White Rhino Herd Having Sun-Tan Lotion Applied

White Rhino Herd Having Sun-Tan Lotion Applied

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COMM: As Britain continues to swelter in the summer heat, this southern African white rhino
kept cool by being smothered in sun cream. 00:14
The herd was given the bizarre treat after their watering hole dried up. Without any
cooling mud to role in, keepers at West Midlands safari park, Worcestershire, decided that
the lotion would be the next best thing. 00:28
And the animals certainly look more refreshed after being covered from head to toe.


  1. Annia46664 youre kiddibg me right youre talking about world problems and you bring up religion! Racist much?

  2. Black rhinos developed a pointed lip which they use to pick fruit from branches and select leaves from twigs; white rhinos have a flat, wide lip to graze on grasses. So why call them white or black? In Afrikaans and in English – “weid” or “wide” lipped rhino was mistakenly understood to be white rhino.

  3. wrong, if that was the case there would be no water anywhere, and who cares, just re-fill the fucking mud pit back up, its not rocket science , fuck wasting water, if an animal is in a zoo type situation then it should be looked after !

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  5. I am going to eat 2 cheeseburgers and a steak and then drink a big glass of milk.

    Sorry but when people in a religion go to extremes enough to wash their face in cow urine or bathe in that fetid water I have nothing but questions of sanity for you.

    I respect your choice but that does not mean I won't make fun of it just like any other religion.

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