct sun. Okay, let’s get started. – [Electronic Voice] First,
we’ll calibrate your phone against a stack of white
paper for accurate color. Your camera has been calibrated. Now, let’s scan your inner wrist. Hold the camera two inches away from the middle of your inner wrist. Let’s move on to your forehead scan. Hold the camera two inches away from the middle of your forehead. Position the back camera two inches from the middle of your right cheek. You’re doing great. Two inches away from the
middle of your right jaw. Excellent. Position the back camera two inches from the middle of your left cheek. This is the last scan. Position the camera two inches from the middle of your left jaw. Your costume foundation
color has now been derived. We’re ready to formulate your
color exclusively for you. – It literally was like two minutes. And it was only $49 and
they ship it to you. – Alright, so, we’re gonna wait a week. Get that foundation shipped,
dipped, and on our cheeks. – Alright, so, it’s been a week. We’ve been waiting for our foundation and it’s here! Whoo! – Your match made in foundation heaven. – I like that it has my name on it. – Judging by the outside, do you think it’s gonna match? – No. – Ready to match? – I’m ready to match. – Wait, this looks great. – Yeah? Okay good. Oh geez. – It looks a bit light. – Oh, I don’t know about this. – This is like the
consistency of moisturizer. It looks like I’m wearing – Lotion? – I feel like this is even
too light to be concealer. – It’s just so weird seeing something go on that’s actually the exact color of my skin. – I look like I’m going to the beach. Like you know, my mom would put this much sunscreen on my face. (laughs) – I’m worried about going
out against the world. – We’re going to wear this foundation for the rest of the day. We’re gonna put on the
rest of our make-up. And then we’ll check in and see how it fares throughout the day. – Go!
– Let’s go. – I think it’s pretty.
– It looks smooth. – Looks really nice. – It looks a little white. – Does it look like my natural fit? – No. You’re better off with your own skin ’cause your own skin is perfect. – I just put on my normal contour and highlight that I normally do, on top of this very, very,
very light foundation. I feel like looking at myself, in the camera, looks really splotchy. – Honestly, I don’t see
anything wrong with it. It’s very natural. It looks like it would be
a BB cream or a CC cream. But you look great. – I really wanted to show
the foundation outside. You can kind of see a
little bit of the grayness. It’s just not my preferred cup of tea. – Honestly, I saw you before you put on your bronzer and stuff,
and it looked ashy. It really did. It looked lighter than
what you normally wear. If it’s claiming to be a light, fresh foundation,
that’s what this is. But, as far as the color matching? I’ve been to Ulta with you,
you know color on your own. You don’t need an app to do it. – I’m gonna go ask truth queen Sheridan. – I like it, yet it’s a little pale. But you pull it off. I’d say a little ashy. When you have darker skin, it’s hard for us to hide. – So I’m leaving work and it’s more of, I would call it more of a tinted moisturizer
than a foundation. – Being a foundation
that I made with an app, I think it did a decent job. The technology is not 100% there but it’s definitely almost there. I think once they figure out a way to incorporate people’s undertones
and people’s skin types, then it’s gonna be perfect. – At the beginning, it looked super dewy. And now it just looks like, kind of like a put a mask on me. – It looks so transparent now. – I mean, we’re just gonna have to continue this quest for
the perfect foundation. – We must. – Away we go!
– Onward. (thumping beats music)


  1. I feel like the colors might actually match their actual skin tone (if it didn't give the ashy effect) but everyone is just used to seeing them with makeup on and are basing the "right" color from that memory.

  2. Right off the bat I’m expecting them all to be too light because they’re doing this in photoshoot/filming lighting

  3. Dear everyone that is mad because “Safiya did it first”. Safiya is still friends with people at Buzzfeed, and shares ideas with them. They probably did it like Safiya because both of them approved of doing the same type of video. They didnt steal her idea, so please, calm down.

  4. I don't think they thought of the lighting on a set as "indoor lighting" when they made the app….it obviously washed them out and that's why that foundation looked BAD.

  5. Literally all of them are clearly wearing makeup when they did the scan, because they looked completely different when they came back to apply it. Nina and Cissy were clearly wearing eyeshadow/liner and Chrissy had some sort of lip product on- not sure about Selorm, hers wasn't as obvious, but her skin definitely changed between the two takes.

  6. they.. they didn't take their make up off. Wouldn't they just get the results of their foundation and not their skin??? And Selorm's foundation was way too light and ashy, (idk what Chrissy was thinking tbh), regardless she has such pretty skin she doesn't even need it.

  7. Oh honey that is not your exact color at all especially for that girl who looks like she dipped her face in sand then water

  8. It fully said to scan a makeup free face… I swear they're all wearing makeup…. No dah it threw off the results you didn't even follow the directions. You wasted your money for false results 😒

  9. Omg I can’t believe they did the match under artificial lighting ofc the results are going to be too light serious I mean you don’t need to be a makeup artist to know that…just wow

  10. I found out that Safayia (hope that's spelled right) posted a video like this FIRST! As/Is (formerly boldly) posted in October of 2017, and Safayia posted in APRIL of 2017. IK it takes a long time to edit and film but still. Maybe Safayia was still at Buzzfeed. Idk (no hate please. Just saying)

  11. As a woman of color, I would not use this "technology". At least not yet. I noticed that every brown girl's foundation looked ashy. The only girl that could pull it off was the white girl. I will look forward to this technology once they work all the bugs that are clearly still there, out.

  12. not being racist or anything but the white girl looks super white next to the other one. lol

  13. Maybe the color is lighter than your skintone because of the lighting?? Since it said to use natural indoor lighting but you guys were filming so its probably because of the lights that surrounded you??? Idk i'm just guessing 😂

  14. It’s because they put the flash this app should put it without flash maybe it would be more efficient?!?!?

  15. Everyone in the comments saying they copied Saf. That's saying all makeup youtubers, gaming. Etc are doing it too. Shut up.

  16. I believe it did mot match for mlst of the girls because they matched their actual face and not their necks

  17. Mind you I love as/is (boldly) but this video is all wrong! First coppied safiaya. And they did the beginning WITH FOUNDATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. her:it only 49$ thats Cheap
    Hispanics: Oh lord plz help me oh lord save me
    (im not bein racist ok just to clear it out)

  19. For the melanated women it looks like a flash on your skin and i think its because they use a light to match your skin. It left yall just…. ashy

  20. This was copying Safiya’s video; her’s was posted on April 13, 2017 and this was in October, the same year
    Even though it’s the same, I still love the video!!!

  21. Does it occur to them that they scanned their skin with a bunch of really bright studio lights which would obviously make their skin look a bit lighter in the app…natrually the foundation would be light for their natural skin tone😑

  22. 1) Studio lighting instead of the required "normal indoor lighting"
    2) Full face on, despite asking for a bare face

  23. I mean you guys were wearing foundation and under studio lights while scanning, so I’m not really surprised the color wasn’t exact,

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