Why Facial Microneedling Treatments Should be Spaced 4-6 Weeks Apart for Maximum Results

Why Facial Microneedling Treatments Should be Spaced 4-6 Weeks Apart for Maximum Results

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Thank you for your question. You stated in your question, but you didn’t
submit with a photo, but you stated in your question that your aesthetician recommended
that you get micropen or microneedling treatment every 3 weeks and you’re asking is this
safe. Well, certainly I can give you my perspective
based on my experience. A little bit of background, I’m a Board-certified
cosmetic surgeon and Fellowship-trained oculofacial plastic and reconstructive surgeon. I have been in practice in Manhattan and Long
Island for over 20 years. Microneedling is a part of my practice along
with other cosmetic dermatologic solutions of lasers etc. In fact, we actually combine microneedling
very frequently with the use of topical platelet-rich plasma (PRP). I’ll explain to you why in a moment. So the question is why is it 3 weeks and what
is the significance of that? From my perspective, microneedling is basically
controlled injury to the skin. So to understand the physiology, you injure
the skin purposely to address certain issues and most of the time, you are dealing with
a healing process in order to improve the skin. And that is not only true for microneedling. It’s true with various lasers whether it’s
ablative, fractional, non-ablative. This is really the foundation of a lot of
dermatologic procedures. So when you look at wound healing, wound healing
goes through a stage that’s very important called the proliferative stage. This occurs about 4 weeks. So the question we have to ask is where is
the advantage of re-wounding the skin at 3 weeks? Is it to time it to maximize the collagen? If such is the case, I would probably be more
conservative and recommend waiting 4-6 weeks. When we do microneedling, with that understanding
in mind about the proliferative stage of wound healing, we actually use platelet-rich plasma
(PRP) as a topical to get into the openings which are created by the microneedling process. And why is that? Well, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a concentration
of the wound healing growth factors that are needed when you get a cut. And what it does is it stimulates new collagen,
it stimulates blood supply, it has multiple beneficial factors that enhance the healing
process. You see, the concept of controlled injury
resulting in your body’s response, well with platelet-rich plasma (PRP), we augment
the body’s response. And the reason why I’m stating that is that
I’m trying to maximize the collagen response. Now I would feel that if I’m taking someone’s
skin and re-treating them at 3 weeks, I’m inducing a new injury probably earlier than
the full healing of the previous treatment. So with that understanding in my mind, I would
probably say, even if you’re doing a lighter treatment, you’re going down about half
a millimeter, you have to really understand what’s the purpose. The deeper you go, and the range can be half
a millimeter to 2.5 millimeters, the deeper you go, the more injury you create, the longer
it takes to heal. So you have to have this discussion and understand
what’s the purpose of this treatment. If your esthetician is recommending every
3 weeks, then chances are it’s more of a superficial treatment. But if it is a more superficial treatment,
what’s your endpoint? What are you looking to finally accomplish? Where does this journey find a plateau with
this type of treatment and when does the maintenance phase begin? That’s the kind of the idea of therapeutic
intervention in the skin is you sometimes have to do something aggressively either at
a single time or over several visits then you have to do something for maintenance. So these are the questions that you have to
bring up to your aesthetician so you can get a clear understanding. It’s not my intention to undermine what
the recommendation is but it’s my goal that you understand what the logic is. I feel that every patient should be very educated
about the plan so that they can participate intelligently in their results. So I hope that was helpful, I wish you the
best of luck and thank you for your question.


  1. If i take my own blood, if i put in a test tube and shake it brisky can i manually separate the blood cells and plasma, for the purposes of using the plasma to complement my at home dermapen treatment.

    And is this something you would recommend….:)

  2. Thabks for the video . That means that if I get microdeedling treatment with a 2.0 mm and Hyaluronic acid serum and other skin products are applied after treatment, the results will be better? I live in Florida and my sister went for a consultation and that's what she was told. Also how efective is microneedling for cellulitis and plumpiness on the skin?

  3. Does microneedling work for large pores also how long are the results if i want to have it done and after how many treatments?

  4. Hello Dr Prasad I have made 2 microneedling sessions in two months for acne scars with 1mm no improvement at all. Any suggestion for me? Should I go with 2mm ?? Plz reply

  5. Hello Dr Amiya Prasad please make a video on acne scars treatment microneedling or any other treatment which can be performed at home or DIY. THANKS

  6. Will I lose the benefits of microneedling if I space out my procedure 8 weeks apart (due to prior commitments) instead of typical 4-6 weeks apart?

  7. I had 1 session of micro needling done but cant go for my 2nd treatment until 8 weeks later. Will I not gain all the possible benefits if i dont have the 2nd round done after 4 weeks post first treatment as recommended?

  8. Hi Dr. Prasad, I tried fractional microneedling for the first time. After 1st session, I noticed in the parts that I already have acne scars (on T zone), the scars became slightly deeper and additional scars were formed, But on the parts where I dont have scars, I didnt have any additional scars. Is it normal? Or should I stop it and look for a different treatment? Or is it because of my skin type?

  9. Good day doctor. Can you tell me whats the difference between microneedling rf and microneedling with prp?

  10. Can microneedling help the appearance of atrophic/deep acne scars from acne and face picking? If not, are there more effective therapies?

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