What’s In My Travel Makeup Bag | Giana Chen

What’s In My Travel Makeup Bag | Giana Chen

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This one goes out to all my chronic over packers. The first thing that I’m always bringing with
me is my Milk Blur Stick. God bless the Milk makeup set, their A-team,
that has minis of all their best sellers because I can’t imagine shoving a deodorant-sized
blur stick under my eyes, but this petite version is just right. Next, I’m throwing in Nars’ Pure Radiant Tinted
Moisturizer. I wear the shade Malaga. And I rarely wear a base to begin with, but
I pack this tinted moisturizer in case we have like a nicer dinner planned and I don’t
want to look too Barenaked Ladies. It’s been. Next, I’m packing my heavy duty concealer
that can kind of do it all for me. And that’ll be Nars’ Radiant Creamy Concealer. Even when I’m wearing nothing else, I pretty
much always just dot this concealer underneath my eyes. Whether I buff it in with a brush or just
kind of press it in with my fingers, this Nars concealer does an amazing job of covering
up my dark circles and those three pimples that I have on the right side of my face that
are always there. Next, you know her, you love her, Anastasia’s
Brow Gel. So, leading up to a trip, especially one in
the spring and summer, I just want to make sure my brows are in top shape. So, I spend twenty minutes in the bathroom
with tweezers before a trip just to make sure that all they require is a swipe of Anastasia. Nice. I feel like no one ever needs to talk about,
or endorse, this eyeliner ever again because it’s been established. This is the best eyeliner in the world. But, it’s Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner in Trooper
Black. You know, I’ve depended on this Trooper Liner
to keep my cat eye looking crisp and sometimes I don’t really feel worthy of it, but I know
that’s just insecurity talking. L’Oreal Paris’ Telescopic mascara is checking
all my boxes right now. And its slim packaging is a nice bonus. I know people really hype up that Maybelline
Collasal lash, but it’s so chubby. It’s just wasted space in my bag. My only gripe is that I accidentally picked
up brown black, which I’ve never used that before, but that’s on me. For my contour, on those days when I’m wearing
a base and kind of want to do a face, you know, I’m bringing Fenty’s matchstix in the
shade Truffle as my contour shade. Fenty matchstix are just so simple, but so
brilliant, and they’re perfect for traveling. I keep a set of them on my shelf just because
they’re so aesthetically pleasing. But this one in Truffle has such a natural
finish that I like to use a light application even if I don’t have a base on. You know, make it natural, but snatched. You know it’s Glossier Haloscope in Topaz,
you already know. It is just so cute and bite-size, I love it. I’m waiting to find a highlighter that complements
my skin tone better, like not joking, let me know. I would love to try something else, but until
then, it’s this. Besides being so flattering, the dewy, oiliness
of it catches light so beautifully. So everyone’s noticing your highlight, whether
you’re outside in the sun, at a candlelit dinner, at a lamppost, in headlight, wherever. I’m not trusting anything powder to come with
me, so I’m bringing my liquid blush. And this is Glossier’s Cloud Paint in the
shade Haze. It is super tiny and a stupidly flattering
color. I love that you can build it up for a more
dramatic look at night. And a tip that I just learned is that if you’re
using your fingers, dab it in a figure 8 motion so it’s diffused a little more naturally along
your cheeks. My Milk blush oil nearly made the cut, but
it does this really annoying thing where it dries up if I don’t use it every day, which
seems very needy. So, it’s staying at home. Okay, my lipstick and lipgloss. I’m just bringing two options that can also
be combined to make a third, so you know, multi-tasking. Both of these look so great on their own. Colourpop’s Blotted Lip in Drip is a just
a really natural, kind of mauve shade. And then everyone knows Fenty Beauty’s Gloss
Bomb. It’s amazing, but when you layer these two,
it’s like another level, where sometimes the Gloss Bomb can be a little too natural and
you want a little more pigment to it, then layering it with Drip just kind of pumps it
up a bit. And finally, I gotta bring travel-size setting
spray. I have so little of this Tatcha Luminous Dewy
Skin Mist left that bringing this bottle along is just a farce, like I could bring an eyedropper,
that’s how much I have left. But it’s amazing, does the job well, love
the way it makes my skin look. You know, my look might be minimal, but a
bitch better stay put. And that’s that. That is my minimal travel makeup bag. You know, you only need the essentials, if
you’re backpacking, yo this fits in one compartment. You’re good to go, you’re looking great in
the Himalayas. Safe travels and I hope your vacay takes you
somewhere warm with too much good food. Thank you so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed and please subscribe if
you haven’t already. I’m outta here and i will catch you guys in
my next video.


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  2. Hi from Reddit! First, your editing is on point. Second, you're cute as a button. Great video, girl!

  3. I'm obbsessed with that tatcha mist ! Love this ❤️ I just sub! Hope we can stay in touch and support each other ✨ can't wait to see your channel grow 😊

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