Wet n Wild Mega Rocks Glitter Nail Color Review

Wet n Wild Mega Rocks Glitter Nail Color Review

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today’s video is a nail polish review I do one every Tuesday so it’s either
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is on the Wet n Wild mega rock glitter nail color my 2 different shades I have
breakfast in Tinseltown and the snow must go on these are great great glitter
nail polishes glitter nail polish can be kind of a mess I’ve tried Rimmel OPI
Sally Hansen and the Wet n Wild mega rocks are my absolute favorite
they are extremely glittery they dry down smooth on a lot of glitter polishes
I have tried it can be a little chunky which that does happen because it is a
glitter polish it has texture but these are absolutely beautiful my absolute
favorite shade is the green the purpose in Tinseltown it is just a beautiful
beautiful polish I love the micro glitter I’m just going to go ahead and
do coat so you can see it is extremely glittery it’s got green gold and a
little bit of red glitter glitter polishes are great for making regular
polishes last longer the top coat that is just with one coat so so beautiful
absolutely love it I did get mine on sale the green one I
got for 74 cents at Walgreens and the pink one I got for 74 cents at well
before my Kmart closed there in my town but they are just beautiful polishes
whether you’re just using it for accent nails or tips or doing full nails
whether it’s alone or covert all ish they are just beautiful polishes I
athlete do you recommend them their retail price is $2.99 I definitely still
think it is worth it they are just a beautiful polish they last for over a
week with no topcoat I definitely recommend top coat but even without a
top coat they last a very very long time all glitter polishes do but definitely
definitely recommend these they’re absolutely beautiful but yeah I’m going
to go with a second coat it’s already dry if they dry down so quickly so it is
really fast and easy to do a manicure pedicure with these they look beautiful
on toes or fingers but I absolutely love them so I would definitely recommend
picking them up if you do find them they are just gorgeous but look at that
coverage and how opaque they are that’s with just two coats usually with some of
the other glitter polishes I have to go on with three or four coats to get full
coverage but these are just absolutely gorgeous absolutely recommend these I
don’t think you can go wrong with them and they are even at the full price they
are still a really really good deal so anyway you guys that is my short and
sweet video on the wet and wild and make a rocks in order nail color I think they
are absolutely beautiful I don’t think you’ll be disappointed but
if you do see these I would definitely recommend pick them up I do have another
shade it’s like a blue and purple glitter I couldn’t find it but these are
the two that I find but absolutely love them they’re just gorgeous gorgeous
gorgeous glitter polishes but anyway you guys thank you so much for watching I
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yeah I’ll see you guys tomorrow tomorrow it’s going to be a really fun video it
is eyeshadow tutorial and it’s for a special occasion I’m super stoked about
it so go ahead and make sure you come back tomorrow for that video I
think you’re up looking I love it I love it I love it anyway you guys I will see
you guys smile have a great day and yeah


  1. That is very pretty polish. I hope I can find some at a good price. I have to go out of town for Wet and Wild Cosmetics and nail polishes.

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