WHAT’S IN MY BAG? | Minimal & Eco Travel Essentials

WHAT’S IN MY BAG? | Minimal & Eco Travel Essentials

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Hi everyone! Welcome to My Green Closet. So I’m about to go on two back-to-back trips. We’re going to Vancouver right away, where we used to live. And then I’m going to New York for the first time, which I’m so excited about. So I thought it would be helpful to share some of the things that I pack for basically any travel that I’m doing. And this video is in collaboration with grünBAG, which is a company I’m stoked to be working with. I really needed a new bag for travel and the gym, and I got one of their awesome sportsbags. And all of their bags are made from upcycled materials and they also try to incorporate a zero waste approach to how they use the materials. So this bag is actually made from old sails, with another layer of surplus tarp material on the inside. And the straps are actually reused seatbelts. This is incredibly strong. They promote their bags as being very durable, but I was really impressed when it arrived. I can definitely see this bag lasting a lifetime. So in addition to this bag, where I’ll be packing my clothes and toiletries and stuff, I always bring either my little purse or a backpack and it kinda depends on where we’re travelling to. So if it’s something more active or I need to carry more stuff around I’ll bring my backpack, but if we’re just wandering around a city or I don’t need to carry a lot I’ll bring my little purse. So of course I need my wallet and passport, and my phone. And I’ll also always bring headphones And I like to download audiobooks or podcasts on my phone before I leave. I also always bring a camera for taking photos and filming And I actually got a smaller more portable camera because I found with my big DSLR I really didn’t like taking it travelling because it’s just heavy and bulky and I didn’t really want to carry it around. So with this little guy, it fits in my purse and I can take it anywhere. I definitely need to bring chargers for my camera and phone. And this bag has a nice little side pocket which is great for small stuff. So then, my I guess zero waste must-haves: are a water bottle. I also will be packing some snacks in these little Stasher bags. I have my reusable coffee cup I also will always bring at least one shopping tote if I need to pick up anything or carry some extra stuff around. This one is actually like a little backpack which is great if I just have my purse and I want to carry a few more things around, maybe I want to carry my water bottle or something like that. And these are just really useful to have. You can also put laundry in them, or whatever you need. Sunglasses are another essential. And now let’s jump into clothing. And I’m not going to go over everything that I’m packing. But just the things that I always pack when travelling. So I of course always wear a comfortable pair of walking shoes and I bring a jacket. I also really like to have at least one pair of leggings. And these are great for hiking, doing anything athletic, or for layering under clothes if it gets colder. I always pack one to two versatile dresses. And this is my t-shirt dress which I love. It is so amazing for travelling. And I also really love this jumpsuit for travelling, because it’s comfortable and can easily be dressed up or down. Of course socks and underwear are essentials, but something else that I really like to bring when travelling are body suits or little tank tops. And these are amazing because they are an extra layer if it’s cold, but they’re also really nice for extending the wear of things. So for example, I can wear this under my dress and probably get two wears out of it. But most days when travelling I stick with a simple t-shirt and jeans, or shorts if it’s hot. Also if there’s any chance I’ll be swimming, I of course bring my swimsuit. And sometimes even if I know I won’t be swimming I’ll still pack my Turkish towel. I love this because it’s super versatile. It can of course be used as a towel, but I can also wear it as a scarf, shawl, or use it as a blanket. So then we’re on to toiletries, and my essentials are: Sunscreen, for sure face sunscreen, and if it’s hot out I’ll also bring body sunscreen. I also really like to bring some liquid soap. I like Dr Bronner’s liquid castile soap. I can use it to clean myself, do laundry, or clean anything. I of course need a toothbrush, and I usually like to bring solid toothpaste tabs, which I need to get a few more of before we leave. I just really like those for travelling. I have my deodorant and lipbalm. And also I love this Green Balm from Magic Organic Apothecary. This is a multi-purpose balm, so it’s great for travelling minimally. You can use it as a moisturizer, it’s good for skin irritation and bug bites, and you can use it as an oil cleanser. Now, I have washed my hair with Dr Bronner’s before, but it’s not ideal, and I prefer to bring a shampoo bar. I haven’t actually tried this one yet, but my husband really likes it so I’m excited to test it out. And instead of conditioner, I’ll actually just use some of my oil or some of the Green Balm which I put on before I wash my hair as a little bit of a mask. So for makeup: If we’re going camping or something, I won’t bring it. And it does depend on where we’re going, for example, our upcoming trip to Vancouver, we’re actually attending a wedding, so I’m bring all of my regular makeup. But if I do want to pack lighter, but still wear a little bit of makeup, my essentials would be my face powder, I also like to bring my mascara, and I’ll bring just my brown eyeshadow, which I can use on my brows or my eyelids. I also am likely to bring a lipstick. If we’re going out or something, and I’m just wearing minimal makeup, I feel like adding a lip just makes me feel more put together and a little bit fancy. So I think that’s everything. Like I said though, this isn’t all that I’m packing, but these are the essential things that I like to pack when we travel anywhere Everything fits great into my grünBAG, and I still have lots of room for the rest of the clothes that I need to pack. I’m super happy with this bag and how sustainable it is, and how durable the materials are. So I’m really excited for all the adventures this bag is going to have with me. If you guys are looking for backpacks, shoulder bags, toiletry bags — I’m actually also thinking about getting one of their toiletry bags because mine is on it’s last legs, and I like that they have clear ones, which are actually made from surplus party tent material, ’cause I think those are really nice when you’re flying. – Or of course if you need a sportsbag, definitely check out grünBAG. This is a company that I love being able to share because they seem to truly live and breathe sustainability. So not only are they making high quality products out of recycled materials, but they’re also doing things like trying to reduce their waste and impact where they can. So a huge thank you to grünBAG for sponsoring this video. And I’d love to hear in the comments, what is one must-have item that you always bring when travelling? Thank you for watching, and thank you so much to those of you supporting me on Patreon, and I’ll see you in the next one.


  1. This is super cool! Do you have a breakdown of how you pick from your capsule for travel? Is it by activities on your trip? Days? Etc?

  2. My must-have for travel is "Clarity Head Gel" (mostly arnica) by Verde London. A real perk. Not everyone's cup of tea, but mine for sure. Can't replace Ibuprofen or Aspirin entirely, but helps at first signs of stuffiness and brain fog.

  3. yay NYC! I live in Brooklyn- and teach donation-based yoga classes! depending on when you're there I may be hosting events (Autumnal Equinox, Christmas in September, full moon meditation, etc) ive got all that on my Instagram @anotherveganyogi it would be SO COOL to see you there/ meet ya! (and all classes are beginner-friendly) but obviously you probably have plans but for future reference anyway!! ❤

  4. Great video, Erin! I'm going on a trip to a friend's wedding soon and was wondering if you're planning to pack your outfit for the wedding too? I'm torn because I really want all my clothes to be worn multiple times and in many different ways (so I can bring fewer items), but if I pack the wedding outfit, it would only be for that one event/day. Would it be better to try to find a place to rent clothes when I get there? What do you think?

  5. I’m researching for a new camera and I’d love to know which model the one in the video is, it looks just the size I want.

    I never travel without is a ring that can look like a wedding ring. It puts off unwanted attention in quite a lot of situations when I don’t want to be hassled as I frequently travel solo and photocopies of my important documents and cards I always leave with my dad just in case.

  6. Thanks for all the great videos you make! I personally never ever travel without earplugs and a pair of warm socks – no matter where I go.

  7. Thanks for the tip on using oil (or alternative) before shampooing instead of conditioner after. I've found that the J.R. Liggett's shampoo bars work fine for face, hair, and body, so maybe you could even eliminate the Dr. Bronner's (assuming the poo bar would work for laundry too…will have to give it a go!).

  8. I love grünBag too, when I need a new travel bag I will definitely be heading to their website!
    Hope you have a great time with your upcoming trips!

  9. My mum has passed down the idea of taking a little purse with medical supplies in it with you everywhere. So 2-4 tablets of painkillers, bandaids, anti-diarrhoea medication, etc. But in small quantities so you can easily slip it into any bag 🙂

  10. We are currently travelling through Bali, Cambodia and India, packing for these three places has been super challenging knowing what is good to back for three different places all are very warm climates, but India you have to be much more modestly dressed, so you almost need two separate wardrobes. There are a few more bulky items I really regret packing, as they are just taking up space. If in doubt leave it out, is my tip for sure!

  11. I would love it if this company made a travel bag on wheels. No way could I carry that running around airports. I would also like a video about Turkish towels. They are showing up everywhere. I see them in 'Winners'. I would like to know what to look for in a good one ( good quality). I only buy organic cotton but most Turkish towels are not organic. Links to your items would be appreciated.

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