What FACE Foundation Means To You

What FACE Foundation Means To You

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(peaceful guitar music) My husband Ira and
myself have been supporting this organization
for over 13 years since the very beginning. The reason we got involved is because the FACE Foundation
not only save animals, family pets from their
economic euthanasia, but it helps families when
they feel like there is no hope and that they are
going to be faced with having to make
a terrible decision regarding their animal’s health. It has been such a great joy
for both of us to be donors and to be able to yearly support the great mission of helping
families and saving pets. – I think I can say
without hesitation that the FACE
Foundation is second perhaps only to my own
family in the amount of pride and joy that it brings me. I know, for example,
after a bad day and night, it’s sometimes
difficult to sleep. Thinking about the fact that we may have saved
one or more pets and helped a family or an owner and how much it means to them puts things in
perspective for me with respect to whatever
difficult day I may have had and makes me sleep easier knowing that we were
able to do that. I say we, in reality what
I really mean by that is my fellow Board Directors and our staff and our
veterinary partners because without all of
those people working day-in and day-out, we would not
have been able to accomplish all that the FACE Foundation
has been able to accomplish. – I lost both my dogs
a couple years ago within three weeks of each other and it was by far the hardest
thing I had to go through. I can’t imagine not
have been able to provide care for them when
they really needed it. To be able to provide
that opportunity to others to enable them to spend more
time with their family members and best friends, I think
that’s just an amazing thing that we’re able to provide. I’m very proud to
be part of FACE and all the wonderful work
that continues to be done. – FACE is so meaningful to me. The opportunity that came to
us to be able to save a life is something that not everyone
has the opportunity to do and I can’t imagine
to have said no. We were very excited
to be a part of FACE and to be able to help other
people save their animals. That’s what we’re all
about so for me to have the opportunity to help
somebody save their animal and still keep their
family together, I can’t imagine a
bigger privilege than having the
opportunity to do that. FACE means everything to me. It means that we can give
opportunities to families that might not have them and there’s nothing more
important than saving a life, especially the life of an
animal who can’t help itself. I think FACE is amazing. (peaceful guitar music) (calming guitar music) – [Interpreter] My name
is Wendy Michelle Meyers. I’m deaf and I
have Usher Syndrome and this is my dog
Molly, who’s seven. Molly is very lucky
to be alive today because she almost died. I thought maybe she had a tumor. I knew something was
wrong and it was growing. She had wet marks down
her poor little face and I touched her
and she screamed. She was in pain. When she got up she was
walking very slowly. She could hardly walk
because it hurt so much. We went to the vet
and to the hospital and they took a look
at her, examined her, and they told me
it was a hernia. That there was a
muscle protrusion and I asked if it was dangerous and he said, “Yes,
it can kill her.” I was crying, I didn’t
wanna lose my dog. I went to DCS Deaf Clubhouse and they helped me
find this resource that the FACE Foundation
would help me pay for the needed surgery. If FACE Foundation weren’t there to help support me
through this process and pay for Molly’s surgery, I probably would have
had a nervous breakdown because Molly probably
would have died. I felt the FACE
Foundation helped me. It calmed me down so much. I felt so relieved that they
were paying for this surgery and it was very expensive. I couldn’t afford it on my own. I wanna say thank you so
much to the FACE Foundation and their donors for
helping me and my dog. It saved her life,
thank you so much. Now the two of us
are continuing on and we’re very happy
and successful together. (uplifting music)

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  1. FACE is a great organization! They help families who cannot afford lifesaving care for their precious animals, to be able to get the treatment they need. Supporting an organization like this means that you are helping both animals, and people. What could be better? πŸ™πŸ»πŸ’–πŸ˜Š

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