What’s in my Makeup Bag? | Samantha Sito (2018)

What’s in my Makeup Bag? | Samantha Sito (2018)

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Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel! It’s Samantha, today I want to share with you guys because I do get sent quite a bit
of product from brands or PR companies and I really wanted to share you guys my
go to products that I usually carry with me in my bag or it’s always in my drawer
that I use on a day-to-day basis so I wanted to share these products with you!
What I’ve been using religiously right now that’s in my makeup drawer all the
time or my makeup bag I actually bring it to work is the Emani Deluxe Cream
Foundation and you guys have probably seen me use this foundation in a couple
of my makeup videos that I film. I don’t really talk about it which is why I
kind of want to share with you guys the type of products that I use so you have a
more in-depth knowledge of what I’m using instead of just seeing me pat
it on my face in high speed. No one does their make up that fast, and Emani is
actually a vegan cosmetic foundation which is cool because I have
very sensitive skin so what I put on my face, I’d need to make sure that it doesn’t
create eczema of any kind but so far I’ve been using this religiously and
it’s been, yeah, it’s been really good but I do like that it’s vegan and I mean I
don’t only use vegan products *crickets* I’ve also been using this religiously, you can kind
of see this is the sign of me using it a little bit too much but this is the
Rimmel London, I hope I said that right, Rimmel London stay matte powder so
I usually put it on top of my foundation just to get rid of any greasiness, my
skin is usually not very oily it’s more towards the dry or combination side so I
don’t use this too too much but after work, if I’m going to an event later on
than I usually put on some powder so I don’t look like a greaseball.
I am a big fan of contouring – but I’ve been using Essence Shape Your
Face for the longest time, it doesn’t seem to be running out anytime soon.
It’s a contouring palette there are a couple different shades as you can see,
I’ve been using the shade the most you can always see that I bring with me in
my little makeup pouch when I go to work is the Urban Decay Afterglow 8 hour
Powder Blush and this is my favourite blush! It’s not used very often because
when I get excited my cheeks just turn pink
naturally so it looks like I have blush all the time but when I go to events, I love this shade it’s almost like a peach shade! I’m not a big fan of the
baby pink blushes because kind of looks weird on my skin tone but this is one of
my favorites it’s natural it gives you that glow and in the summer especially
when the sun hits your face, yeah so next up of what you can find in my
makeup bag- so I use this sparingly it’s actually one of my favourites! This is Lise Watier and I need to open this so you can see, this is a highlighter
palette and I really like this because if it’s not too fancy of an event and I
just kind of want that nice shimmer on my cheeks, above my cheekbones then I use
this because it’s pretty it goes on it’s noticeable but it’s not too crazy like
cream highlighter which comes my next product which is the Makeup Revolution
highlighter it’s liquid you’ve also seen this in my makeup
videos before. I don’t use it very often but I hope you can see this but it’s a
nice gold Can you see it?
So it’s this really nice shimmer of course, it is definitely more noticeable
than the powder Lise Watier highlighter so I do use this sparingly and only for
certain events! Okay so I usually use two eyeshadow palettes,
they’re both from Urban Decay and they’re my favorite and I use it
religiously because I love it so much and it’s so versatile – The Naked
Urban Decay palette! I’m pretty sure a lot of you guys have it, if you don’t, it’s
really good if you’re going for a palette that has all the shades that you
can use on a day-to-day basis it’s nothing too crazy but still has a good
variety! So this is how the inside looks you can see it’s very heavily used but
I’ve had this for I’m gonna say a year and a half, I know it’s not that long but
this is my favorite eyeshadow palette and on the flipside, if I’m going
to an event after work because I do work a full time job if you guys don’t know
that about me and I also am a full-time blogger/youtuber/I do TV!
The events that I go to in the night, I usually go with the
Naked Urban Decay palette but this is for smokey eyes and I’ll open it and
show you guys so as you can see there are a lot more darker colors and darker
shades to create a nice smokey eye! I usually try and switch out my mascara
every three to four months. I am really bad at, really bad habit of forgetting
and then I get eczema around my eye area and it’s really bad, so don’t forget
to switch out your mascaras and use a new one every three to four months! I’m using the Almay Liquid Lash Extension Mascara and I usually use this as the
first coat to just kind of elongate the lashes! One thing I find that this
one that I’m using in particular is really good to create the length because
I have really short eyelashes and this has been helping a lot but creating that
volume at the root of your eyelashes and that long length and what’s
really embarrassing but I just started to really understand how to put mascara
on properly! I had to watch a ton of YouTube videos because apparently I’ve
been doing this all wrong but I’m finally I have discovered the wrong of
my ways and I’m using mascara properly now but I use this for my first coat and
for my second coat I’m using the Lancome Monsieur Big and this is really
really good for creating volume so I use this to create the length of my
lashes and I use this for the volume. Also let me know if you guys
have any favorite mascaras that you use on a day-to-day basis or if you have
shorter lashes like I do and you really want to create that volume and length so
you look like you’re awake, let me know in the comments below so that I can
check it out! I have finally found one of my absolute favorite eyeliners of all
time it doesn’t make my eyes itchy it goes on really smoothly and it’s really
easy to apply and it’s really cute so this is if you watch my stories you
already know but for you guys who are watching this for the first time, it’s my
Shiseido, what’s it called- In Stroke eyeliner, it’s one of my favorites and
what I love about it it comes in a little box with a brush so it’s really
easy and a very compact to bring when you’re traveling or to work and it
doesn’t take a lot of space so it comes with this very nice fine tip brush and my favorite part about this eyeliner is
that there’s this little crease in between where you actually can wipe off
excess liquid eyeliner over here so you don’t use too much and you
don’t waste because that’s what I find with some liquid liners then you tend to
waste product but this is really good I’ve been using it recently and I love
it, it doesn’t make my eyes itch it’s waterproof and because I have very
watery eyes, I’m not sure about you guys but I have very watery eyes and so this
definitely helps a bunch because I also wear contact lenses so you can imagine
when I start and water the makeup goes into my eye and it just gets really
uncomfortable up. Of course, in every makeup cabinet or bag, you have to have
brushes and these are my favorite brushes you’ve also seen them going to
make a video before, I’ll probably link it somewhere here so you can rewatch
them but these brushes are from Rexall, they’re part of their KIT brand and it
comes in an array so it’s also labeled I think I mentioned this before last time too –
I love that it’s labeled cuz I don’t know sometimes which brush is used for a
lot but yeah these two brushes are always in my makeup bag!! Yes I think we
can move on to the lips! I like to carry two shades of
lipstick one is the more muted shade like what
I’m wearing right now and then one a little bit darker
red or pink, so in my bag right now I have what I’m wearing also is the Milani
lip cream it’s Matte as you can see and this is one of my favorite colors! It
took me forever to find this shade because I’ve been obsessed with the
shade for the longest time and I always see pictures of lipsticks, I’m like okay
that’s the shade I want and I buy it and I realize it’s not really the shade that
it appeared to be but this looks like this and it’s one of my favourites! Milani is
also a vegan cosmetics so if you guys only use vegan products, this is something you
should check out and my second lipstick is by Elizabeth
Arden, this is more of a pink. It took me forever trying to figure out how to
get the lipstick out but you kind of push it here. Yes, don’t know if you can see it but
it’s more of a pink shade and it kind of glosses over,
much easier like if I’m at a stoplight don’t do this, but I put this lipstick on
a little bit easier than Milan. Ooo one more thing I just got this from
Christian Louboutin, did I say that right? anyway, I
haven’t tried this out I haven’t because I just I love the
packaging so much Anyway this is how it looks like, it’s
gorgeous which is why I haven’t used it because I didn’t want to take it out the box and you know I don’t want to ruin it, I wanted to keep
it as pristine looking as I can for a long time but when I finally try this,
I’ll be sure to share with you guys on my IG story, so be sure to follow me on Instagram!
We’re going to talk about fragrances, so I usually go with two
fragrances I absolutely love both for work or on the weekend or during events,
it really depends on the type of scent that I want to go for or how I’m feeling
the day of, but I have been obsessed with Jo Malone. It’s actually my first
fragrance from them and I stood trying out the different scents for the
longest time and I finally settled with Nectarine Blossom and Honey scent. It
has this hint of peach in it and nectarines. It smells sweet and not
too overpowering like certain scents who can, at least for me I have allergies when
it’s too strong gives me headaches but this is a very subtle scent that also is
very feminine and smells like fruit and it smells delicious and I love it! Nectarine
Blossom & Honey and also by Louboutin beaute, and this is the smaller size, okay forgot the name Bikini Questa Cera- intimate and
compelling but I’m I love this scent well. It’s a little bit stronger than
Jo Malone so I usually keep this for bigger events that are a little bit
more classy, but it also does have a fruity tinge to it, actually
more floral it smells good and this is really handy
when I just want to put it in my purse Okay guys! Thank you so much for watching my video this has been a longer video than usual but I really wanted to let
you guys catch a glimpse of what’s inside my makeup bag and my makeup drawer
at home because you see all these makeup videos that I do and I don’t really take
the time to explain what each product’s about and how they look and just
really tell you more about why I love it and so I hope you guys enjoy the video!
Let me know in the comments below if you have any suggestions or products that I should try
out! Thanks for watching and I would love it if you could hit the SUBSCRIBE
button somewhere here. Please subscribe to my channel, I’ve been making
videos for quite some time but never really try to you know, share it too too
much so I really appreciate if you guys could hit the Subscribe button, watch the
other videos on my channel, and let me know what you like and I’ll see you next time


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