What’s in My Travel Makeup Bag – Carry On & Suitcase | Skincare & Beauty for the Plane

What’s in My Travel Makeup Bag – Carry On & Suitcase | Skincare & Beauty for the Plane

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I’m gonna be one of those really
annoying and super extra people on the plane. Okay looking back at the footage
it looks like I’m wearing a bra but I’m wearing my jumpsuit from Uniqlo. I’m
wearing clothes it’s just it just looks like this. These are the things that I’m
packing in my travel makeup bag as well as my travel makeup carry-on bag. and I
want to keep everything as simple as possible and I also don’t want to get
stopped by TSA. Now time for the carry-on bag I usually don’t wear makeup on the
plane. If it’s a very short flight or if I have to go right into work right after
I’ll have makeup on, and guaranteed on the plane I’ll grow a massive ass pimple,
walk out of the plane and it’s just like huge throbbing cystic pimples. No matter
how self-conscious I may feel I refuse to wear makeup. This is going to be a 13
hour flight and I’m like hell hell no. Hopefully i’ll end up on the
other side with even better skin. we’ve got to keep a good base. I brought these
for my mom as well I brought sheet masks. This one is a puffy eliminating mineral
mask. This Innisfree green tea mask is also good for antioxidants and brightening
and some moisturizing these masks are maybe more for fun and more for placebo
effect but for actually moisturizing my face, I brought my COSRX overnight moisturizing mask. It’s a gel mask so
then I’ll pile this on my face when I first get on the plane. This is made from
natural beeswax. I think the best part is you know when the fans, when
people turn on the fans on the plane and it’s blowing in your face and you can’t
stop it, but you could just feel your skin get tighter and tighter? This is
gonna help prevent that. For my lips which have been acting up a lot lately I
think I have this weird reaction on my top lip this has been my savior. The
amount that I put on my lips is nearly to the point of ingesting it like a
snack. I also brought the glossier rose balm dot com. And before we get off the
plane I’ll probably do a quick wash with water, and then put on my serums. I
have my vitamin C serum from Kiehl’s and my also all-time favorite is the Kiehl’s
ultra facial cream. I don’t know how it will act in the heat and I don’t know if
it’ll be too heavy for the summer. In terms of the texture of the cream is
very easy to spread so I could just use a little less and then you know
distribute it over my face. In the winter time I layer it like crazy and it’s very
buildable. This is my carry-on makeup case. I just got it I was an Air Canada
event. In the case included they had earplugs, which I desperately will need
even if I’m sleeping in the hotel room. I’m a very light sleeper have pretty
terrible sleep in general when I’m traveling. An eye mask pretty important. It
comes with a little set of floss kit a tiny tube of toothpaste, and a toothbrush. And it has a tiny tube of hand cream. And then on the plane and also if I have any
spa treatment that I need I have this acne pimple master patch which is just a
hydrocolloid sticker for your pimples. It’s best when it comes to a head but
really this is the best thing for me. If I’m sitting on a plane, I have nothing to
do and I have to wait for 13 hours I’m going to be picking at my face and I
have a really bad picking problem. Normally I’ll have spot treatment that’s
very visible but this is very invisible so it’ll be doing its work very sneakily.
Let’s get started on the travel makeup bag. So to start off I guess I’ll do my
base and base sunscreen is really important I know Hong Kong tends to be
very smoggy but either way UVA and UVB rays can still get through so I have a
primer sunscreen all-in-one this is one of my holy grail primers this is a Shu Uemura primer with SPF 50. The only thing that I remember about Hong Kong is
that you walk out the door and you feel every single pore just plug up and then
you walk inside and then you feel a huge blast of air conditioning. F or foundation
I really don’t want to be wearing foundation. I deally I would just do spot
treatments. One because that’ll speed up my routine, and another thing is that
I’ll be traveling all day I don’t want I just want everything to be minimal and
not caked on. But this is the maybelline 24 hour foundation. This shit is full coverage like I think I could even use this as
concealer. It’s really really heavy-duty they say that it’s breathable and
wearable that it’s oil free and it’s long-lasting. I haven’t fully tested it.
Plus I haven’t fully tested it in humid 30-something degree weather. This will be a great base for me to mix in with other moisturizers so if I want to go lighter
I can make a tinted moisturizer, or if I want to use it as concealer I can just
use it as a spot treatment. But just in case that doesn’t work out I still
brought my tried-and-true nyx concealer which is a cream concealer, full coverage
hasn’t failed me at all and it’s small so it’s easy to throw in the suitcase.
And then just to finish off my powder foundation I have this Vichy powder that
I still need to use up. I wish that I had something that was one palette in terms
of cheek and bronzer. I have the Cover FX but this is a talc free bronzer
so I think it’ll be really good about keeping my pores clear. There’s a
pattern here. This is the NARS foreplay palette. And it has multiple colors. The
two small pinks on the side are very pigmented and I usually actually use
those as eyeshadow. And then there’s the cheek blush here. This is a Fenty dupe gold highlight that’s also very easy to just swish on. If I wanted a highlight I have
this. Out of all the BITE prismatic multisticks this one is probably the one that I
use the most and the one that I go to the most is the one blush pearl. The only
eyeshadow palette you guys are gonna be so proud of me the only eyeshadow
palette that I’m bringing..let me explain myself – this is actually easier for me to
use than a neutral eyeshadow palette. I f I had a neutral eyeshadow palette I
end up not just wearing not wearing any eyeshadow at all. And I’m usually a one eyeshadow kind of person, so on the day that I’m wearing a
certain color I’ll go for one of these colors, swipe that on my lid easy to go
and then I’m out. These are mostly all matte shades so then I’ll use my white
blush pearl, and I’ll use that if I want to add any glitter to my eyes. I have one
brush case. I don’t even think I need to bring the brush case because this is it.
These are all my brushes. Plus an eyeliner liquid eyeliner, tweezers I need
that, and then this really really soft kabuki brush that’s for my foundation. I
really don’t want to bring a beauty blender because beauty blenders involve
getting it wet and then if I have to throw it back in my bag, and then go
somewhere else that means I have a wet Beauty Blender sitting in my makeup bag
creating bacteria. It’s just really not a good idea. And then this will be my cheek
brush. Even at home I don’t usually separate my bronzer and my blush brush.
What I’ll do is I’ll pinch my blush brush like this, and then use it as a
contour. And then I’ll get into the blush I’ll just hit my cheekbones with
remainder of product and it actually tends to blend really well because it
ends up being a little bit of a mix of bronzer and blush. Eye shadow I have this
dual ended, it’s actually a concealer brush. This end is great for a
concentrated swipe of color, and then the fluffy end is great for blending it out
in the crease area. Eyelash curler is a necessity. I’m hoping to go for a lash
lift before I leave. I’ve never tried lash extensions. I don’t think I need it
but I’ve tried a lash lift before, like years and years ago it used to be called
a lash perm. It was amazing. Aaved me so much time lasted me forever. I’d do it again before I leave because actually curling my lashes take a very
long time. The mascara that I use is the benefit bad gal bang. But in terms of
keeping it waterproof I need to have my NYX proof it waterproofing mascara.
I’m almost done this bottle, I might need to stock up before I leave. For brows i
always use benefit, and usually i have the Brow Zing’s which is a palette. I’m
going to try using the Kabrow this time. It is a brush built in to a pot! For lip
stuff I’m only bringing three lipsticks that’s it. I’m not bringing any brights. I’m not bringing any darks. Nothing dramatic. I’m
only bringing three neutral lipsticks. This peach mac one called kind of sexy
is a perfect peach neutral. And then my taupe, slightly different one
is my BITE thistle lipstick. And then when I want to be a little girly or I
want to be fun I have this really fun Laneige two-tone lipstick. It has that
ombre lip look. And then I have two giant liquids that I’m going to be packing
into the suitcase with me. I have my oil cleanser which is Shu Uemura. The great
thing about this bottle is that there’s a lock function so that if I throw it in
my suitcase I’m safe, which is I think very important. I would not want to get
oil anywhere. Usually what I do is like I wrap a bunch of tape around any pump
bottles and then I put a bag over it. But it’s very convenient this one I’m just
gonna throw it to my bag. And then this brand new gel cleanser that I haven’t
opened yet is my favorite also holy grail low pH COSRX. This one is great
to use in the morning and then after my oil cleanse at night. It’s still in the
packaging so nothing’s gonna leak anywhere for now. Once I open it I think
I’ll have to wrap it up. But cleansers are really really important to me. That’s
it for my travel beauty essentials. If you guys have things that you love to
travel with that you cannot live without especially skin care stuff let me know.
Because some of these things I’m trying for the first time in hot humid weather
and hopefully I’ll pick up some cool Asian skin care stuff while I’m overseas.
Be sure to give it a big thumbs up if you like these kind of videos so that I
know to make more of these and also stay tuned for my upcoming vlogs as well as
all my beautiful Instagram posts what I’m wearing in Asia so I will see you
guys next time bye!


  1. Yay! I'm going to travel Southeast Asia this winter so this is helpful. I hope you're having a great time in Asia now. Also I hope to see some beauty and non-beauty product hauls after your trip šŸ˜‰

  2. for some reason it's never occurred to me to use sheetmasks for the plane but that make SO MUCH SENSE.. you have so much time and the environment is blah so why not??? i've recently started thinking about face wipes as portable cleaning, but haven't really used them yet. i got some from faceshop and they smell so nice * __ *
    oh! i really like maybelline foundations. well, i've only ever used one, the "fit me" ones, haha. jocelyn suggested it to me like eight years ago because of breathability. i think the formula has changed a bit and they've split it into two categories (i use matte+poreless) and i don't know if it's still breathable, but i have never had issues with it clogging pores or whatever. i wear it on the plane, wear it all day, wore it in asia (hk, korea, japan, india).
    for single palettes of face+bronzer, i use the urban decay naked palette in "flushed," and i also use only one brush for all three (bronzer, blush, highlighter, in that order). i think i only ever buy makeup that fits my "pack light" mentality haha (e.g. my primer is the "one-step correct" from stila).
    eyeshadow – if i'm travelling for an event (wedding, usually) i'll bring the stila "in the moment" palette (purple-based, but i mostly use the brown shades haha). normally i don't wear eyeshadow, but i want to bring some "just in case" then i'll bring the maybelline "color molten by eyestudio" duo in "endless mocha" (i'm boring XD).
    cleanser – i use the philosophy purity 3-in-1 cleanser all day err'day whether i'm at home or travelling. it is in the little container with the red lid that you noticed last september.
    moisturiser – i started using the aloe vera gel (on its own or partnered with another hyaluronic acid-based moisturiser for dry ottawa winters) two years ago and that's what i always bring with me (i've put it into a travel tube but since i drove to toronto last time i brought the actual one).
    because i'm so particular with skin care/cosmetics, i buy little travel bottles/containers so that i can fill them with the stuff i "need" to use but cannot bring in its original form due to carry-on liquid restrictions (and/or portability).

    p.s. writing this comment also made me realise how much i've stuck with the stuff that jocelyn recommended or had a hand in introducing all those years ago haha – foundation (she suggested), primer (she "made me" get a sephora makeover and they used this), cleanser (jocelyn gifted me the first one), toner (jocelyn gifted me the first one), stila eyeshadow palette (still the one that jocelyn gifted me), bite lipstick (she gifted me a little tester trio), and pretty much all of my makeup brushes (gifts from jocelyn). to continue with your family, the hyaluronic acid stuff was introduced to me by your mom XDD. love you!
    p.p.s. sorry for the wall of text @[email protected]

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