When Your BFF Is Obsessed With Her Boyfriend (ft. RCL Beauty)

When Your BFF Is Obsessed With Her Boyfriend (ft. RCL Beauty)

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  1. FINALLY GOT TO COLLAB WITH RCL ❤️ I know y’all have wanted this for a minute. Starting #SuperSixty now: Replying to new comments for the next hour.

  2. Intro:if you exchanged eye contact with a person this video is for you.

    Me:I exchanged I contact with you cause I am looking at the screen

    Edit:thanks! For 1 like! Oh wait… that’s me

  3. Okay honestly if your BFF tells her boyfriend about a problem you're facing and he is sweet enough to help i don't think it's weird! He cared about you so yeah. Just don't mention it out loud

  4. 4:40 my cousin who locked herself in my bathroom during family christmas dinner to facetime her bf… who proceeded to dump her over said facetime… awkward af when she came out crying ._.

  5. Rachel: Can I can bring Tyler.
    Lilly: Tyler your boyfriend to my all GIRL BACHELORETTE PARTY
    Me: ( taking a simple hint ) I'm kidding
    Rachel: YEA
    Everyone: 😬😬😕😲😲😡

  6. Yeah I have a friend who constantly, CONSTANTLY posts about her boyfriend on her stories, her posts, her ERRTHANG. And I can't even say anything because we're not that close but it. is. ANNOYING.

  7. Omg this is so relatable i seriously hate my bffs boyfriend like really. Evem today we girls were planning about the sleepover at my place tomorrow and my friend literally cancelled it for her boyfriend like ehhhh.

  8. Lil you look AMAZING IN THE VIDEO. I had to watch this video 3 times to actually comprehend what you were saying cuz I was too distracted by your beautiful face!!!!😍😍😍😍😍

  9. My old friend came out to me and my twin. Two days later she asked me out and all my friends were there, she doesn’t understand the words ‘no thanks’ she always buys me thing that I don’t want. And I can’t leave her because she will think I used her like her ex did.

  10. “I think my eyelash just like stabbed me somehow” lilly pauses
    *LILY Moving randomly * THAT’S BECAUSE THEY’RE FAKE” 😂😂😂😂 I CANNOT 😂👏🏻

  11. Also when your friend loves her bf more than you. Like girl, I’ve known you 6 years he hasn’t even dated you for 6 months 😒

  12. My best friend is obsess with her boyfriend not boyfriend friendzone…I don't really know what they are😂
    He plays with her feelings, I try to tell her that he is not good for her but she is mad at me everytime that I tell her the truth…yeahhhhhh that's my life😂

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